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(The whole gang minus Jimmy are around the meeting table)
Dave: Okay, that's about it, unless anyone would like to add anything.
Bill: Yes, Dave, I would. When I asked you for a raise, you never gave me a straight answer, let alone talked...
Dave (rolling his eyes and turning his attention to the rest of the staff) Doesn't that tell you, Bill, that you're not getting a raise? Oh, and I also have a note for activities on Friday night from Mr. James. He
says that we're going to have a sleepover at the station to get closer together, and be more friendly.
Beth: Oh, goody-goody-goody! I can't wait to show off my new pajamas!
Dave: That's it. Hope to see you all at the sleepover. I believe that Mr. James will be there as well. Go to work.
(Lisa follows him in, and closes the door) Dave, I have something special to show off to you as well...
(Dave leans back in his chair) Great. Could you give me a hint?
(Lisa shakes her head) Nope. Bye.
(Matthew enters) Hey, David. I'm not happy with your editing. In fact, it sucks.
Dave: Matthew, I would appreciate it if you didn't insult your boss. And to think I was going to give you stickers...
(Matthew perks up) Stickers!?
(Dave nods, and pulls out a sheet) See? All smiley faces! If you do decent enough work, I'll give you the whole sheet.
Matthew: Really? Okay. I'll get to work.
Dave: That's only what I hired you for, and wish you would do work all the time you're supposed to.


(Everyone comes in, including sleeping bags, and in pajamas)
Beth: How about Spin the Bottle?
(Everyone sits down in a circle, Catherine takes the bottle first)
Bill: Come on, land on one of the other gals. (Catherine slaps him, and it lands on Joe. She gets up and quickly kisses him)
Joe: That was awesome. Okay, my turn.
(He spins it, landing on Beth) Beth: Okay, guys, if you land on another guy, you just have to hug him, and ditto for us girls.
Joe: Damn. (Catherine slaps him too)
(Beth spins and lands on Matthew, so she air-kisses him)
Matthew: Dave, when can I get a sticker? (And then spins)
Dave: Is that really important right now, Matthew? But I'll go get a sticker for you.
(the bottle lands on Bill)
Bill: Oh, god no.
Matthew: I'm just going to hug you. (He gives him a huge bear hug)
(Dave returns, to laughter from everyone else) Okay, what did I miss?
Lisa: Matthew just hugged Bill.
Dave: Oh. That's almost one of my nightmares. (Hands a sticker to Matthew, who places the sticker on his forehead)
(Bill spins, and lands on Jimmy, and they hug briefly)
Jimmy: This is pretty boring.
Beth (smiling at Lisa and Dave) Oh, it won't be much longer.
(Dave leans over to Lisa) Lisa, I know a better game...
(Lisa shoves him, laughing) Shut up.
(Jimmy spins, and gets Dave, he gives him a big hug)
(Dave kisses Lisa quickly, and then everyone yawns)
Jimmy: Everyone, pick your sleeping spots.
Joe: Me, you, and Bill got the breakroom.
Beth: Me and Catherine got the booth.
Dave: Me and Lisa got my office.
(No one says anything, but Beth rolls her eyes)
Matthew: Joe, can I please stay with you guys?
Bill: No, go bug Dave.
(So he runs after Dave and Lisa) David, can I stay with you guys?
Dave: Matthew, no. I don't want to hear about your cats or have you in the same room overnight.


Dave: Lisa, what was it that you wanted to show me?
(She has a lacy teddy) This. What do you think?
Dave: What a cute little nothing you're almost wearing. I approve.
Lisa: Dave, what did I tell you about your James Bond impressions?
Dave: I forget. Who cares about that teddy, I think you're sexier without it.
Lisa: Thank you, Dave. That's so sweet.
Dave: Lisa, I don't think you get what I'm saying. I mean, that you're sexier without anything.
(Lisa smacks him, and then pulls him on the couch with her)


(Matthew knocks at the door) Morning, people.
(Dave and Lisa stumble up to the door, and shove him to the floor, and go to the coffee machine)
Catherine: Hey. Sleep well?
Dave: Yeah, yeah. You?
Catherine: I was fine, but then again, I always am. (laughs)
(Joe, Jimmy and Bill run up) Don't take all the coffee people. We men need it too.
Bill: But not as much as Dave apparently does.
Dave: Bill, I was just considering your raise, but I guess it's gone. And even more out of the question.
Bill: That's not fair, cruel man Dave.
Dave: Why can't I be surrounded by people who love me?
(Beth, Catherine, Jimmy, Lisa, and Matthew crowd him, and hug and kiss him) We love you, Dave.
(He's taken aback, but hugs and kisses them all in return) Maybe I was a little harsh on myself. But I can't help noticing that a certain couple of so-called 'men' won't show their emotional sides...
(Joe and Bill step up and hug him) Sorry Dave. We love you too.
(Everyone turns to Jimmy, who's crying in happiness, when Dave and Beth and everyone else go and hug him) Mr. James, you're a sweet man.
Joe: You know, dudes and dudettes, I can't help noticing that this is almost turning into an episode of that chick show, "7th Heaven".
(Everyone agrees and pulls apart, walking awkwardly away)


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