"I've had many times
I can tell you
Times when innocence I would trade for company
And children saw me crying
I thought I 'd had my share of that
But these miss you nights….
Midnight diamonds,
Stud my heavens,
Southward burning lie the jewels that I obey,
Summer warm winds
That embrace me
Just as surely kissed your face.
Oh these miss you nights,
Are the longest."
Cliff Richards/Miss You Nights

"The mist is lifting slowly
I can see the way ahead
And I've left behind the empty streets
That once inspired my life
And the strength of the emotion
Is like thunder in the air
'Cos the promise that we made each other
Haunts me to the end
I know you're out there somewhere,
Somewhere somewhere
I know you're out there somewhere
Somewhere you can hear my voice
I know I'll find you somehow
Somehow somehow
I know I'll find you somehow
And somehow I'll return again to you"

Moody Blues/I know You're Out There Somewhere

The weekend dragged for both of them. She went out to dinner as promised with her boyfriend but spent the entire time with her thoughts somewhere else. What was he doing tonight? Was he home, did he go out with someone else? She couldn't erase him from her mind. Her boyfriend was a high powered attorney on wall street and he took her to the finest restaurant in Manhattan. All she could think of was how far his place was from where they were. A 15 minute ride in a cab? A mere blink of an eye away. Was he working on the portrait? Was he thinking of her? Her mind was miles away. Even when he took her home and made love to her, her mind was in a different place and a different time. She could almost see Noah lying in bed, tossing in his sleep thinking about her. She closed her eyes and let the pleasure sweep over her enjoying the release it gave her. She remembered the touch of his hands and it is what brought her over the top, just the memory of his touch. She couldn't wait for Monday to come. He spent Saturday and Sunday night cruising the bar's in the village, looking for some release from the prision her vision had put him in. He found it in the second bar he visited, a sexy little gal named Veronica who took him to a hotel nearby and made him forget… for only a moment. He touched her face and it was alien to him. It didn't stir anything. "My God," he thought, "I can't hold onto this image forever." The sketch was taking over his life and making him crazy with the need for its perfection. No, he thought, it wasn't the sketch at all. It was Sam herself. He couldn't love a drawing, couldn't touch it or feel it the way he needed to. For the first time in his life his sketch was enough. It didn't satisfy him or make him feel any better. With his pictures of the ocean, he could see it clearly in his mind but with Sam, well, he just didn't know. It didn't satisfy him at all. He had lived his life as a solitary soul but now, for the first time, he needed someone else besides himself. The need was buried so deeply that it took him time to remember it. But when he finally did it was as if he found the key to the door to his heart. He just hoped that she really did return on Monday like she had promised.

Monday came and she had never been so happy to go to work before in her life. She had missed him this weekend and she had to admit to herself that there was something going on here that she did not expect. She hoped that he remembered that she was due to come by that night. At the stroke of 5 she was already in cab on her way to his place. She rang the bell and prayed that he was home. He answered the door with a huge smile on his face. He wasn't sure that she would show up tonight so when she did his heart skipped a beat. She was tired as she usually was after working the whole day. But as soon as she saw him she felt invigorated. He bowed deeply, making her laugh, and escorted her back into his loft. Once inside he told her to sit so he could "remember" her face with his hands. She did as she was told letting him touch her face, feeling the contours that made up her expressions being probed and examined. He went to the sketch pad situated on a stand and began to add details to her image. He paused and walked over to her again to examine her features once again but as he did she reached out to do the same to him.

