Fade To Grey

"One man on a lonely platform

One case sitting by his side

Two eyes staring cold and silent

Shows fear as he turns to hide

Oh Oh

We fade to Grey"

Visage/Fade To Grey

Phil lay there in the pouring rain, all energy, all hope drained from him. She can't be dead, she can't be! He could not believe that they would have let him miss her death. It must have happened while he waited for the exams to begin inside the theater. He couldn't sense anything outside of the theater while inside. He had to know for sure, had to find out for sure. He stood up and let the cool rain pour over him, re-energizing him. He closed his eyes and concentrated on Jan. Felt that familiar surge in his head, and in a flash he was gone.

He landed face-down on the ground, so weakened by everything that had happened that he could barely move. It was raining here too, just as hard and just as menacing. His face was muddy, and he wipped it off with his sleeve. It was night and he couldn't see very well. He didn't understand where he was. What would Jan be doing out in the rain, at night in pitch darkness? Lightening lit up the sky, and for a split second it illuminated Phil's surroundings. "No, no, no" he sobbed, crawling forward until he touched solid stone. He was in a graveyard, and this was Jan's resting place. His body was on top of her freshly dug grave and… yes… he could feel her down there. His Jan. Dead. He grabbed the dirt in his fists and began to dig. His thoughts were scrambled and his heart was broken. "She can't breathe down there… I have to get her out!" he cried as he dug. Finally he stopped and looked up at the sky. "WHY??? Why didn't you tell me!!!" he screamed at the top of his lungs, his voice echoeing in the darkness. "She needed me, I should have been there for her! Damn you all to hell, everyone of you up there!!!" He kneeled in front of her stone and banged his fists into it, drawing blood. He wished he was dead, the kind of dead where there is nothing left. No memories, no regrets. Just nothingness. He had lost his children, his soul mate, his friends, his life. There was nothing left to lose. I could just dig a hole right here next to hers and go to sleep forever. He sat there as the rain poured over him.

"Jan my love, I am so so sorry." he whispered into the dirt below him, "I didn't know, I didn't know, I swear I didn't know. You were everything to me and I never ever would have hurt you. It is their fault Jan, they kept this from me. Please darling, please forgive me." He put his hands over his eyes and cried all the tears that he had bottled up for the past two years. And there he sat until the morning came.

Jan dreamed of her grave. She saw Phil there, crying over her. She wanted to comfort him, wanted to make him feel better, but she didn't know how. She heard his words but they were almost hollow to her. "I wonder if Simon will be here soon?" was her next thought, "I'd better get up and get ready just in case." She went over to the mirror to brush her hair, but stopped in her tracks. Something looked wrong. She tried to clean the glass but it wasn't dirty. She dropped her hair brush to the floor. There was nothing wrong with the mirror, there was something wrong with her. She didn't look whole, like she was fading in front of her own eyes, she looked like a grey shadow. She was scared, and wished Simon was here to explain it to her. As of on cue, a knock came at the door and Simon, not waiting for her to answer, came inside. Jan ran up to him, "Simon, something is wrong with me! It looks like I am fading away!" her eyes begged an answer from him.

"Ssshhh… it's okay, that happens every now and then to everyone here." he lied, "You will be fine in a few days." He embraced her, and there it was again, that overwhelming desire for him. The tingling now enveloped her whole body and she shivered as if cold. "Who do you belong to?" he took her chin in his hand and looked her in the eye, "Tell me who I am to you."

Without any hesitation she answered, "I belong to you and you are my… my… master. You own me." Anything, she would say anything just to have him take her again. This time, though, she meant it. "I hear you have been a naughty little girl today. You went looking at the pretty thornless roses in the park, didn't you?" he untied her robe to reveal her naked body underneath. "And you were dreaming about another man, weren't you?" She thought for a moment, trying to remember. "Oh, you don't remember, well no matter whether you remember it or not you did dream of another man." He pulled the tie from her robe and threw the robe on the floor. "And dreaming of another man, or smelling the pretty thornless roses in the park are against the rules, against MY rules."

He reached behind her and tied her wrists together so tight it hurt.

Her eyes were glazed over and she put her head down, ashamed of her discretions. "You are right, I was bad." she mumbled. "So what should we do about it?" he inquired, not really caring what her answer was, "What do you think your punishment should be?"

"Anything you wish, Simon." she stared at the floor. He pulled her hair back so that she was looking at him. "My name isn't Simon anymore, slut, it is sir." He commanded, "You will call me sir from now on." "Yes sir." she answered. He pushed her down to her knees and fed her his swollen cock, and she took it into her mouth like it was the rarest of delicacies. With her hands bound, he controlled her totally, holding the back of her head and thrusting fiercly into her face. "Enough." he commanded pulling her away, "You are enjoying this too much. You are supposed to be getting punished, not pleasured." He lifted her by the hair until she stood in front of him again. He kissed her roughly, biting her lip and drawing blood. She was so far gone that she didn't feel it. He turned her around and threw her onto the bed. She was on her stomach, her head tilted sideways trying to see what he was going to do to her. He crawled on top of her, spreading her legs with his knees. She felt him pressing between the cheeks of her ass, his hands spreading them apart revealing her tightest of holes. "Yes," she thought to herself, "punish me." He took himself in his hand and pressed just the large head of his flesh against her hole. He didn't bother with foreplay, didn't bother to lubricate her or get her ready, he just began pressing and pushing and shoving himself deep inside her bowels. Now she did react, she screamed out in pain. But he didn't stop. He didn't go slow either, he just jammed himself past her clenched walls and spasming muscles until he was completely inside of her. She was sobbing out loud in pain, he wrapped his hand around her mouth. He began to move in and out of her, tearing her apart with his thrusts. "There now, you like that, don't you? You are so tight there, so incredibly tight. I think I might like your asshole better than your cunt. Yes, maybe this will be the way I take you from now on." She was begging for him to stop, pleading with him to just let her rest a moment but he ignored her and increased his tempo. All of a sudden the pain began to change to pleasure and she found herself pushing back against him, enjoying it more and more. "Yes, that's it, take all of it, little slave. You love it, don't you?" he asked, "Yes… I love it, sir." He removed himself from her body, pulled her backwards until her legs were off the bed, grabbed hold of her tied wrists and holding her there, moved back into her, pounding into her until he poured himself into her ass. He untied her wrists and let her drop forward onto the bed. "That was nice. You have now been absolved of your sins against me. And for being such a good girl, I will allow you to cum now." He turned her over and dove between her legs, licking her into a frenzy until he screamed out his name when she came. "Yes," he thought to himself "not much longer now."

Part 23