An Invitation

There was silence in the theater suddenly, and Phil sensed that something had become more important then his sex life. Whatever it was, it was serious. Although he could not hear their voices he could sense the change in the temperature of the room, sense the sudden coldness and he could feel fear.

We must adjorn for now. There is a pressing matter we must attend to.

"But wait, maybe I can help." he said as the light flashed over him.

"Help with what, sir?" the old man on the bench said.

"Oh, oh nothing, sorry." Phil said, glancing over at the man.

"My name is Thomas and you are Phil, am I right?" Thomas said.

"Yes you are right, but you're name isn't Thomas." Phil replied, "I don't know why you are lying, but you are."

Phil could sense the mans sudden displeasure at being found out. "Look," the evil one said, "It is going to rain." and he began to laugh hysterically. He handed Phil a card. He turned it over and all it said was The End of the Line Bookstore Simon, proprieter.
"You are to go there sir, Mr. Simon would like to meet you." and with that, a hole seemed to open up behind the old man, he stepped inside and vanished.

Phil didn't know who or what he just encountered, but he knew whatever it was it didn't belong here. He looked at the card again. Just holding it burned his hands. "Alright Mr. Simon, or whoever you may be, I am on my way." he said out loud just as the first drops of rain fell on his face.

Finding the store was almost too easy. It seemed innocent enough from the outside, but the two old gargoyle statues by the stairs seemed to follow him with their cold eyes as he walked nearer. He tossed the card onto the ground and watched it vanish. "This is going to be interesting." he thought to himself as his hand reached for the doorknob and turned it.

Part 21