Title: Free Advice
Author: Hilary Keller
Summary: Dave recieves inspiration from a new friend.

Dave had already determed this was a bad idea. While going out to California had seemed like a good idea, he couldn't stop thinking about what had brought him there. His job. Lisa. His life in general.
Now, he was walking in a park outside of Los Angeles. It was a contrast from New York, or even Wisconsin. The strangeness manifested itself fully by the sight of a man sitting on one of the park benchs. At that point Dave wanted to sit down and tell everyone in the whole world his troubles. And this man looked like a good listener.
"Is something wrong?" The man had noticed that Dave seemed to be lingering for longer than one usually would.
"Ahh.." And then it all came out. His breaking up with Lisa, losing his job for a while, Bill's death, and Lisa's engagment to an evil wino.
"Sure sounds like you have a lot on your plate."
"I'll say. I don't even know why I'm telling you this, expect I need to talk and you're here to listen."
"I have a lot on my own plate."
"Like what?"
"I just filed a 30-day restraining order againist my own wife." A sigh.
"She's been an addict and alcoholic for years and hasn't made any efforts to get help. She's very violent when she uses or drinks, and I've thought that on at least two occasions she would've killed me or the kids."
"You have children?"
"Yeah. Two, a boy and a girl. They're wonderful. Something good that came out of a rotten marrige." The man stood up. "Take my advice. Don't sit quietly. Tell her how you feel. Don't throw away love."
"And..." What could Dave possibly say? "Stay safe."
"The same to you."
Dave treked back to his hotel room. He picked up the phone. "Hi, is Ms. Miller there? Sure, I'll hold.."
"Given as that you have shown reasonable evidence of the threat of bodily harm to yourself and your children, the court now issues an order barring Brynn Hartman from coming within 100 yards of you or your property for one year or until the threat has passed..."

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