Okay this story takes place around the end of the 4th season. Back when Bill was still on the show and around the time the character of Walt was also on it (for those 3 or 4 episodes). Please forgive the many grammatical mistakes. Also I'm not a professional writer, so don't expect perfection. And I would love feedback but please don't be too cruel for I don't think my fragile ego could take it. :)  

Chapter 1 

As Dave spoke at the morning meeting he couldn't help but notice Walt fawning over Lisa. Everytime Walt gave Lisa a compliment Dave couldn't help but roll his eyes, it was sickening. Dave realized he couldn't stand Walt, and there really was no reason to dislike him. He was a nice enough kid, he even looked up to Dave. Dave hated to admit it, but he was jealous of Walt.
"Alright I guess that's it, meetings over." Dave sighed.
Dave picked up his coffee cup and went into his office. As Lisa stood up to walk to her desk Walt stopped her.
"Lisa,can I talk to you?"
"Sure." Lisa replied.
"Umm, I mean privately." Walt added, noticing Bill and Beth watching the two of them intently.
"Yes,come on give the lovebirds some privacy, Beth." Bill said indignantly.
"What about you?" Beth asked annoyed.
"I know when I'm not wanted." Bill said without budging.
"Come on Walt, we can talk in the breakroom." Lisa said as she turned and headed toward the breakroom.
"Don't do anything I wouldn't do." Bill called after them.
When Lisa and Walt walked into the breakroom,Walt closed the door behind them.
"Okay Walt, what's so important?" Lisa asked a little impatiently.
"I have two tickets to the opera Friday night and I would be honored if you would be my date." Walt said.
"Oh Walt, that's sweet,but I don't think we should. I mean we work together and..."
"But you dated Dave and you two work together." Walt said interrupting.
"That's different." Lisa replied.
"How's that different?" Walt asked.
"Well... you see." Lisa struggled. "Actually it illustrates my point that office romances don't work out."
"Well if that's the problem I can quit." Walt said eagerly.
"No Walt, I don't want you to quit over this." Lisa replied.
"Than you can at least sleep on it, can't you?" Walt pleaded. "It's still a few days till the show."
"Alright, I'll think abou it." Lisa said exasperated.
"Great!" Walt exclaimed.
When he opened the door to leave, Matthew fell into the room.
"Were you guys listening at the door?" Lisa asked annoyed.
"No." Bill, Beth and Joe replied in unison.
"I was actually," Matthew said "And I have to agree with Lisa that office romances are not a good idea."
"Dude your just saying that because Lisa wouldn't go out with you." Joe said.
"That's not... Just shut up!" Matthew yelled as he ran from the room.
"Freak." Bill said as he turned and walked towards Dave's office.
"Do you know what's going on out there?" Bill asked as he shut the door behind him.
"I don't know... work." Dave answered dryly.
"Of course not Dave, don't be ridiculous." Bill replied. "What's going on out there is Walt is putting the moves on you woman."
"How many times do I have to tell you Bill, Lisa is not my woman." Dave said angrily.
"Regardless you need to do something about this whole Walt situation. You know he just asked Lisa for a date?"
"So he's got a little crush on her, so what?" Dave said still looking at the paper he was reading.
"Well I just thought you should know that Lisa said she would think about it." Bill said tauntingly.
"Really?" Dave said finally looking up from his work.
"But of course you don't care, right Dave?"
"No, I don't care. Lisa's personal life is none of my business... now." Dave said, lost in thought.
"Well look on the bright side, maybe they'll let you be the flower girl at their wedding." Bill said as he walked out.

