"A New Begining" Season 6: Episode 1
[opening in New Hampshire where everyone but Dave and Matheww are at WNHX, the new AM station owned by Jimmy James]
Lisa: Gee, it seems odd, without Matthew or Dave here?
Jimmy: Don't worry, they'll come soon... remember it's just Dave and Mathew.
Lisa: You have a solution for everthing, sir.
Jimmy: Yeah, I do.
[Joe comes in carrying a big box]
Joe: Where should I put this?
Jimmy: Oh set it right there [Points to the middle of the floor]
[Joe sets it down]
Jimmy: so...
Lisa: yeah...
Jimmy: What's wrong?
Lisa: I'm gonna go over here now...
Jimmy: Right, and I'll go over there....
Lisa: Alright...
[Zoom into box, hold for a few seconds, and cut to opener]
[cut to WNYX office]
[Dave walks in to find all the furniture gone, and Mathew sitting on the mixer board in the booth, which is missing it's glass, and the coffee pot and Dave's mug are sitting on the floor with a post it note on it. Dave picks up note and reads it]
Dave: Hope you do well, J.J.
[Dave turns on radio, only other thing in office and lies on the floor to hear:]
Matthew: [fading in and out] and I'm Mathew Brock, stay tuned for a commetical, and more with me]
{matthew jumps through the place where the glass would be in the booth, and says hi to Dave]
[Dave sighs] get packed Matheww., were going to New Hampshire
Matthew: But what should I do about that; [points to booth]
Dave: [tosses him a tape] here, play this on a continuos loop.
Matthew: Marlin Brandos wait loss tunes?
[Cut to WNHX, you see Max and Joe Racing Forklifts]
Lisa: Joe, Max! Stop that!
Max: Awww....
[They stop]
Max: Geeze Lisa, I was just about to set a track record!
Lisa: That doesn't seem to hard seeing as we've only been here for 2 days.
[Jimmy Enters]
Jimmy: What the hell is going on?
Lisa: These two were racing forklifts
Jimmy: [to Max] Your not qualifed to drive a forklift, Mario Andretti... besides... it's my turn, I'm gonna beat the pants off of you Joe!
Joe: In your dreams sir!
[Lisa sighs]
[Cut to Dave's apartment, you see him putting all of his pictures in a box, and he stops at the one of Bill]
Dave: Heh' Bill what would you be doing if you were still here? You certenitally would be in a car for two hours with Matthew... would you already be in New Hampshire...
[you hear a rknock]
Dave: I'm coming, Matthew!
[You hear a knocking, that soon turns into the beat of "Mr. Roboto"]
Dave: I'm comming, Mr. Roboto!
Matthew: Hunh?
Dave: Never Mind... I sure will miss this place...
[Cut to WNHX, you see Joe in the breakroom putting large ammounts of ducttape over a cabinit. Jimmy walks in break room]
Jimmy: Whatcha doing, Joe?
Joe: One of the cabnits was creacky, so I fixed it.
Jimmy: Great... what if someone wants to get a snack from that cabinit.
Joe: Watch
[Joe Pulls down a lever under the cabinit and the layers come down, Jimmy talks some Cheeze-Wiz in a bottle and some crackers]
Jimmy: Thanks Joe.
[Joe and Jimmy exit the break room and close door, snacks fall off and land on floor]
[Cut to Matthew's car]
Dave: hy do you own a car, you live in New York City?
Matthew: Be prepared, Dave, always be prepared.
[Dave spots the cat crawling in the back] Which cat is it?
Matthew: Fi-fi.
Dave: Come here you little..... ahhhhhh get it off me!
[Cut to WNHX, where Lisa and Beth sitting and talking]
Beth: You know what's really annoying? All these commericals with Rosie O'Donnel singing... she sucks... Lisa? Helllllloooo?
Lisa: Oh sorry, I was wondering about Dave
Joe: oooooooo!
Beth: [points with pencil] They haven't put class in the window of the break room yet.
Lisa: Really, I didn't notice.
Beth: Really, cause I thought sence Joe said "ooohh" you might have...
Lisa: I was being sarcastic Beth... and why the hell am I missing Dave?
Beth:Well, could it be that you two are soulmates and are ment to be together for ever?
Lisa: Wow Beth, that was really deep.
Beth: Or maybe you just want to 'get some'.
[Cut to Matthews car]
Dave: Matthew, it's dangerious to change a tire on the side of a highway!
Matthew: No it's OK, I got it...
[Semi truck approcices in right lane]
Dave: Matthew!!!
[Matthew jumps in the car through the window, flips on the backseat and falls throught the other wondow]
Matthew: ow.....
[Dave picks up cellphone and calls highway patrol]
[Cut to WNHX]
Jimmy: Sorry to cut today short, but I got something I gotta do, can you guys hang here for a bit?
Lisa: Sure
Joe: Yeah, nor problem.
Jimmy: Great...
[Cut to hihgway]
Matthew: I can't beleave that the highway help lady cused you out...
Dave: Shutup Matthew...
[The sit for like 20 seconds, then Matthew starts pointing frantically]
Dave: What is it Matthew... oh brother.... I hearby revoke my petition for Matthew to shut up.
Matthew: Helicopter....
[Bright light, they step out of the car, while helicopter hover five feet]
Jimmy: [throws a megaphone to Dave, while speeking in one] Hey guys, need a lift?
Dave: Yeah, how id you find us? [In megaphone]
Jimmy: [in megaphone] I own alot of cell-phone coumpanys.
[Dave grabs the bar and gets pulled up]
Matthew: Wait for me!
[Helicopter starts to asscend, Matthew Jumps and catches the bar, helicopter starts flying off, zoom out, so you just see a helicopter with a little man hanging on it like in a Bond film]
[Cut to WNHX]
Dave: [he and Lisa are kissing] I missed you
Lisa: I missed you too...
Dave: so....
Lisa: You wanna check out my apartment?
Beth: Yeah Dave, do you 'want to check out her apartment'... oh my god... ewww...

[You follow Dave and Lisa exiting,, and as they walk by the main part of the office, they see Matthew trip over the box, roll credits]

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