Sorry this took so long, everyone. The disc I had saved this to had been eaten by the computers at my school, so it took me a while to get everything back. Once the disc was returned to me, I decided that I really hated the third part of this story, so I rewrote it about three dozen times. *MUCH* thanks to everyone wrote gave me positive feedback on the first two parts and to everyone who expressed interest in seeing a third part to the story- you guys are wonderful!

Part Three

Dave rolled over, squinting into the sunlight that streamed in through the closed blinds. It took him some time to remember that he wasn't in his small, lonely New York City apartment, but in Lisa's cozy New Hampshire home.
This was the first night that Dave could remember sleeping well since the old WNYX staff left for New Hampshire. Usually his nights were filled with bizarre dreams and waking up to the sounds of car crashes, sirens, and barking dogs.
He rolled over to see what time it was. Dave noticed that Lisa had already gotten up, which disappointed him a little. He saw that it was a quarter to nine and decided that he should probably drag himself out of Lisa's bed.
Dave wandered around the unfamiliar house until he found Lisa in the kitchen. "I'd forgotten how sexy you always look in the morning," Lisa said, grinning wickedly.
He smiled like a kid. "That bad, huh?"
"Coffee's on the counter," she said. "I'm leaving around ten-thirty, so if you want to tag along, you'd better get ready soon."
Dave sat down at the table, holding a mug of coffee. "What?" he asked, not fully comprehending what Lisa had just said.
"I figured it might be a lot of fun if you came to see everyone. I know the old staff really misses you and rest of the station hears about you and... well, they think you're some kind of a god or something."
"I'm flattered," he said, grinning. Dave was surprised know that the old WNYX staff missed him and spoke of him so highly.
"Yeah, well..." Lisa blushed and shrugged.
Dave drained his coffee. "In that case, I just might come along with you. You sure you want to go so late?"
"Dave, I'm the boss. I can do whatever I damn well please," Lisa said.
He smiled as he left the kitchen.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Fifteen minutes later, Dave had taken over Lisa's bathroom. Lisa was sitting on her sofa, her feet propped up on her coffee table, and channel surfing. She still wasn't used to living with a TV. God, was it ever a mindless waste of time. But what else was there to do on these cold, snowy New Hampshire mornings besides watching television? She missed the lights and sounds and rush of New York City. She thought back to when Jimmy had announced his retirement and move to New Hampshire and how they had all been so eager to go along. Lisa mentally corrected herself: everyone except *Dave* was willing to tag along with Jimmy. After only a few months of country life, she was beginning to understand why Dave was adamant about staying in the city. She sighed, as her thoughts once again returned to Dave. Lisa had missed him more than she was willing to admit to herself.
Lisa laughed almost ruefully. Wasn't she just crying about her failed relationship with Johnny last night? And now here she was, already thinking about how much she'd love nothing more than to spend the rest of her life with Dave. Lisa wondered if it was too late to rekindle their romance. She was almost sure that Dave was no longer interested in a relationship- he hadn't expressed any interest in trying again. Lisa sighed, as she wondered if it was her fault for not letting Dave know that she still loved him. Sure, he was the one who broke up with her, but she was the one who went and got married. Lisa hadn't known how much her marriage to Johnny had crushed him until Dave tried to object to it during the wedding and talk her out of the marriage after the ceremony. Dave knew it was a mistake- why didn't she?
Lisa sighed. No, she knew. She was just in denial. Lisa didn't dare believe that Dave still loved her. She was too afraid. Lisa wanted to forget about whatever it was that she and Dave had- it was torturing her to think that maybe she and Dave still had a chance together. Lisa had always known deep down that both she and Dave would never quite get over losing each other, but she had hoped that by marrying Johnny- and then moving to New Hampshire- it would help them both in getting on with their lives. Instead, it only made them both miserable. It was obvious that Dave hated the way his life was going, and Lisa's new life had been nothing more than a series of disappointments.
She sighed again. Lisa was so confused. Her thoughts weren't making much sense anymore. Lisa turned her attention back to the TV, hoping that the answer to all of her problems would come to her before Dave returned to New York.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dave fixed his tie and looked at himself in the mirror. 'Nope, still look like a fourteen-year-old kid,' he thought. "At least I'll appreciate looking 30-something when I'm 55," Dave mumbled. Sighing, he tried to sort out his mixed-up feelings. Dave knew he still loved Lisa. Always had, always will. He never really believed in fate and true love, but Lisa was enough to make him question his cynicism. Dave truly believed that they belonged together- he'd known that since their second attempt at a relationship.
And that scared him.
He wasn't sure why- maybe it had something to do with the pressure of an office romance. When they were dating it had seemed as if the staff was watching their every move. That had kept them from letting their relationship become as serious as it should have been. Dave found himself toying with the idea of giving it another try. 'Third time's the charm,' he thought. Of course, Lisa was still emotionally attached to Johnny. Dave knew and understood that it might take her a while to get over him.
Dave was certain that Lisa felt something for him, too. He couldn't really pinpoint one specific moment- there was just something about the way that she opened up to him and looked at him and spoke to him and let him see her get emotional. Even the sparkle in Lisa's eyes when she first saw him last night told him that she was more than happy to see him. Dave wanted to do something, but he was afraid of going too fast, especially since Lisa was still hurting from what had happened with Johnny. Dave decided to just sit back and let everything run it's course. The results might make him *very* happy.

Part 4