"I'll hold you in my hand and baby
Your smooth and shiny feels good
Against my lips sugar
I want you so bad I can taste your
love right now, baby
Day and night, night and day
All I've got to say is
If I was your girl
Oh the things I'd do to you
I'd make you call out my name
I'd ask who it belongs to
If I was your woman
The things I'd do to you
But I'm not, so I can't
Then I won't, but,
If I was your girl"

Janet Jackson/If

That first touch of her hands was indescribable. To know that it was her doing this to me was mind boggling. I looked down at her, and she looked up at me with tears in her eyes. Even though I knew they were tears of joy, I touched her cheek just like I always did to comfort her. She kissed my palm once and then proceeded to engulf me with her mouth." This was getting way too graphic, and consequently much to exciting for him to bear to think about.

"Must I continue? I mean, can't you get the picture from what I have told you so far?"

It is not the picture we are looking for young one, it is the emotions. Your feelings are all that count to us but to get to the feelings you must relive the moment for us.

He sighed and tried to relax. I guess they don’t get out much. It's like I am reciting erotic novels to some dead voyeurs. Well, there was a lot worse things they could discuss.

"I disappeared between her sweet lips until there was no more of me to see. I almost fell over, the pleasure was so intense. She began making love to me with her mouth, slowly, masterfully. I placed my hands lightly on her head as she drew her lips and tongue back from me for a second only to feed on me again, over and over, faster and faster. I felt… like a star bursting in the heavens, like a million sticks of dynamite going off through my body. She was making these wonderful groaning noises in her throat; she seemed to be enjoying it as much as I was. I had to get her to stop though; this was not the way I had it planned.

"Jan," I gulped, "you've gotta stop… right… now." She just looked up and me with her eyes half open, like she was caught up in a dream, and continued her assault. I tried to pry her off of me but she had wrapped her arms around me and held on tight. Ok, I thought to myself, two can play at this game. I kneeled on the floor but she still didn't stop. I laid down anticipating her turning to stay with me and when she did, I grabbed her legs, swung her body on top of mine and locked my mouth between her legs. Now she stopped. I drank her in, ran my tongue over all her most sensitive spots and almost instantly her body was convulsing on top of me. Her whole body was shaking and she began moaning loudly. She was delicious and I told her so in between tastes. I reached forward and pressed her head back down towards me and she didn't need to be coaxed twice. Again she had me deep down her throat, driving me crazy. We were both so lost in each other it was incredible. Suddenly her body went stiff and her moans turned into muffled screams. She smoothered me with her flesh but I didn't care, and I didn't stop. I had never had anyone actually scream before while they were giving me head and it was just what I needed to send me over the top. I wrapped my arms around her tight as I came into her mouth, and she was drawing me in like it was the only thing she needed to survive. I placed two of my fingers deep into her and I could feel her throbbing inside from her orgasm. Just as I was throbbing inside her mouth from mine. She drank me down, every drop until I was completely empty and had nothing more inside. It was the most amazing, mind blowing experience of my life and I think hers too. And the wonder of it all is that from that moment on we had so many more mind blowing moments. That act broke the barrier for us, and we became absolutely insane with desire for each other, every minute of the day and night. It was like we had so much time to make up for and we were determined to cram all those missing years into a week.

Part 16