Chapter 2 

"Here you go Dave." Beth said as she sat a cup of coffee on Dave's desk."
"Thanks Beth, but I asked for that this morning. It's almost 5 o'clock now." Dave said looking at his watch.
"And your point is?" Beth said snapping her gum.
"Why did it take so long to get a simple cup of coffe? The machine is ony a few feet from your desk." Dave answered.
"Dave my philosophy in life is why do today, what you can put off till someone else gets tired of waiting and does it for you." Beth replied.
Dave started to take a drink and then stopped suddenly.
"Beth there's lipstick on this mug." Dave said irritated.
"I got thirsty." Beth said unapologetically.
"I'll get it myself." Dave said as he stood up and walked out of his office.
"See my philosophy works." Beth said, throwing her arms up in the air dramatically.
As Dave reached the coffee machine, Lisa walked over to the table.
"Well if it isn't Mr.Robinson." Dave said sarcastically.
"What's that supposed to mean?" Lisa asked angrily.
"I heard Walt asked you out on a little playdate." Dave said as he poured some coffee into a new cup.
"I don't see how that's any of your business." Lisa replied.
"You're right, it's not." Dave said flatly, as he headed toward his office. Lisa stood there for a moment staring angrily towards Dave's office, before stomping across the room and slamming the door behind her.
"Not that it's any of your business, but I didn't say yes. I just told him I would think about it, because he practically begged me too." Lisa said.
"Lisa, I honestly don't care." Dave said, lying.
"Well you shouldn't!" Lisa said loudly.
"Good we're both in agreement." Dave said, his voice rising.
"Fine!" Lisa said as she spun around towards the door.
"And one more thing, Dave Nelson," Lisa said as she turned back around.
"You were the one who broke up with me!"
"And it's proving to be one of the wisest decisions I've ever made!" Dave exclaimed as he jumped up from his chair.
Lisa's eyes went wide with shock, her face filled with hurt.
"Oh Lisa, I didn't mean that." Dave said apologetically.
"Screw you!" Lisa said as she yanked on the doorknob. She almost fell backwards when it came out in her hand.
"Damnit!" she shouted as she threw the doorknob down frustrated.
"We're locked in!"
"Don't panic. We'll just get Joe to fix it." Dave said calmly.
Dave walked over to his desk.
"Beth, could you tell Joe we're stuck in here." Dave said into the intercom. There was no answer.
"Beth?" Dave repeated.
Lisa glanced at her watch.
"Oh no." she said.
"What?" Dave asked.
"It's after 5 o'clock." she answered.
Dave ran over to the window facing the rest of the office, and opened the blinds.
"Damn, looks like everyone already went home."
"We're stuck here?!" Lisa exclaimed.
"Can anyone hear me?" she shouted as she pounded on the door.
"This is going to be fun." Dave muttered under his breath.

