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It was 2 am when Jayde came home from the concert. Dave was asleep in his bedroom and only this kitchen light was on in his apartment. She was dressed in a black leather shirt and a matching tube top. She decided she might as well wear it. She wasn't going to waste it. She only wished that Dave could see her there. She wanted to impress him. She wanted him to, ... well she cared for him and she wanted him to feel the same. But she knew she was young and she tough 'Whats the use? I'm too young, he's too perfect and I know Lisa likes him. I don't wanna hurt her feelings, or any ones. God why can't this be easier?'
Jayde quickly unzipped her boots and let out a sigh of relif. Those boots were nice, but after jumping up in down in 2 inch platform lace-up zip-up boots was painful. She looked on the couch and found a blanket and a pillow already laied out for her. She smiled and walked to her bag. She pulled out some black clothsing and looked around wondering if Dave was going to wake up. She undressed as quickly as she could to avoid the greater chance of getting causght undressing on his couch. She slipped the black pajamas on and walkeinto Dave's bathroom. There she washed off what little make up she had on. There were no more sparkels gleaming at the corner of her eye. There was no more black lips stik. Just her pale face. Soft and delecet it looked as she laied down on the couch.
She laid on his couch slaowly driffting off to sleep think of how much fun she had with Joe and Beth at the concert. And... how much she liked Dave. He was nice, kind, had kind of a dry sense of humor. He was handsome and well, everything. It was like he was perfect. She wondered if he felt the same. Then she shook her head and thought, 'He would never like me. I mean, im me. Im ugly, Im fat, I have no reson to live. I don't deserve to be in the same room with him. He deserves more. Oh, well I'll try not to be a pain.' she drifted of to sleep.

Dave looked down at Jayde. She slept peacfully she looked like something heavenly. He sipped his coffee and sat in a chair close by. And suddenly her eyes fluttered open. She smiled sweetly up at him. "Hey" her voice was hushed and sweet.
"Morning. Ya wanna gome with me to work?" He asked looking down at her plae soft face.
"Ok, just let me get dressed." She lifted her self up and grabed the things she needed to get dressed.

"Hey Jayde!" Beth ran up to Jayde as she and dave walked into the station. Jayde hugged Beth and Joe as he walked up too. "I had a great time last night." Jayde smiled at the two new friends she made.
"I had a great time" Joe smerked.
"Me too" beth smiled.
"Lisa!" Jayde squeailed as Lisa came into site. She flung herself onto Lisa when she joined them.
"Hey Jayde. I heard you went to a concert last night with Beth and Joe, was it a good show?"
"Yeah. It was great. How was your evening?"
"I can't complain."
"Great."Jayde walked to teh coffee machien helping her self to coffee. She liked her coffee black with sugar. 'Uh guys I dont wanan sound rude but I wanna talk to Dave for a bit. I wont be long." She followed Dave into his office. She laid on the couch and set her coffee on the coffee table. "So how was your wonderful evening with out me?"
"Sucked, I had no one to talk to." Dave turned on his lap top.
"Oh. " She looked at him and smiled.
"What are you smiling at?"

"So, whats it like parting with Jayde all night?" Lisa was curious.
Joe grinned and said, "It was fuuunnn..." He lifted his eyes brows.
"You didn't!?!" Lisa's mouth hung open.
"He didn't he just watched her jump up and down all night in the mosh pit." Beth assurd her. "But she did tell us some stuff that no one else knows. Its so exciting! Even Dave doesnt know!" Beth jumped up and down.
"Ooo let me in on it. What is it?" Lisa asked.
"No, I promised I wouldn't tell..."
"She's got the hotts for Dave." Joe nodded.
"Joe! "Beth slaped his arm.
"She does? Oh I know for a fact that they are gonna be a couple by Wedsday."
'Why you say that?" Beth asked.
"Look at her! She's think she's pretty, she's nice, every body loves her!" Lisa rasied her voice.
"She's not Dave's type." Beth shook her head.
"She gets really hyped up when she parties. She couldn't stand the social parties Dave goes to. She's go insane and put on heavy metal music. She's strange Lisa." Beth told her.
"I dont think shes strange." Joe remarked.
"She got Joe ta let her sit on his sholders while she growled at guys hitting on me." Beth said.
"L-Like a dog?"
"Like a very fisious dog about to sink their teeth into your thy." Beth nodded.
"Oh-kaaay. She seems more mature that that."
"She is, but when it comes to parties, watch out. She goes insane. Oh and strobe lights tend to make her howl." Beth said befor Lisa walked off.
"She wasn't starnge." Joe said.
"Oh sure. And you didn't look up her skirt" Beth walked off. Beth liked jayde fine, but she seemed strange. Like she wasn't totaly human. It really didnt matter. That was just one little thing.

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