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"Lisa, Mr. James wants to talk to you," Beth yelled. Lisa sighed, and walked into his den. Everyone had been annoying her recently, whether it was Matthew, or Max, or even Beth. Sitting down across from Jimmy, she asked quietly, "What's up?" Jimmy smiled, and said softly, "Lisa, you need to go back to New York." She stared at him, and asked curiously,
"Why? Any specific reason?" He shook his head, and shoved her to her room. "You're leaving in the jet in a half-hour." "But, I'm perfectly happy here," Lisa argued. "No, you're not. Ever since Johnny left, you've been moping about. You need to see someone special." Then Max walked up, mumbling, "Yeah...a psychiatrist." "Shut up, Max," Lisa growled. Later, everyone else just shouted, "Bye."
  On the plane, Lisa looked out the window thoughtfully. "Is Mr. James referring to Dave? Oh, damn. Why didn't I notice that before? Everyone wants me to get back together with him." Then, after this sudden realization, she shook her head furiously. "Absolutely not. Never again. I've had my heart and feelings broken twice by Dave. I'm not letting it happen again." She shrugged, and started to daydream about their memories. "Nah. He's probably forgotten about that possibilities."
  When she got off the plane, sure enough, there was Dave, all boyish, with dirty blond hair. He smiled, and took her bags. "Remember, Lisa? When I first came to WNYX?" She returned the smile weakly, and nodded. "Yes, I certainly do. What are we doing?" Dave, under obvious forgetfulness, grabbed a list. "I finally decided to make a list, after those years of advice from you. Going to dinner, business only, of course. Then, tomorrow, I thought we could go to an old movie at the theater. If worse comes to worse, we could just stay in, remember old times, watch a movie or two, play board games, whatever." Lisa ran through the ideas, and agreed. "Dave, where are we eating tonight?" He shrugged, "Perhaps the Tavern on the Green?" She finally really smiled, and replied, "Old times sake, right?" Dave nodded.
  While eating, they talked about old times, and just caught up with each other. "Dave, I heard that WNYX is doing much better since the rest of us left." Dave took a drink of wine, and answered, "Yep. The thing I still can't figure out is that, I still have Matthew..." Lisa laughed, and said, "That is strange. When can we leave? I think I've had enough to eat so far." Dave whipped out his credit card, and paid the bill. Walking back to his apartment, Lisa started to shiver. Dave noticed this, and took his overcoat, wrapping her shoulders. Lisa smiled, touched by this, and pulled the coat closer. Meanwhile, Dave was amazed himself that he done something so cliche. "By the way, Lisa, Mr. James gave you the apartment across the hallway from me. So God-forbid anything went wrong, he could trust me with you." Lisa knew nothing about this, but didn't say anything. When they reached her apartment, Dave had a twinkle in his bright blue eyes, and Lisa knew what that meant. "Remembering old times, Dave?" He nodded, and waited for Lisa to close the door. "Goodnight, Lisa," he said softly to himself as he opened his door.
  He could still remember when he would say that to her face almost nightly. After they kissed, after they made love. "Why did I ever call her a bitch? Why couldn't I have also put the 'time apart' thing in different words? It's all my fault we broke up." Dave could never say he was a loser, but yet he could call the woman of his dreams a bitch. He didn't understand it. It was then he saw an old photo. "How come I've never noticed it before?" he asked himself. Picking it up, he sighed. It was taken by Mr. James when he found out that he and Lisa were
going out. Taken obviously at the office, Lisa had her arms wrapped loosely around his head and shoulders, while he had an arm around her shoulders, and the other around her waist, kissing each other sweetly. Dave turned the photo over, and was surprised to find "Dave- I'll love you always, stay mine forever. Love, Lisa." Dave smiled, then seeing "Taken Valentine's Day, '95." Putting the photo by his bed, he tried to come up with something to have Lisa come to his embrace. Dreaming of this caused him to drift asleep easily.
                         To be continued...
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