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The Penpal and Dave
part two

Dave smiled as he talked to his pen pal. She was beautiful, witty, smart, and had a great scense of humor. She was nice and... perfect. SHe sat beside him sipping coffee. Her cup was filled with steaming blackness and sweetness and caffeene.
"Hey would you like to meet the staff?" Dave smiled. "I mean we can't be rude to them can we? And we have all week to talk and lunch is in an hour. SO ya wanna meet 'em?"
"Sure, Lisa 's cool are the others like her?" Jayde asked standing up.
"On second though, why dont we stay here." Dave looked at her.
"Oh, Dave. Please I want to. For me?" Jayde's face suddenly went into a sad puppy fave with those big blue eyes no one can say no to. So Dave smiled and lead her out the door.

"Guys this is Jayde. SHe just came here from New Orleans." Dave introduced the girl into the group that gathered around and looked at her in wonder. "Jayde this is Beth, Catherine, Joe, Bill, Matthew and you all ready met Lisa." Dave pointed to each of them.
"Hey. I saw Bill when I came in. Do you have any more poptarts left?"Jayde smiled and her black lips streched smoothly across her face.
"Yes, would you care for some?" Bill gazed into her eyes love struck.
"Ill be right back." He ran off.
"Oh wow, thats a real cool shirt. I think I have that one in my shop too."Jayde pointed her black painted fingernail to Joe's black muscle shirt.
"You own a shop? What kind?" Mathew asked .
"Oh, its got cloths, books, shoes, acceseories, and um little hard to find things. Well actually they arn't hard to find in New Orleans. But they are here." Jayde smiled.
"Like what?" Matthew was curious.
"Uh, well we have tarot cards, we have canddles, we have lots of wicca stuff."
"Like a witch?"
"Yes wicca is the study of witch craft." Jayde nodded.
"Oh, uh do have any pets?" Matthew acked oddly not giving the others to talk to her.
"Yeah i have 5 dogs and 2 cats."
"Oh I have to cats named Choo-Choo and Mitt-Mitt" Mathew smiled. He was a little affraid of her. "What about you?"
" My cats names are Bones,he's a white short hair with blue eyes and my other cat's name is Blood and hes a black short ahir with green eyes. His mother's name was Pupil and I just though of the names Blood and Bones and it seemed to blend together." She smiled. She saw their faces and she knew they didnt like her. Well only the ladies of teh office. Lisa still smiled at her. She didnt care. Lisa thought she was sweet.
"And your dogs?"Joe asked
"Uh 2 black and white Siberian Huskies named Butch and Kittie. A German shepard named Hans, a basiji named Mik, and a Dalmation with blue eyes named Annie." Jayde smiled.
Bill came back with about 30 poptarts in his arms."uh what kind do you like?" he asked.
"Oh, the blue barry swirl one, what s it called..." Jayde bagan to say.
"Here!" He handed her two packages.
"Thanks." She smiled
"hey, how come she gets a pop tart and we don't? "Beth asked.
"She's our guest, want another Jayde?" Bill smiled.
"Nah, me and Dave are goin out ta eat in a little bit, But thanx any way."
"So uh , what else do you have in your shop?"
"Oh voodoo, santeria, wicca,... but iI will not let there be any Satanic bibles in there. That stuff is way too evil. Alot of creeps ask me if I have it. People can be crule dont you think?"
"Santaria? I thought that was satanic." Catherine remarked.
"Oh no. They actually have a version of exersisum."
"Do uh, you study that stuff?" Matthew didnt wanna belive what he was hearing this beautuful women was saying.
"I use to study wicca. And I will do spells now and then, but I realy dont wanna follow any one. I wanna be original." Jayde smiled as she politly ate her poptart.
"So you got a boy friend?" Joe asked with a wide grin.
"No but I have a husband." She keep a straight face.
"Oh,." Joe crossed his arms.
"Im joking. Im not seeing any one. " She smiled.
"Well, you had me convinced Jayde, Im surprised your not head of your inprov class." Dave smiled.
"I am head of my class."
Suddenly Jimmy James appeared among the faces of the crowd. "And uh who is this?" He asked grining.
"This is my freind Jayde from New Orleans. Mr. James." Dave introduced them.
"Hey" She put out a hand and he shook it.
"So, your a friend of Dave's? Thats great. I'd love to stay and chat but, I cant think of much to say except , Bill, gimmie a poptart." He held out his hand. Bill hesitated but saw the look on Jayde's face and handed them over.

"Do yall mind if I sit?? Jayde asked?
Joe came up behind her with a chair and she ploped herslef in it. "So, uh,... Joe, where did you get that shirt?"

Dave and Jayde walked out of the elevator side by side they walked smiling. They had a plesant lunch. She ate a very big bowl of Grilled Chiken cesar salad and two cups of coffee.
That whent well. It went so well that Dave wanted to ask her out for dinner that night. And maybe it not being at a Dinner that time.
"Hey Jayde. Did you have a nice lunch?" Lisa greeted the two.
"Yeah. Im afraid I was a pig. Was I being a pig Dave?"
"No, you need lots of food, your scrawny" He looked at her flat, thin stomach.
"I know. I could never fit into thoses pants." Lisa remarked.
"Well of corse, they'd fall off your ass" Jayde chuckled. Lisa joined her and dave stode there waiting for Lisa to stop stealing his new friend.
"Well I gotta go. I'll see you." Lisa said.
"Ok." Jayde hugged Lisa and waved as Lisa stumbled of in shok.
"So, Jayde, would you like to go out for dinner tonight?" Dave asked.
"I can't."
"Why?" Dave was confused.
"Im going to a concert tonight with my friend who lives here. I havent seen him in 8 months."
"Oh, what concert?"
"Oh Kittie."
"Kittie?" Beth butted in.
"Im goin to the show tonight too, so is Joe." Beth smiled. "Hey Joe! Come here!!!"Beth called. Joe was there in an instant. "Jayde is going to the Kittie show too."

Dave sat in his his office anoyed by Jayde payying attention to every one else and not him. She was his new friend. He liked her too. Very much.
"Sorry Dave." The door shut. It was Jayde and she sat her self on the couch.
"it's ok. Its just I would like to spend time with you too."
"I wanna spend time with you too. Oh, Dave, uh the concert is gonna end at 1 am if your not asleep can i swing buy your place? My friend just called and I cant stay with him. Hes in North Carolina for a funeral."
"Sure, you need to stay the whole week?"
"if its not too much."
"Oh I dont mind."
"Thanx!" She jumped up and hugged him, kissing his cheek. "Can we drop my stuff off at your place now? They are in my car."
"Ok." Dave got up and walked out the door with Jayde leading.
"Dave?" Lisa stoped him.
"Ya got sumthin on your cheek."
"Huh? Oh." Jayde's lips were impinted on his cheek ,black against his pale skin they sat. He didnt even bother to wipe it off he just followed Jyade into the elevator.
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