I see my light come shining
From the west down to the east
Any day now
Any day now
I shall be released.

Bob Dylan/I Shall Be Released

Unchained Interlude

Who are you, the ancient one asked.

“I do not know” the infant said.

I ask again, who are you? Why are you here? “I do not know” he repeated.

What is your purpose?

“To bend, to create, to be”

Of course, to be. Tell me, would you like 'to be'?

The tiny light thought hard.

“Yes, I want to be” he finally replied.

Then there is nothing but one lesson to learn and that is that you cannot always trust your vision. You cannot believe everything you see. This was your one fault

“That is acceptable to me” the spark was growing brighter now.

Then you shall be marked!

The ancient one arose from her throne which was made from the tears of tortured souls and the spirits of all who had lost faith, and touched his tiny hand. She turned his palm to face her and stroked it with her long finger. The child laughed because it tickled.

Safe passage to you little one, bend when you need to and create always. Do not fear nor worship me. Forget the me that I am

She pointed to the skies above and said.......

Behold! This child who carries my mark shall BE!

With those words the spark rose and was spirited away in the tail of a passing comet. The ancient one eased herself back into her seat and shook her head. She spoke out loud to her invisible companion.

He is a fool, that young one.

Oh come now, you are just a bitter old woman who cannot see the promise he holds. There is an unlimited amount of possibilities tied to your unselfish act. I never knew you had it in you!

The old woman looked at her brother sternly, but then smiled and nodded her head in agreement. This type of behavior was not what she was known for. The light from her twin was growing dimmer

I must leave now, work to do, you know.

She looked over at him and then to the sky. The comet was quickly speeding out of her horizon. She felt a stirring inside herself that made her uncomfortable.

'I truly hope that I did the right thing. He may need his memories someday,' she thought to herself, shielding her thoughts from her brother.

Thank you my sister for doing this for me. I will repay you, I promise.

He paused, a hundred years of silence passed between them in the blink of an eye.

Can I have Elvis?

They giggled like little children.

He held out his bright hand and clasped her dark on, nothing to fear from their obvious differences. She raised her staff to the heavens above, allowing the light to enter her darkness for an instant. In a flash her brother rose into it, the light was gone and she was alone once again.

Part 39