(note: much of the story is merely thoughts, although there is a little

I am lost in thought, unable to hear the ideas, the feedback all my
co-workers give.
"...and what do you think Phil?"
Caught off guard, I say that I didn't hear it. This is true, but why
can't show.
Just remember.. smiles. Don't show it fully.
I remember the remark made by an old friend: that I live a "charmed"
life. Yes, there are charms, the kids defenatly on top, but..
No. Don't think that way. Just smile. Relax.
My wrist throbs, and I wonder if this means trouble. I know that she
couldn't tell her own strength then, but it hurts if trouble brews. She wanted
to be given some money to spend, that was the problem last night. If I could
trust her to spend it on the right things, I'd do it in a heartbeat.
I couldn't, and said so. I don't think I was insulting, but she said I
was and attacked. Was it worse than usual? It had to be, since a police
officer came. He asked questions, but I couldn't smile this time.
He didn't believe the denial, the lies. Most don't, but we are
charmed, after all.
Smiles... all others may see.
The Adamses from across the street called. They are visble- Kevin and
his letters to the editor, Gertrude and her flower garden, Jenna and her
They are charmed, indeed.
My thoughts cease drifting as I arrive home. I think that we'll order
out, I feel too tired to cook and peanut butter sandwiches or mircowave meals
are a bit boring after a while.
Enter, smile. All is well. I have to be this way.
But the tumult is pulling at me. One of my children drew a picture
with the three of us, a balloon proclaiming "Help! Help us! We need help!"
Smiles can't help you forever.
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