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               You Can't Do That On Television

Daphne puts on her coat as she looks over to the old guy sitting in an old ragged chair.  "I'm off to the market now, do you want me to pick up anything for you?"
Martin stares at the television with intense eyes, "No thanks, Daph, Eddie and I are about ready to watch the Seahawks game, kickoff is in two minutes."
"All righty then.  Have fun, I'll be back in a bit."  Daphne opens up the door and about runs in to Frasier.  "Oh, excuse me, Dr. Crane."
Frasier sets his briefcase down and starts to take off his coat,
"Where are you off to, Daphne?"
"Oh, just heading off to the market to pick up a few things." Daphne replied, she tightened the scarf around her neck and headed out the door.
Frasier looked at his father.  "Dad.."
"SSShhhh....the Seahawks are on."
Frasier is over come with a huge smile, "You would not believe the extraordinary day I had."
Martin Crane just rolled his eyes at Frasier, "Can't this wait, son?  I;ve been waiting all day to watch this game."
"Oh, all right, " Frasier replied, "I guess I'll just have to call Niles and tell him."
Just as Frasier picked up his phone, it starts to ring.  "Oh, that must be him...." Frasier picked up the phone "Hello?.....Oh hi....yes.....I'll see you then."
Frasier walked over to the door and opened it up, there stood Niles with his cell phone in his hand.
"You could've said good-bye." Niles smarted.
"Lets' go to the kitchen where we won't interrupt dad." Frasier said.  He led Niles into the kitchen.
"What is this all about?" Niles asked.
"Niles, you are not going to believe the day I had today."
Niles smiled, he loved to hear about his brother's escapades as a radio talk show host.  "Do tell."
"Well," Frasier started, "Roz and I just ended my show when I received a fax from New York."
"Who do you know in New York?"
Frasier just looked at his brother, "I know a lot of people in New York, but this fax came from a radio station.  I've been offered a job."
Niles' face was overcome with disappointment.  " I thought you left Boston because you wanted to come home?  New York is just a stone's throw from Boston.
"I know," Frasier replied.
"All you see right now are dollar signs," Niles smirked, "What about dad?"
"Now, Niles, there is no need to look that far in the future.  Why, it hasn't been but a few hours since I even received the fax."
Niles stared at his brother,"Do you still have this fax?"
Frasier nodded and proceeded to grab it from his briefcase, then he handed it to Niles.  Niles started to read over it, and then his eyes grew larger as he continued to read.
"What do you think, brother?" Frasier asked.
"Good God, Frasier.  Do you know who sent you this?"
"Why of course I do.  It was a representative of WNYX."
"WNYX in New York, who was the rep?" Niles asked.
"Oh, her name was something like Macy...or Nancy..."
"No, Frasier, her name is Allison Tyler.  Does this name ring a bell or two?"
Frasier wondered to himself, "Isn't she a news anchor on 20/20?"
"Yes, and she also works for WNYX, which is owned by someone named Jimmy James."
"Niles, isn't the that eccentric billionaire that bought the artificial King Tut chandelier from Maris?"
"Yes," Niles confirmed.  "That is he. I am suggesting to you that you consider this offer."
Frasier poured him and Niles a glass of wine.  "Oh, I am, Niles.  Actually, I spoke with someone today and he said that they are sending someone out to discuss a contract with me."
Niles was astonished, "When are they sending someone out?"
"Tomorrow," Frasier replied.  "I spoke with a young man named David Nelson, he sounded very prepubescent."
"No need for details, do you know who they are sending?"
"No," Frasier smiled," but I am most certain it is someone to make a big impression on me."
Martin walked into the kitchen mumbling to himself.
"Is there something wrong, Dad?" Niles asked.
"Oh," Martin slammed his hand down on the counter. "Those damn 'Hawks couldn't kick a field goal if the post were on the ground two feet in front of them."
"That's too bad." Frasier said.  He paused, "Dad, about what I was going to tell you earlier..."
"Oh, sorry I cut you short, Fras.  I was just pretty excited about the game until the quarterback handed the ball to the wrong team-now what were you going to tell me?  Something about a great day."
"Well, Dad, I've been offered a new job..."
"That's great, son."
"...in New York."


Three hours away in New York City, only the fourteenth floor of the Criterion Building luminated.
"I can't believe that you want to hire some quack psychiatrist to do a radio show."
"Don't be so irate, Bill.  He has a hit show in Seattle."
"I have a hit show here in New York and I'm not a loon psychiatrist.  Now get out from behind your desk and tell Mr. James not to send Allison to Seattle.  Dave, I am putting my trust into you."
A young woman walks in and hands some papers to Dave.
"Allison, what are these?" Dave asked.
"Oh, it's the contract that Jimmy had his lawyers draw up for Dr. Crane.  He wants you to look over them.  Just make sure that I have them back before I leave tomorrow."
"Allison, are you sure you want to go?  I mean, I could send Lisa or something."
Bill laughed at that idea, "Lisa, negotiate? Come on, Dave, if you want to get a profile doctor like that you need to send someone with star power."
"I don't have star power, Bill."  Allison replied.
"No, but you have something all right." Dave smiled.  Allison just looked at him and batted her eyelashes.  Then she walked out of his office.
       "You sure did luck out there, little chief." Bill said.
"What's that supposed to mean, Bill?" Dave asked as he started to read through the contract.
"To snag a babe like that."
"Don't start with this again, Bill.  We already went through it once."
"Dave, just tell me.  What is she like in bed?"
"Bill, GET OUT!"
A few minutes later Dave called Allison into his office.
"Well, what do you think?" Allison asked.
Dave went up to her and gave her a small kiss. "I think that it's late and time for both of us to go home."
They headed for their apartments, which were down the hall from one another, only by coincidence.

The next morning Dave went with Allison to the airport.
"Miss me," he said.
"Oh, I will." she gave him  a kiss.  "I'll only be gone for a day or so."
"Well, maybe I'll have a surprise for you when you get home."
"Don't tease me."
They hug and embrace.  "Call me when you get to your hotel." Dave said.  He gave her another kiss, and she went to board her plane for Seattle.

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