Lost: The Happy Ending

Dave woke up on Friday next to Sarah. Well, more like she was under him. Her head was nestled under his chin and she had a thumb stuck in her mouth. He didn't want to get up. He didnít want to go to work.
He just wanted to lay in bed all day with Sarah right there. He wanted coffee. But he didnít want to get up for anything else. But he had to. Besides Sarah would be there with him at work. He looked down at Sarah and pushed her hair out of her face. He began to blow on her face. She rubbed her face and made a disgusted face. He did it again and she repeated. He laughed and said, "Sarah, get up."
She groaned and put her arm on his neck. "Sarah, honey, get up. We gotta get ready." She didnít budge. "Alright..." He sat up and picked her up and walked into the living room. He plopped her down on the couch and she woke up in an instant.
"Hey." She rubbed her eyes. Dave laughed as he walked into the kitchen for coffee.

Dave walked into the station holding Sarah and saw Lisa. She ran to them with worried, somber eyes. Before she said anything, she took Sarah from his arms and held her. "They found him."
"They found him hitch-hiking to Canada. They found him yesterday. They are on their way here now." Dave was now speechless. He grabbed the child and ran for his office, slamming the door.

"What was that about?" Bill walked up to Lisa.
"They found Sarah's dad."
"Already. I was hoping he was dead so I could babysit her when you and Da-"
Lisa walked away from him. Everything was going way too fast. She had just begun to understand what Sarah meant. Sarah meant everything to Dave, she knew that, but what was Sarah to her? The girl her boyfriend is currently taking care of? No, she was more than that. Well she wanted to be more than that.

Lisa looked at the tall, lanky man in disgust. She hated the man who smelled like cigarette and whiskey. She hated Sarahís father. How can such and unresponsible person be blessed with the gift of a child? He
didnít deserve her. He didnít even want her. He was gonna put her up for adoption once she was back in his custody.

Dave sat up against the door holding Sarah close. She was crying heavily. As she wrapped her arms around Dave's neck she said, "I love you"
"I love you too, Sarah." And he meant it with all his heart.

Dave walked out of his office with red eyes. There was no glare, but Sarah had the shiny glare of tears along with the red.
"Alright. Time to go back to your daddy." Dave said.
"No!" She turned around and cried into his shoulder. He patted her back, rubbed it hoping it would help.
"Good news Sarah, Iím gonna put ya up for adoption. Your wish has come true."  Her father said.
Dave's eyes lit up as he took a deep breath. Lisa saw the look on his face and shook her head. She didnít know why she did it she wanted it to happen.

Lisa and Dave sat on a park bench and watched Sarah chase ducks by the pond. It was almost Sarah's bedtime but the night was special. It had been one full day that Dave had adopted her. Lisa laid her head on Dave's shoulder and laughed at Sarah, who was flapping her arms and chasing the ducks.
"I can't believe it." Lisa said finally.
"Youíre a father."
"Yeah, it feels good."
"I wish I knew how you felt."
"You can..." Dave smiled.

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