Dave looked at Jayde who sat on her bed, in her apartment in New Orleans. It was a busy town much like New York.  She looked around her; all of this would soon be gone. And her shop, she was leaving to her best friend and coworker Meg. Such a nice girl. And jayde was going to abandon her for Dave. She looked up at Dave and smiled. But leaving it all was worth it. And her classes, just one more before she leaves. And Dave can watch. And Dave can see the shop, and… the dogs. The sound of barks flooded the house.
"Uh-Oh." Jayde said. "Prepare to be slobbered on."
And sure enough, two black and white huskies, a basenji, a germanshepard, and a Dalmatian ran into the room. They jumped up on Jayde and then ran to Dave who tried to keep them down.
"I'm sorry." She said. "Kittie! Butch! Mik! Annie! Hans! Down!" They did so on command. And looked at her with puppy eyes. "Out!" And they scurried out of the room and sat in front of the door whimpering.
"Uh, wow, you train them?" Dave asked.
"Yeah. smart dogs."
"So, lets get to work." Dave said.

"Lisa?" Beth called.
"Yes?" Lisa stood beside Beth.
"Where's Dave?"
"In New Orleans with Jayde."
"Oh yeah. Thanks!" She said and put the phone to her ear. "Uh yeah, Dave is in New Orleans with his girlfriend getting her stuff."
Lisa looked at Beth and walked away.
"Yes Dave has a girl friend." Beth said to Dave's mother who was on the phone. "Her name is Jayde." "Yes she has a good job, she owns a shop In New Orleans." "Like books and cloths and stuff. And she has a book out witch I'm reading now and it is very good." She looked down at a book intitled "Queen of New Orleans" witch had a magazine between the pages it was open to.

"Well, nice to meet you Mr. McKinney." Dave shook Jayde's instructor's hand.
"Well, it's a shame my best student is moving, but we'll survive with out her." The brown haired man said.  No answer from the class.     "Wont We ?!?" He asked with a more powerful voice.
"Yes…"They said drousily.
"Now, before you leave can I interest you in a drink tonight?" The tall man asked who wore  black jeans and a t-shirt.
"Uh sure why the hell not?" Dave said.
"Great. , Jayde!" He called her over. She quickly ran to them.
"Yes, Mark?" She asked her teacher.
"We are all going out for a drink tonight, I wanted to make sure you didn't have other plans."
"No just being with Dave."
"Great. Ill meet you at the bar with a landrymat at nine. You know where it is Jayde. See ya'll then." He walked back to his students. "Now, where were we?"

"Bye Mark!" Jayde smiled and walked out of the pub with Dave.
"He's nice." Dave said.
"Yeah he is. Too bad he got food posining."

There they were in New York, Dave and Jayde, together at last with his things and her things and her animals being nice enough not to tear up the furniture. It was perfect. Dave's new girlfriend was there and he couldn't be happier, well, if he had some coffee. And he got some too so it all worked out.

The End

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