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Jayde hadn't been on stage yet and Joe was getting angry. He didn't wanna stay and listen to the beatnics compare their life to a squash. He wanted to hear Jayde recite her poem. See if she really is a genius. Joe only saw her as the party animal type and he liked that.
   The Pit was dark the only light there was was on stage and the small candles at every table. Cathrine was about to leave when Jayde came on stage and Beth pulled her back into her seat.
  Jayde approched the microphone and looked into the adiance and saw the crew of WNYX. There was a spot light on her and back round music that had a creepy sence to it played as she began.

    "Hands curl around the knob
    Turning to open
    Life flashes befor my eyes
    Like lightning in a storm
    The door flys open
    And I smell cheap whiskey on his breathe
    His bloody hands and smug grin
    Tell me that thi sis the end
    The end of me
    The end of my life
    The end of my dream
    The blood at the end of his knife
    I knew this day would come
    I knew it would happen
    So kiss the baby goodnight for me
    And tuck the children in tight
    Save yourself

    I'm not going to make it through the night." Jayde closed her eyes and the spot  light on her faded into blackness there were claps but the biggest claps came from the tables that held the WNYX crew. They hollard and claped untill Jayde ran up to them. They imidetly stoped as she sat next to Dave.
    "That was good Jayde, morbid but good." Lisa touched her hand.
    "So does the drunk father kill the woman or is that just mentally in her head?" Joe asked.
    "Thats for any one to deside. I just ended it like that cuase it sounds creepy and I wanted it to give chills."
    "Well mission acomplished." Cathrine said folding her arms.
    "I have one more. This one isn't morbid."
    "Well, whats it about?" Mathew asked but regreted that he did.
    "Love. Hopless love."
    "Well thats not good." Lisa said.
    "Well its the only thing I can relate to. Every time I fall in love, it turns out the guy doesnt like me for me or I latter find out he looked up my skirt." Jayde said sipping a glass of rum-cola.
    "oh,..." Dave said as he looked into the beautie's eyes. She wasnt looking at him, only at her glass.
    Suddenly they heard some one call from up on stage, "die... DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!!!!!!!!!!!...diediediediedie.......DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...................................................DIE DIE DIE....and DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE
DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.... die die die die die die die...diediediediediediediedie...!...DIE DIE
The girl whent on for several minutes.
    Jayde tried to keep back her giggles but they wouldn't stay back. The keep pouring out along with Beth's and Cathrien's the three some were joined with Mr. James and Lisa.
    "Whats so funny, she makes a point ya know." Joe said pointing to the stage where the girl contnued. "Dieing is no joke death is like a cloud huvering over us and  we are just waiting to let it rain" Joe said something incredbly poetic and smart. They stoped laughting and staired a moment  then they burts out in giggles and they were joined my Dave and Bill.
    "Hey, you should perform my poem with me, you can be a prop." Jayde said returning to 'earth' where she just got back from he trip to planet 'Giggles'.
    "Really?" Joe asked.
    "Yeah, come back stage I'll run through it with ya. " Jayde stode up. Joe also stode up and she grabed his wrist. She pulled him back stage.
    Dave frowned.  He sighed and stode up. He walked tword the bath room and went inside.
    '"Lisa,... I think Dave likes Jayde." Beth leaned in twords Lisa and whiespered.
    "Dave liked Jayde?" Cathrine scooted in twords them.
    "Look, he frowned when Jayde took Joe backstage. Thinking that Jayde likes Joe. And he sighed."
    "That means nothing." Lisa shook her head.
    "Ok whats going on here?" Cathrine asked.
    "Jayde likes Dave she think he doesn't like her. But now we think that Dave Likes Jayde. See, she is going to preform a poem about hopless love,... aka Jayde's feeling's for Dave. And Dave is going to be here to hear it. So Jayde is hopping that Dave will get the message so the feeling wont tear her up inside." Beth said.
    "And where do you get this from?" Lisa asked.
    "Lisa, it's common sense. The answer was simple enough for any idiot to figure out." Beth shook her head.
    Dave came back with partaly damp hands and sat in his seat and sighed.
    "Dave, can I talk with you for a sec?" Beth stode up and  dragged dave by the sleeve tword the pay phones.
    "Do you like Jayde?"
    "Yeah, of corse why wouldn't I?"
    "No, do you...LIKe her?"
    'Yes,... allright. Is it ok for me to have a thing for one of my new friends?"
    "She likes you too."Beth smiled.
    "Really? S-She ... what the hell,... I'm acting liek a teenage boy." Dave shook his head.
    Beth was jummping around giggling, "You  lllllloooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee her. " She hopped
around him.
    "Quite that." Dave walked back to the table. He sat in his seat and Cathrine looked at him as if waiting. So did Lisa.
    "Yes,... ok you all happy now?"

    Jayde sat on a stole on stage and Joe stode behind her with one hand on her sholder.
    "I have loved befor and promised myself to never love again
    BUt I cant help but to look at you
    The way you walk and talk
    The way you are
    I love you for you
    I wish you felt the same about me." Jayde hung he head as Joe picked her up and held her in his arms.
    "Guys still hang around me
    Wanting a little something out of me
    They arn't getting it
    NO way will I love them like I love you
    Never again will I love another
    LIke I love you."

She grabed onto Joe's neck and dropped the micraphone as he carried her back stage.
    The WNYX crew clapped and hotted and wistels. And Cathrine even found herself clapping and smiling. She was begining to like Jayde.
    Jayde and Joe came back and sat down. Jayde sat next to Dave and sipped her rum-cola while Dave smiled at her.

                                                                                            Part 6