Title: Say Goodbye
Author: Beth C.
Summary: Lisa returns to New York to take care of some unfinished business.
Setting: New York, after Season 5.
Disclaimer: I don't own Newsradio, some other people did, Lisa isn't mine and until I have my way, Dave is his own man.

"Everything feels so different," Lisa said stepping off of the elevator. It was her first time back in the city since moving to New Hampshire more than a year ago. She was back to settle some urgent matters, like selling her apartment, divorcing her convict husband, and most importantly convincing Dave to move to New Hampshire. Despite the constant reassurances from all of the staff, Dave didn't give in. Even after Matthew moved to New Hampshire, Dave still stayed in N.Y. They had recieved a Christmas card, but nothing else and every attempt at contact had failed. He functioned in his own seperate world away from his former friends. When Lisa got a letter from Johnny featuring his plans when he gets out, which included a stop at Fort Knox, she decided it was the perfect time to divorce her husband and to attempt again to convince Dave to join them at WNHX.
"It looks different too," Lisa said, peering at the unfamiliar surroundings. Instead of the WNYX logo, a logo for "Ideas.com" stood. She looked around confused, and moved over to the business listings posted next to the elevator. "Why has WNYX moved to the larger office upstairs?" Lisa thought as she got back into the elevator. But as she reached the floor, her question was answered. A row of plaques lined the wall next to the entrance into the larger office. She looked over framed reviews from all of the major news sources out of NY and some from nationwide publications. One in large letters praised "WNYX, the best in the country", another said "a restaffed, reborn station becomes a nation leader in radio". Lisa looked oddly at the sign over the entrance stating "WNYX, #1 in NY, #1 on the web". She stepped in cautiously, to hear a familair voice. "You're listening to WNYX, voice of the city," Catherine's voice filled the room,"back after these messages."
Catherine waved enthusiastically from the booth and ran out to embrace Lisa. "How are you Lisa?" she said, hugging her tightly.
"I'm fine, but what are you doing here?" Lisa asked, "and why are things so different?" She peered around the changed office, the room filled with brand new desks, a seperate meeting room, high tech equipment, and a small room that appeared to be a green room.
"Well, I got a call from Dave a few monthes ago offering me job as the new announcer with my pay doubled, and since I missed N.Y. I came out here," Catherine explained.
"What about WNYX, what has happened here?" Lisa questioned looking bewildered.
"As Dave has explained to me, after Jimmy sold the station and everyone left, the new owner, Ariel Seely gave Dave complete creative control, unlimited funds, and let him do whatever he wanted to," said Catherine, "Dave has single-handedly rebuilt the station into a successful, intellegent leader in radio, we've grown so much that we needed a larger office, and Dave has been given a huge raise. Our morning show is syndicated around the country, we're broadcast on the web, and we've won countless awards. Haven't you heard about it in the trade magazines?"
"I've been busy running the station and the newspaper in New Hampshire, I haven't been very able to read about the business," Lisa tried to explain, "we're just starting out and things have been tough."
"Oh well, what are you doing in the city?" Catherine tried to change the subject.
"I'm here to divorce my convict husband, and to convince Dave to come with me back to New Hampshire," Lisa said.
"Good luck," Catherine giggled, before stifling her laughter, "I'm sorry."
"Can you just tell me where Dave is?" Lisa asked.
"His office is around the corner, but let me warn you, he looks really different," Catherine said,"when I first came, he let me work on his style-he looks great, but really different."
"Okay, nice seeing you Catherine," Lisa said, as she started towards Dave's office. Dave's new secetary sat in front of the door, typing quickly on the computer in front of her. "Wow, an assitant the works," Lisa thought, "Dave must love it."
"May I help you?" The woman asked.
"Can you tell Mr. Nelson that Lisa is here to see him?" Lisa answered.
"Sure, if you could just have a seat in the waiting area, I'll check with Mr. Nelson," she motioned towards a row of chairs next to the wall.
"Of course," Lisa said as the woman dissapeared into the office. As the door closed Lisa sighed loudly. "Why am I here?" she asked herself as she buried her face into her hands, "I feel so out of place." Lisa looked down at her casual khakis and cashmere pullover, and sighed again, trying to make herself presentable. "Dave doesn't want to see me," she thought, "he's leading a whole new life."
