While My Guitar Gently Weeps

A bit of light made his eyes shudder with pain. 'Don't look, just keep your eyes closed.' He thought to himself. Maybe this was it, maybe death had finally taken over what he thought was his life.
"I think that his eyes are opening."
That voice seemed so familiar.
"I don't know if I can go through this."
That one too.
A door slammed and startled him. He was so afraid. 'What has become of me?'
He tried to speak, but he felt something in his throat that contained his speech. Slowly, he tried to open his eyes, but the light was so powerful. But he still had the will to slowly open them. He wanted to see what was going on around him. 'Where am I?'
"Look," there was the voice again. He looked to his right. 'That face.' He thought, 'I know that face.'
But his eyes were closing faster than he could open them. 'What is going on around me?' But his thoughts soon lifted when he felt a heavy slumber coming to him.

Startled by a dream, his eyes shot open. He knew where he was now, and he remembered what happened. The remembrance of what happened made him shed heavy tears. His friend was gone. Sure, they hadn't been the best of friends outwardly. But on the inside he knew that Bill meant more to him than Star Wars.
"Dave," that voice, it belonged to Lisa.
He tried to turn his head to look at her. Oh, he had some things to say to her. How he wanted to tell her how much she meant to him and how their break-up was foolish. It was too late for that now. She had met some one new.
Lisa sat next to him on the bed and held his hand. Her soft touch was what he missed the most. She always knew how to console him and how to make him feel better than anything. "Bill," Dave tried to say. Lisa just looked down at her friend and tears swelled in her eyes.
Her voice was shaky, "Dave," she said while running her fingers through his hair, "you did everything in your power to help him."
Now Dave remembered everything. Bill and him had gone out together one night late after work. Stopping at an ATM machine, an armed robber demanded money from both men. Being scared out of their wits, they both complied, but when the masked man started to run off, he fired two shots back at Dave and Bill. One bullet hitting Dave in the lower abdomen, and the other striking Bill and knocked the life out of him.
Lisa's eyes were filled with tears and her face was streaked by them. She knew that Dave loved Bill like a brother. She knew how much his friendship meant to Dave despite all of their rude comments to each other and disputes over silly things like the cane or even a silly little baseball promo.
Dave sat in silence, now knowing what to think or speak. Dave knew that he himself was going to be all right. Not having a selfish bone in his body, on the inside Dave cried, pleaded and demanded for his friend to be returned to him. But he knew that nothing would work.
Bill was with his own kind now. He was with the angels. Dave knew that. Dave also knew that Bill would be all right where he was with the angels. Bill would look over Dave with watchful eyes and be proud of him. This place where Bill is would be the safest place of all. Bill would be taken care of, in a kinder, more wonderful world than what everyone else lived in.
'Someday, my friend, someday.' Dave thought to himself.

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