Disclaimer: once again, none of the newsradio cast belongs to me, I just like to take them out for a walk every once and awhile.
"'If it's meant to be'," Lisa repeated to herself, staring out of the train window, "I'm just going to have to move on, maybe I made our relationship out to be more than it was." She looked down at her watch, "Only 10 more minutes, and the train leaves, and I can just forget about New York City, WNYX, and Da--." She trailed off, as she saw a familair face walking down the aisle.
"110, 120, and my seat should be he-", Dave stopped cold, looking down at the empty seat next to Lisa. He looked sadly at her and turned walking towards the conductor. Lisa watched as the conductor told him there were no more open seats, and that he had to sit there.
"Just don't look at him, pretend you're sleeping, get out you laptop," Lisa ran a list of possibilities through her head, "just don't look at him." But as he sat next to her, Lisa looked up at him. "That was a mistake," she thought as she felt tears in her eyes again, "don't cry Lisa, do not cry."
"Hi Lisa," Dave said softly, "I'm sorry I didn't call you after you left the office, but I had a good reason."
"What was that?" she asked angrily, "what was your big reason?"
"Cause I wanted to surprise you with my big news," he said a small smile on his face.
Lisa looked at him confused, "What is your big news?"
"Have you ever heard of WBNE, out of Boston?" Dave asked.
"Biggest station in Massachusetts, why?"
"Have you been reading the trade magazines?"
"I got busy, continue with your story," she said obviously irritated and upset.
"Well they lost their news director/station manager and they have been looking for a new one," Dave said, "they told me I could work out a schedule where I telecommuted for three days out of the week and commute in the other two. Mr. James heard about them trying to get me, and to make a long story short, I'm the new news director at WNHX."
Lisa turned to him, "But what about the CBC?"
"They said the job is mine whenever I'm ready for it, so I figure in a year I'll have Mr. James ready to move to Canada," he smiled.
"But I thought you didn't want country life anymore, what has changed?" she asked him.
"I thought I didn't want country life either, but the country has its good points."
"Like what?" she said hopefully.
"Well the country does have the woman I love," Dave said, "but I'll only stay if that woman loves me back."
"She never stopped, and she never will stop," she laughed, "are you going to kiss me, or--" But she was cut off as Dave passionately kissed her. "I guess it was meant to be," she thought, as the train departed, saying goodbye to New York.

The End

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