Chapter 3 

"You might as well stop that, no one is going to hear you." Dave said.
"Do you have a better idea?" Lisa asked sharply.
"As a matter of fact, I do. We'll just call Mr. James and he'll send someone over to fix it." Dave answered as he walked over and picked up the phone. Dave dialed Mr. James' number and waited. Lisa sat down on the couch, watching him.
"Isn't he answering?" Lisa asked.
"No." Dave sighed.
"Try paging him." Lisa suggested.
"Alright." Dave said as he hung up and dialed the other number.
"Mr. James, this is Dave Nelson. Could you call me back at the office when you get this message, It's kind of an emergency. Thanks." Dave said before hanging up.
"What now?" Lisa asked.
"We can either wait for Mr. James or call the national guard." Dave said sarcastically.
Lisa sat back and sighed defeatedly. Dave sat down in his chair behind the desk.
"I've got a deck of cards in my desk, that might help pass the time." Dave suggested.
"I'll pass." Lisa replied.
"Well there really isn't much else to do." Dave said.
"Why don't you turn on the radio." Lisa said as she stared blankly at the window.
"Sure." Dave said as he switched the radio on and located a station.
Dave and Lisa sat in silence for a few minutes while the radio played.
"Lisa," Dave said, breaking the silence."I really am sorry. I didn't mean what I said. I was just angry, I guess."
"I'm sorry too." Lisa said softly. "I just..." Lisa's words trailed off as she began to cry. Dave walked over and and sat down on the couch.
"It's okay." he said reassuringly as he put his arms around her.
"I wasn't angry really, just hurt. I wanted you to be jealous. But you were just so... calm." Lisa explained. "I just keep thinking that maybe I didn't mean as much to you, as you did to me."
"Lisa, that's not true."
Dave started to say something else, but was interrupted by the phone ringing.
"Hold on." he said as he got up to answer the phone.
"Hello." Dave said into the phone.
"Ya Dave, what the hell is this big emergency?" Mr. James asked, irritated.
"It's Mr. James." Dave said to Lisa, who was drying her eyes.
"Uh sir, me and Lisa are trapped in my office."
"How on earth did that happen?" Mr. James asked.
"You see when Lisa tried to open the door, the doorknob came off and there's no one in the office to help." Dave explained.
"Aw damnit Dave, I'm kinda busy here." Mr. James whined.
"I know sir, but it was an accident and I'd rather not spend the whole night here." Dave replied.
"Okay,okay. I'll try to get ahold of Joe and we'll be there as soon as possible."
"Thank you sir." Dave replied gratefully.
"Uh, huh." Mr. James said as he hung up.
"Dave put the phone down and looked at Lisa.
"Mr. James is going to find Joe and they'll be here as soon as they can." Dave said with an encouraging smile.
"That's good." Lisa said sniffling.
"I've got an idea." Dave said turning up the radio. "Lets dance while we wait."
"I don't think you've ever danced with me." Lisa said with a laugh.
"There's a first time for everything." Dave said as he stuck his hand out to Lisa.
Lisa smiled as she stood up and took his hand. They danced slowly and
Lisa leaned her head on Dave's shoulder.
"Are you doing this because you feel sorry for me?" Lisa asked hesitantly.
"No." Dave replied. "I'm doing this because I still love you."

Chapter 4 

"What?!" Lisa asked as she pulled away to look at Dave. "Are you serious?" she asked hopefully.
"Of course I am, Lisa. Dave answered. "I don't know what I was thinking when I broke up with you. It was that damn Andrea woman. I mean, she fired Matthew and... she just made me so nervous I couldn't think straight. And I've regretted it ever since."
"Dave, I had no idea." Lisa stopped short as Dave pulled her close again and kissed her.
"I guess this means I can tell Walt no." Lisa said smiling.
"You better." Dave said laughing.
Dave kissed her again.
"You know it could be awhile before Mr. James shows up."
"Hmm, what are you suggesting?" Lisa teased.
"Well, I..." Dave was interrupted by Mr. James pounding on the door.
"Hey kids, the calvary's here." Mr. James shouted from the other side of the door.
Dave rolled his eyes. "He's got great timing doesn't he?"
"Don't worry I'll have you out in a minute." Joe yelled. "Okay stand away from the door, I'm gonna have to knock it down. "
Joe backed up a few feet and ran into the door, knocking it open.
"Is that all you had to do? I could have done that myself and saved paying you overtime." Mr. James complained.
"Thank you Mr. James." Lisa said.
"Ahem." Joe coughed.
'And thank you too, Joe." Lisa added.
"So you guys want to got catch a movie or something." Mr. James asked.
"I thought you were busy Mr. James." Dave replied.
"I lied." Mr. James said looking at the ground.
"Sorry Mr. James, but I think Dave and I are going back to my place." Lisa said putting her arm around Dave.
"Oh are you two kids back together... again.?" Mr. James said smiling.
"We sure are." Dave said staring into Lisa's eyes.
"Aww, that's sweet." Mr. James said with a big grin.
After Lisa and Dave walked out of the office, Joe turned to Mr. James and said. "Think they were doing it in there?"
"Probably." Mr. James answered. "I think I'll have Beth call someone to clean that couch tomorrow."

The End

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