Title: The Penpal and Dave
Author: Jewelz
Summary: Dave meets his penpal.
Disclaimer: E-mail with comments or criticism to: davefoleylover@aol.com

The morning began after the first cup of coffee for the day for Dave. Black and strong the warm liquid slide down his throught. He was nervus, because that day was the day Dave's pen pal was comming to spend the week. SHe was going to come to the station between 9 and 11 am. He was looking forword to her visit. They had been writing to eachother for six months and he felt so conected he had to see her. They had sent each other kid pictures of themselves and they were going to comapre them to their presant self. The picture of her pen pal had a cute face, royald blue eyes and blond hair. She was three years old in that picture. She was now 26 and very intelagent.
His stomach made a wave of butterflies and sweat began to form on his temples. He was interupted from typing at his computer by Lisa. The women he *was* seeing. Now they were single.
"Dave,why is Bill taking all of the pop tarts?" Lisa asked closing the door.
"I don't know..." Dave's voice was shakey.
"Dave- D- Are you sweating?" Lisa tried to look upon his face.
"What?" He felt the wetness on his temples and just admitted it. "Yes, can't a man sweat in peace?"
"Why are you sweating its not hot-"
"My pen pal is comming here this week and she's comming here to meet me for lunch today ...soon very soon."Dave looked up to her.
"You have a pen pal? Do you know any thing about..."
"Her. And yes. She's 26 ,she lives in New Orleans, shes very inteligent, she is in a comedy scetch class and owns a shop not far from the French Quarter."
" Oh sounds... ok ya know what she's liying. I can tell she's probably still in college. She probably just thinks your cute."
"She doesnt know what I look like."
"But I do have a picture of her, but its a baby picture. I sent her one of mine."
"Oh, well can I see hers?"
Dave took out the pictuer of a little girl named Jayde Bloodstone and handed it to Lisa.
"Aw, what a cute baby." She looked at the picture closely.
Dave smiled. Suddenly Beth poped her head in the now opened door. "Lisa, Mr. James needs to talk to you ." She said as her long red hair dangled past her sholders.
"What about?"
"I dunno, somethin about a chiken and a granaid." Beth walked out.
Lisa shrugged and walked out closing the door behind her.

A tall young woman walked out of the elevator. She was beautiful. She had blood red hair down to her waste. She wore black leather pants and a black t-shirt with the word "Freak" printed in red glitter across the chest. She was pale and had beautiful royale blue eyes. She held a peice of paper in hand and walked as her boots clonked across the floor. She looked up and her lips were black. She looked about the station. Bill was standing against the wall eating Poptarts. She tapped his sholder and he quickly turned to her.
"Exuse me, Do you know where Dave Nelson is?" She asked. She had a calming voice that soothed is paranoia.
"In that office there" He pointed .
"Thanks" She patted his sholder. She left him dazed from her prescence.
She walked past Beth and to the office in witch Dave sat sipping his coffee.
"Who's that?" Beth asked Bill.
"I-dont-know." He said.

There was a knocking at the office door. "Come in." Dave said. The door opened and the tall slender body of a young women walked in. "Dave?!?" She asked. She couldn't see his face because he was huddled over the laptop. "Yeah?" He looke up to see a beautiful women standing there with a paper in her hand.
"Its me,... Jayde" She said.
"Jayde?!?" He stode up. He looked at her closely.
'Yeah." She smiled.
He smiled back and walked over to her. She jumped on him and hugged him. "You look nothing like your picture."
'Neither do you." He patted her back.
"So,.." She smiled sweetly.

"Dave hasn';t been out of the office for a while, he had to have run out of coffee by now." Beth looked out the window of the Break room.
"That chick went in his office, maybe she's seducing him." Bill stared blankly out in space.
"Oh, come on!" Beth sat in a chair after she closed teh blinds.
"Its just a thought." He shrugged.

Lisa opened the door to see Dave and a young pretty unnatural colored red head sat on the couch laughing and talking.
"Dave- oh sorry I'll come back later." Lisa looked at the two whose attention was now on her.
"Oh, Lisa, I'd like you to meet Jayde, my pen pal." Dave stood up;. So did Jayde and she quickly took Lisa's hand and shook it with a sweet smile. "Hey, Lisa. HEY! That is a really cool shirt!" Jayde's hand roamed to Lisa's sleeve with was black. The wrists were black pooffy feathers as well as the collar.
"Thanks" Lisa smiled.
"This is a good shirt if you want to impress a guy." Jayde winked. "While im waiting for my acting carrer to start, I own a shop and it has this same shirt in it. You got good taste." Jayde smiled

"SO???" Beth was anxious to hear about the mystery girl in Dave's office.
"Well, she's real freindly. A nice girl." Lisa smiled.

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