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Jayde and Dave went out to eat Tuesday evening. It wasn't a fancy restaurant, but it was nice. Once their meal of Bool Goki arrived, Jayde brought up a topic that was dear to her.
"Uh, I was wondering if you and the guys at WNYX would like to go to a poetic club I'm performing at tomorrow night." She picked up her chop stiks and began to eat her delicious rice. It was warm, clumpy and it was sticky in a good way. It was the best rice she ever tasted.
"Oh, sounds like fun. Why don't you invite them. I'm sure Lisa would like to go." Dave smiled.
"Cool. I had a great time with Joe and Beth last night." She smiled.
"I know."
"Oh, well we can have a nice evening together tomorrow night with the crew at WNYX."Jayde sipped her miso.
"Oh,... So you like very one at the station?"
"Oh yes. But I haven't talked to Mr. James much. He seems afraid of me. And Matthew, ... he's nice but he is creepy." Jayde pulled her see-through shirt tighter around her strapless dress.
Dave chuckled and ate his diner.

The rest of the evening went very well. They talked politically and personally. She said she was considering moving to New York and Dave said he'd second the notion.
They went back to Dave's place and sat at the kitchen table drinking coffee.
"So, you wrote the poems yourself ?" Dave sipped his coffee.
"Yeah. All three of them." Jayde smiled proudly.
"Good." Dave nodded. "So, you act, and you write poems?"
"Not only poems. Plays and books. I have a book out, it's called 'Queen of New Orleans'. I sell it in my shop even though it doesn't belong."Jayde sipped the black liquid she held in a mug.
"Oh, I'll be sure to look for it in the book store. So, uh, you coming with me to work tomorrow?"
"If you don't mind."
"Oh your always welcome to come to work with me."Dave smiled.

At 11 pm that night Dave deside to go to bed after talking with Jayde for two hours over coffee. He walked drowsily to his bed room. He saw Jayde grab her night cloths out of her bag befor he ebtered his bedroom. "Night Jayde." She said.
Jayde walked tword him. She hugged him tight."Night Dave" She kissed his cheek and she walked away leaving him no other choice than to go in his room and sleep.

Dave and Jayde walked into the station of WYNX with wide smiles and cups of coffee in their hands. Lisa walked up to them and Jayde immedietly clung herself to Lisa in a tight hug. "Morning."
"Good Morning Jayde, Dave. So, how was you evening?"Lisa asked.
"We had a very nice diner."
"Oh ya'll went out to diner, huh?" Lisa smiled.
"Yeah and was your evenning ok?"
"Yeah it was ok." Lisa nodded.
"OH! Lisa, tonight I'm preforming at a poetic club. I was wondering if you could come and watch me." Jayde looked at her with puppy eyes.
"Oh, sounds like fun, yeah I'll come." Lisa smiled.
"Great!" Jayde saw Beth in teh Corner of her eye. "Beth!" She ran to her.

By lunch Jayde had invited every one,... every one that is except Mr. James. Beth was sitting in the break room with Catherine talking about Jayde.
"So you gonna go to Th Pit tonight?" Beth asked as Mr. James walked in.
"Whachall talkin bout?" He pulled up a chair.
"Oh going to Jayde's preformance. She preforming some poems at The Pit."
"Is she a hippi?"
"Good, I hate hippi's."
"She's an actress,a poet and an author." Beth said.
"Well how come I wasn't invited?"
"I dont know, go ask her, she's in Dave's office" Beth turned back to Cathrien. "So you going?"
"I don't think so." She shook her head.
"Why not?!?"
"I really don't like her."
"You don't tknow her yet. Shes really nice, shes funny shes... come on!!! Please!!!"
"Fine. I'll go to the little witches prefromance."

Mr. James closed the door to Dave's office and he sat next to Jayde who ceased her talking.
"Uh, I was wondering why I wasn't invited to your little shindig."
"It's not a shindig." Dave comented.
"Well you really didnt look like you like me. So why invite some one who doesnt like me."
"I like you."
"Then how come we never talk? Matthews afraid of me and he has the desancy to ask how my evening was." She got teary eyed and began to sniffle.
"Oh I'm sorry. I was just. I'll talk to you more. We'll be like best buddies, you and me. So can I come?"
"Ok. The tears stoped and her voice went to normal. She grinned eveily at Mr. James and then to Dave. She hugged Mr. James befor he left the room.
"Wow. Jayde,... you are good." Dave smiled.
"Why thank you Dave." She proped her feet up on the coffee table and smiled.

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