Lost and Found

    Sarah wrapped a trenchcoat around her, and smiled. The night was cold and she could see her breathe in the air. Just how she liked it. She was on her way home from a Psychokinesis gig. She and Michael had been going out for about three years. Michael’s band, Psychokinesis, had become bigger, but still hasn’t gotten any bigger than playing at clubs. They had a CD out called, “These stars we look upon” and inside there were some pictures of Sarah. Michael and Sarah, Sarah and each band member, and the whole group with Sarah. The cover of the CD was pictures of different fingers painted different covers. In fact, those fingers were the band members. Michael’s was black, Trent was blue, Sean was green and Matt was pink, Hot pink. In the middle of the picture were Sarah’s black lips. And all of this was in the style of Negative Art. Dave wasn’t too happy about the idea, but Lisa talked him into it.

Sarah’s old punk self had change very much since three years before, when she was fifteen. She no longer had shoulder length maroon hair. She had long black hair. She was no longer 5’6” she was 5’10” and almost as tall as Michael but taller than Dave. She had gotten her ears pierced three times, only one on the lobes and she also had her navel pierced. She no longer wore baggy pants that could fit a family of five in the back pockets, but leather pants, or black skirts. She was no longer a punk, but more like a Goth that anything. She still enjoyed art and painting it and she even sold a picture for a thousand dollars and she put that money in to save up for college. Lisa thought that that was very wise of her and she didn’t really need the money, that she would get a scholarship to a really great art collage.Sarah walked up to the apartment and opened the door. Lisa and Dave sat on the couch talking.

“I’m home,” She said closing the door.
“Oh, Sarah, Parie called she said to call her.” Lisa said.

Sarah walked to her room. Dave and Lisa finally got married, and weren’t bitching all the time. It was perfect. Dave, Lisa, and Sarah: one big happy family. No Brad to ruin their life.  Joe shot him in the head in that dark apartment on that revolutionary day. Joe released Sarah from all the lies she had lived through, of all the bullshit she couldn’t remember. Joe killed the man who was responsible for the death of a young woman, an older woman and nearly killing Michael and Sarah both. No more Brad, no more evil blue eyes, no more, killing and no more crying. Joe killed a man for Sarah. And freed Sarah from death.

Sarah set her purse on her bed and grabbed the phone. She began to dial her friend Parie’s number. No answer. Suddenly the phone rang and she answered it.

“Hey, Sarah what ya doin?”
“Oh, hey Joe, just got back from a Psycokenissis gig.” Sarah smiled.
“Oh, it's not to late to go out for pizza is it?” Joe asked.
“No. hold on.” She covered the mouth piece and called, “DAD!!!!!!!!!”
“What?” Dave shouted right back.
“Can I go out for pizza?” She yelled.
“With who?”
“Ok.” The yelling ceased.
“Yeah. Ya gonna pick me up?” Sarah asked Joe .
“Sure. Yeah.”
“Who else is goin?”
“No one, just you and me.”
“…ok. See ya in ten.”

She hung up the phone.

“So, how is the band?” Joe asked at the pizza parlor.
“That’s good, they got any groupies yet?”
“Yeah, and Matt has a stalker.” Sarah laughed.
“Yeah. Its this chick who has Matt written all over her hand and arm and follows him seceratively. But we all know.”

Joe smiled and watched Sarah eat. He could go up  to her anytime and just wanted to talk or hang out or anything, just have fun. They were practically best friends.

“Has anyone regonized you yet?”
“Yeah, a few people. Two guys and a three chicks.”
“What do they say?”
“The girls will come up to me and say like, ‘Hey are you that chick on Psycokenisis’ CD? And what's the deal with you and Michael all over each other?’ and then I’ll say, ‘Yeah, that’s me, and me and Michael are dating’ then they’ll say, ‘Seriously, how do you know them?’ then I come back with, ‘I’m the evil bitch monster from outer space that brainwashed them into thinking I’m their god.’” Sarah and Joe laughed.
“Sarah, what are ya gonna do for prom? Is Michael gonna go with you?” Joe asked.
“I dunno… I guess he could.”

She looked down and sipped her Coke. Joe looked at her in silence as she  drank. Was she happy being there with him? Did she like spending time with Joe at all? He knew her so well, and yet hardly knew her at all. He saw her as a mystery, and Joe wanted to be the detective and solve the mystery of this girl named Sarah Angela Nelson.

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