Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters or settings, they belong to Paul Simms. The only thing I do own is the made-up character, Jane.

This is set a little before the show "Christmas" in the third season.

(Dave's apartment early in the morning. Phone Rings)

Dave: Hello.
Jane: Hi, sweetie.
Dave: Oh, hi, mom.
Jane: I didn't call too early, did I?
Dave: Oh no, 4:30 in the morning isn't too early. What's on your mind?
Jane: I just wanted to let you know I'm coming to visit today.
Dave: Oh, that's great. Who's picking you up?
Jane: I thought you would.
Dave: OK, what time?
Jane: In 3 hours.
Dave: Where should I pick you up?
Jane: The New Jersey Airport.
Dave: That takes 1 and half hours to get there.
Jane: Are you going to be there or not?
Dave: I'll be there. Bye.

(Cut to Lisa's Apartment)
(Phone Rings Lisa Anwsers)

Lisa: Hello.
Dave: Can I ask a favor?
Lisa: What?
Dave: I won't be in until 9:00 so you need to run the station 'til i get back.
Lisa: Why won't you be here 'til then?
Dave: Because I have to pick up my mother at the airport.
Lisa: OK, bye.

(Cut to Airport)
Dave: Hi mom, how was your flight?
Jane: Horrible, they didn't serve coffee!
Dave: That was awful!

(Cut to WNYX station)

Bill: This is Bill McNeal. WNYX time 8:54, back in 10 minutes.
Matthew: Hey Bill, you have any paper clips.
Bill: Sorry, fresh out.
Jimmy: Hey Bill, you got any paper clips.
Bill: Sure, a whole box, here you go.
Matthew: I thought you said you were fresh out.
Bill: Sorry, now I'm fresh out.

(Dave and his Mom Enters)
Jimmy: Hi, Mrs. Nelson. I'll show you around.
Catherine: That's your mom?
Dave: Yes, yes she is my mom.
Joe: Dude, she looks 34. Guess it runs in the family, you look like you're 20.
Dave: Thanks, I guess. Where's Lisa?
Lisa: Right here.
Dave: I want you to meet my mom.
Lisa: OK, where is she?

(Jimmy and Jane walk in.)

Dave: Hi, mom. This my girlfriend, Lisa.
Lisa: Hello, Mrs. Nelson.
Jane: Hello.
(To Dave: I thought she would be a little prettier.)
Lisa: Excuse me?
Jane: Nothing dear.
Catherine: Well let's go down to the bar after work.
Jane: Do they serve coffee?
Catherine: She's worse than you, Dave.
Jane: Well, do they?
Catherine: Yes, they do.

(Cut to the bar)
Bill: Hey, Matthew, I ran out of change. Can you pay the man $60.
Matthew: Sure, Bill. Anything for you, Bill.
Jane: Well, I really must be going back to Wisconsin.
Catherine: It was nice meeting you.
Jimmy: You can stay at my place.
Jane: I really must be going. Bye everyone.

(She leaves)
Dave: I thought she would never leave.
Lisa: What'd she mean 'she thought I'd be prettier?'

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