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It was the winter of 1974. I lived in the big city of Los Angeles and my parents had decided to send me up here, to cold, boring Wisconsin to stay with my grandparents whom I had only met twice. Now, here I was, a 16 year old girl, who had always belonged to the rough city life, moving into a big, old, spooky house with some old people I didn't know. I was to stay there for a year. My parents thought it would be a good experience for me. Yah right.

As I walked up the long stairwell of the old house, I looked at the ceiling hanging over me. It was huge, and it gave me the creeps. There were millions of things painted on the ceiling. Little angels peering on me. When I entered my room, the first thing I saw was the huge canopy bed. It was totally burgundy, all over it. It was absolutely beautiful. The room had a fireplace and it's own bathroom connected to it. Across the room there was a huge bureau with a mirror trimmed in oak. On the other side, about 3 ˝ ft. away from the bed, there was a big window over looking the garden in the back. I looked out the window to see the snow dancing from the sky, landing softly on the ground, leaving a
blanket of pure white. I flopped my suitcase down on to the bed and began to unpack. After I had finished, I brushed my teeth and combed my hair. I put on a night gown and since I had said goodnight to my grandparents before I climbed the stairs, I decided to go to bed. It was only midnight (not that late for me) and I was exhausted. I climbed into bed and waited for sleep to cover me in its quilt of warmth.

"Cassidy!" my grandmother called from the bottom of the stairs, "Get dressed! You don't want to be late for your first day of school!" I slowly crawled out of bed, not wanting to be awake. I got dressed then brushed my teeth. I put my hair in a messy bun and ran down the stairs. In the kitchen, I drank a large cup of black coffee, grabbed my back pack and put on my coat. I kissed my grandmother goodbye and slipped on my shoes. And with that, I ran out the door. It was beautiful outside. The snow sparkled on the ground and on the branches of trees. I walked quickly to school as not to be late. It was a lovely crisp morning.

When I reached the school, I saw a group of guys standing by the bike rack. I was a bit nervous about walking by them but I had to, to get to the entrance of the school. And I had to get to the entrance to
register myself at the office. I walked past them, looking straight ahead. One of them shouted, "Hey foxy! Wanna party?" they all laughed. I turned towards them, about to maybe bite someone or something when one of them said, "C'mon guys. Lay off. She's new." I looked at the one who had
defended me. He had dirty blond hair and deep blue eyes. He smiled and winked at me. I blushed then walked quickly to the office. When I looked back, he was looking right at me but turned his head quickly. Not wanting me to see him. I ran into the building, feeling brighter now.

I walked into my homeroom to see everyone already sitting at there desks. The teacher said, "Ah. Good morning. You're the new one aren't you?" I nodded, "Alright, class. May I have your attention please? We have a new student to our homeroom. Her name is Miss Cassidy Witherfork." I corrected the teacher, "Uh, sir, that's Witherspoon." He nodded,
"Yes of course, well. One of you is going to show her around the school today instead of doing regular work. I'm going to pick one of you who have been making good grades so far….and that person is……David. You will show Miss Witherspoon around today." He pointed to the boy who had stood up for me that morning. The boy smiled and stood up, "My pleasure." he gave me a dazzling boyish smile that made my knees rattle. He stuck out his hand for me to shake, "The name's Dave Nelson." One boy in the class stood up and said, "Oooooooh!!" everyone laughed, except for the teacher and of course me and Dave. The teacher scolded the boy, "Bryan, we will have none of that. Now you two go on." he shooed us away and went on taking the attendance. Dave opened the door for me and we walked down the hallway. As an awkward silence grew, I broke it by saying, "So, you're one of those teacher's pet kinda guys"
"Hardly," he said, "I only get good marks because I study and do the stupid homework. I've already been suspended twice this year. And it's only December!" he laughed. He was very sincere about himself. I asked,
"What did you get suspended for?" I was becoming more and more interested in him now. He answered me, "Well, first because one of the teachers caught me trying to run away from school and the second time was because one of the other teachers caught me smoking in the parking lot during school hours." he laughed to himself. He asked me, "So. Were you from?" he looked down at me. "Well, I come from LA. Rough tough big city girl. I did the same sorta things in my school too. Smoked in the parking lot. Ran away from school. Oh! And once, I got suspended for sneaking onto the roof of the school." we both laughed. "Well," he said, "I've always wanted to live in the big city. But not LA. Somewhere like New York. The Big Apple. City of lovers. You'll have to forgive me. I'm a helpless romantic." he smiled at me. We talked for a while longer as he showed me the school. I could have talked to him forever. But, before I knew it, school was over, and I had to go home. He asked me to meet one of his friends before I left. We walked up to the bike racks. Standing by them was a short, red-haired girl. Her hair hung in front of her face and she wore a black leather jacket and tight red pants. Under the jacket, she wore a small, hot pink tube top and for a finishing touch, she was wearing black leather gloves. She was leaning against a gray bike chewing some gum. My heart sank. His girlfriend was beautiful. She yelled from the bike rack, "Hey Dave! What took ya?" she looked at me and smiled, "I haven't seen you around here before. Ya new?" Dave introduced me,
"Cass, this is Beth." Beth smiled at me. "So Dave. You already got a new girlfriend?" Dave smiled, "Funny Beth, funny. Cassidy's from LA." he looked towards me, "Beth and I dated when she first came here. That was about uh, two years ago." Beth looked at me, "Cool. You from LA too? I'm from LA. I'm really a tough city girl down at heart. Can't ya tell?" she smiled at me, a little sarcastically, but not threateningly, "Oh. And by the way, go easy on Dave cuz his ex-girlfriend just dumped him. He's nursing a broken heart." She laughed and threw her gloves at him. He threw them right back. "Well, I should really get going now. Uh, bye." I began to walk away when Dave said, "Wait! I'll walk you home." he ran up to me. Beth waved at us, "Bye you two crazy love birds!"

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