"I want to see you how you see" she told him, closing her eyes and reaching out her hands to touch his face. Every curve and angle of his skin was familiar to her although she had no idea why. He kneeled there in a kind of shock. He had never had anyone search his face like she was now. He reached out his left hand and took hers into his own, feeling the smoothness of her palm against his. She lifted his hand to her lips and kissed it. Her eyes caught sight of a mark on his palm shaped like a crescent moon and it made her say a silent prayer of thanks to his maker for letting him be here with her tonight. He let her fingers move around his face, touching and exploring every little corner of his face. She enjoyed the feeling of his skin, the roughness of his cheeks, the smoothness of his hair. As she touched him he was also touching her, but now he moved off her face and onto her neck. It was long and graceful, and he drank it in like a man parched. He circled her and felt the back of her neck, the strong muscles that held her up so gracefully. Her hair was piled high on her head, leaving her skin bare to his touch. He could feel the pounding of her heart in almost every spot he touched, its beat faster and harder the more he examined her flesh. He took a chance and pressed his lips to the front of her throat. She let her head fall back so that he could probe further. He couldn't believe the sweetness of her, the heat of her. She wrapped her arms around him, encouraging him to stay close, to keep going, to take her to a place where only lovers can go. She knew his lips, he knew her skin. They were of one body and one soul before they ever touched. She ran her fingers through his hair and pressed him harder against her flesh. His fingers traced her spine and her arms, the tightness of her muscles and tendons like steel bars under his hands. He lifted her up until she was in his arms and he carried her to his bed. There he laid her down and continued to examine her, his friend and lover. Every part of her told a story, spoke in whispers to him of a time long time ago. She was both new and old, known and yet a mystery to him, an intoxicating mixture of familiarity and the unknown. He could't see her and yet he knew her, knew what she liked, knew just where to touch her to give her pleasure. A kiss to her palm made her quiver, a touch to her cheek shook her to her very core. A kiss to the back of her neck sent a silent signal of passion coursing through her very soul. She reached for him, bringing him inside of her body in a holy bonding. As she arched up to meet him, as his lips covered hers she knew deep inside her very soul that this was someone that she was born to be with. He was her future and her past, her salvation and her protector. He spread her arms wide across the bed and held her there with his hands in hers, her hips grinding into his, her eyes shut tight. Her angel of mercy, made of shadows and light. He took her with a passion that was unworldly, his blind eyes seeing the light from her shining, piercing him to his core. He moved with the motion of water, smooth and sure inside of her while she hung on and rode the wave with him, reaching up, peaking, falling down only to rise again. She was not herself anymore, she was pure light, pure love, pure energy. He never hesitated to tell her he loved her and she answered him the same, amidst the groans and cries of pleasure. They reached toward heaven together and then fell gently back to earth still merged, forever connected. She slept in his arms until early in the morning when she had this overwhelming desire to see the portrait he drew of her. She slipped out of his grasp and quietly made her way over to the easel. She pulled the sheet that he had covered it with off and fell to her knees. In front of her was a woman that she did not know, it wasn't her. And yet… and yet…

See my sister, what did I tell you?!

Yes, you were right. I never thought they would find each other, but you knew better.

Yes, I must admit that we worked very well together this time.

Well don't get too used to it. she teased.

But what of the child? Do you know?

She smiled. She rarely knew something before her brother did, but in this case the man in question was of her making. He wore her mark and she claimed him for her own but swore to her brother that she would never interfere.

There's will be a fruitful relationship, bearing one child. Male. He will fulfill the destiny you set out for them in the beginning.

Her brother, as happy as he was to hear this, frowned.

You know what this means, don't you?

Of course, what do you take me for? A fool? It means the end of me.

Her brother reached out his hand and took hers into his own.

I am old and tired. I will be glad to leave my domain to him someday.

Her brother eyed her suspiciously.

Oh, do not worry. He will not be tied to this throne as I am. He will bring peace to the Dark Land.

But what about Simon?

He will not like it, this much I know. He is my son and believes he is heir to this throne.

There will be conflict but I have faith in your child of light. He will be the Dark Lands overseer and put Simon in his place.

You do know that this child of light deserves to rest after this existence, don't you? He would have been through more than enough lifetimes to earn his eternal reward. What makes you so sure that he will choose to remain here instead?

I know him better than you do, brother. The only reason he survived his passage into this land is because I allowed it. He will repay me by setting this world on the right course. He will rule with an iron hand but have the sympathy and pity I never had. He will show mercy.

But it won't be fair to him. Nor will it be fair to his sister of light. You cannot separate them again. I will not allow it.

The dark elder rose to her feet and looked her brother with anger in her gaze.

And who are YOU to order me?! You who couldn't even save his soul when he begged for mercy. You, who kept him apart from his sister of light for so long. I will grant them BOTH the honor of ruling, hand in hand, this empire of darkness. They will never be seperated again.

Her brother sighed in relief. Sometimes he forgot just how generous his sister could be.

I am sorry my sister, I have deep feelings for these two brave souls and sometimes I do not hold my tongue.

You are of course forgiven. Let us drink to the union of our two lands and the union of the Earth and its celestial neighbors. It will be a new beginning for all of us.

Yes, we will be able to stand as one then. Won't it be marvelous?

They raised their glasses and toasted each other on a job well done. Then they toasted the never-ending souls of their children on earth, who had more courage and strength then either of them ever imagined. Someday they would both welcome them home, but until then they would watch and wait.

And the sun gave way to the moon and the moon reflected the sun's light and then in the morning gave back the sky to the sun. As it was in the heavens so it was between the two. And it was so forever.

Leaving Eden