Lisa grabbed her purse and started to leave as she heard the woman behind her, "Mr. Nelson will see you now."
Lisa turned around and smiled as she entered into the office.
"Hi Lisa," Dave said as he came around his desk to greet Lisa.
"Hi Dave," she said uncomfortably. They both stood in silence looking at each other.
"Well, you look great," he broke the silence, embracing her.
"So do you, different, but great," Lisa said smiling, "blonde hair, when did this happen?"
"Oh, Catherine and my last girlfriend thought it would look nice," Dave explained as he ran his fingers through his bleached blond hair,"even though we broke up, I kept the hair. So what are you doing in New York?"
"I'm divorcing Johnny, apparently he's slightly insane," said Lisa,"and I'm also here to hopefully convince you to--." She paused, looking nervously at Dave. "To convince you to come with me back to New Hampshire."
"You know I can't do that," Dave said sitting down behind his desk,"I couldn't do it then, and I can't do it now."
"Don't you miss us?" Lisa asked,"don't you miss me?"
"Of course I miss you all, but I can't do it," Dave said again, "look at what I've done here, I've worked so hard to get the station where it is."
"David, it's always been difficult for me to humble myself, but please come with me back to New Hampshire, I miss you so much."
Dave looked coldly into her eyes, "Maybe if you had even thought about me before you married Johnny, I'd consider it. But instead you turned your back on everything we had, and married a man you barely knew. So its nice seeing you, if you wanna get dinner later give me a call, but I have lots of work to do, you can see yourself out"
Lisa stood stunned in the center of the office, as Dave turned away back to his computer. "Why didn't you say anything? Why didn't you ask me to marry you? You have no right Dave, you dumped me remeber!" Lisa yelled.
"Lisa, couldn't you see the hurt in my eyes when Johnny asked me to be his best man. Didn't I tell you repeatedly not to marry him. I stood at the altar watching the woman I was destined to marry, wed another man.," Dave explained, "I thought we'd always end up together but instead I watched as you got married and moved away along with all of my friends. I invested so much into my friendships and relationships with the people of WNYX and then you all leave."
"We asked you to come with us, we begged you to come with us," Lisa said.
"When I first arrived everyone made fun of me because I was from Wisconsin, which in comparison to New York is the middle of nowhere. Then you all decide to move to New Hampshire which also in comparison is the middle of nowhere. I wanted the big city, not the country, but no one seemed to understand that," he said softly, "it doesn't matter anyway, I'm moving in a month."
"Where are you moving?" Lisa asked.
"Toronto, I've been offered a high paying job with the CBC after I rebuilt WNYX and since there is nothing holding me here, I'm taking it," Dave explained.
Lisa felt tears well up in her eyes and she tried in vain to blink them away. "Dave, I need you with me. I haven't felt whole without you and I can honestly say I haven't lived a happy day since I left New York. Please Dave, please."
"Lisa, why do I have to sacrifice everything? Come with me to Toronto, its beautiful there and we could be together," Dave asked looking hopeful.
"I can't abandon WNHX, I can't abandon everyone," she said, turning away as the tears began carving streams down her cheeks.
"You had no problem abandoning me in the first place. Just say goodbye Lisa, I don't know if I could recover from you leaving me again."
"Fine," Lisa whispered walking towards the door, "just remeber that I love you, I've always loved you. Every second I spent in Johnny's arms, I thought of you. Every night spent alone in my bed, I thought of you. Every day in New Hampshire, I thought of you."
"Love was never the problem, I never really knew what the problem was," he said, walking towards her, "maybe we just need different things to make each other happy."
"I only need you, I've only need you," she said embracing him.
"It may be too late," Dave leaned in.
"I don't know if its ever too late-," Lisa was cut off, as he kissed her softly.
He broke away and Lisa could see his eyes tearing up, "You better go, neither of us are willing to give in."
"Why can't we just be together? It never seems to work out with us," she said.
"If its meant to be, it will," Dave smiled.
Lisa just turned and ran out of the room.

-------------TO BE CONTINUED------------


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