Summary: Lisa is invited to spend Thanksgiving inWisconsin with Dave. There she meets many crazy characters-his family, not to mention a couple offamiliar people.

Disclaimer:  I don’t own a lot of these charactersexcept of the obvious bunch.  They belong to Paul Simms and a bunch of people who’s names I don’t know. Also keep in mind that this is my first story and I am most definitely not a comedian.

Thanksgiving-Part 1

             2:32 PM-WNYX-Dave’s office:

Dave is just finishing up the phone conversation withhis mother.
   “Okay, Mom, I’ll tell her…Everybody wants to meether, huh? Okay, then. I ‘ll let you know. Yeah. Loveyou too. Bye.”
He hung up the phone.
   “Lisa could you come in here for a minute?” hecalled out the doorway.
   “What is it?” Lisa asked as she came in.
   “Well, are you doing anything for Thanksgiving?Have you made any plans?”
   “Well, my mom wants me to come back to Connecticutfor Thanksgiving, but I’ve  been trying to think of a reason to get out of that. Why do you ask?” she said.
   “I just got off the phone with my mother and she wanted to know if you possibly wanted to, uh, come, uh spend Thanksgiving with us this year,” he said as he shuffled his feet on the floor.
   “You mean in Wisconsin?”
   “Yeah, um…all of my family wants to meet you and they thought that this would be a, um, a good opportunity,” he answered, “So...yes? No? Maybe?”
   “Um…yes. I’ll go to Wisconsin with you.”
   “Really? Great! To tell you the truth I didn’t think you were actually going to say yes.”
   “How long do you think we’re going to be there?”
   “I think about a week or a little over. Everybody’s coming.”
   “Oh,” Lisa suddenly had a nervous look on her face.

   “Lisa, you’re not nervous are you?”
   “Well, it’s just, meeting your boyfriend’s parents in one thing, but meeting  his entire family is another thing. You know?”
   “Well, it’s worse off for me, trust me.”
   “Why’s that?” she questioned.
   “Well, whenever one of us brings their girlfriend or boyfriend home, everybody else will try to embarrass that person as much as humanly possible,” answered suddenly looking nervous, himself.
   “Really? Well, now I can’t wait to go,” she said, now smiling.
   “Oh Lord.  Well, I’m going to call her back now to tell her that you’re coming.”
   “No need, I’ll do it.”
  “I kinda want to meet her on the phone first.”
  “Okay, whatever.” Beth walked in
   “Dave, your mom’s on the phone for you,” she said as she smacked her gum.
   “Beth, I’ll take it at my desk," said Lisa.
   “But it’s Dave’s mom.”
   “I know that.”
   “Okay…,” Beth said slowly. Beth and Lisa left and Dave went back to work at his desk.

               3:40 PM - same place:

Lisa walked into Dave office and sat on his couch.
   “Okay, your mom ordered the plane tickets online and she gave all of the flight information to me. So, we leave on Tuesday, the 21st. and we stay until the 30th.  Our flight on the 21st departs at 8 AM so we’ll probably will have to get up at about 5 AM. Yuck.  Anyway, our flight to come back here leaves at noon and she also told me to tell you hello.”
   “Were you on the phone with her that entire time?   Lisa looked down at her watch. 
   “Oh my God! I didn’t realize I was on the phone for so long!” she exclaimed.
   “Well, you must know her pretty well by now, so what do you think of her?” he questioned.
   “I like her a lot! I now can kind of understand why you talk to her so often.”
   “Well, I’m glad you like her, but wait until you meet the rest of my family,” he sighed, “Especially my siblings. I mean they’re crazy sometimes.  Actually they’re crazy most of the time.”
   “Dave, I grew up with five brothers.  How much crazier can you get.”
   “Oh, you’d be surprised.”
   “How many brothers and sisters do you have, anyway?” she asked.
  “One brother and three sisters.  I’ll tell you all about them on the plane so you don’t get confused.”

           November 20th, Monday, 10:30 AM

Dave is finishing up the staff meeting.
   “…And then Lisa and I are leaving a little earlier today.”
   “Yeah , so we are letting you guys go an hour earlier than usual since there is no one here responsible enough to not kill or injure anybody,” Lisa interrupted. 
   “Well, what about me?” asked Catherine.
   “You’d kill Bill,” answered Lisa.
   “Well, fair enough,” Catherine said.
   “Why are you guys leaving early?” Joe asked.
   “We have to pack tonight because we have to get up at 5 AM tomorrow,” Dave answered.
   “Uh huh.  Sure. That’s what they all say,” Beth teased.
   “No, seriously Beth.  Dave and I are going to Wisconsin tomorrow,” Lisa replied.
  “You mean you guys get tomorrow off? That’s not fair!” Matthew said angrily.
   “Dude, everybody gets the next week and a half off for Thanksgiving,” said Joe.
   “Thanksgiving?” Matthew said stupidly. Everyone stared at Matthew for a beat and then continued with the conversation.
   “So your finally going to meet Dave’s parents, huh?” asked Bill.
   “Well I already met Dave’s mom on the phone, but I’ve yet to meet his dad and all of his siblings,” answered Lisa.
   “Oh, Mom just told me that my aunt is coming and so is my niece,” Dave added.
   “Great,”said Lisa,"Just bring on the Nelsons!"
   “Wow, Lisa, you’re just gonna meet the entire Nelson clan aren’t ya?” said Beth.
   “Apparently I am,” Lisa said, her eyes wide.

To be continued…

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