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This story is kind of the real introduction of the character Chloe from the story ĎMount WNYXí Lets pretend that there was a third Owens sister with Gillian and Sally and that Mr. James once knew thier parents Jack and Regina before he made his Billions, and loved the owens sisters as if they were all related, But most of all Chloe. (This is more of a screenplay than a narative.) to read Mount WNYX go under Humor.


Mr. James and Dave were alone in Daveís office Talking about the new girl, Chloe.

Dave: I should have known there was some sort of connection between your story and hiring your niece.

Mr. James: well you know I figured kill two birds with one stone.

Dave: well the thing that I am wondering is, is she even qualified for a job here?

Mr. James: well Iíve got a resume here and you can conduct a formal interview, if you feel the need.

Dave: what for. Sheís just going to get the job any way.

Mr. James: You betcha she is. (He said as he walked out of Daveís office and closed the door behind himself.)

Dave: BETH!

Beth: Yeah Dave?

Dave: would you please call a staff meeting?

Beth: oh, sure thing Dave. (She shouted as she slowly walked away from Daveís office) LISA... STAFF MEETING! BILL... STAFF MEETING! JOE... STAFF MEETING! MATTHEW... STAFF MEETING! CATHERINE... STAFF MEETING!


They all walked over to the conference table and sat down. And Dave came out of his office and started talking.

Dave: Well I mainly just called this staff meeting to ask you how you feel about, Mr. Jamesís niece, Chloe, joining us here at WNYX?

Joe: well it doesnít really matter, I got no beef with her.

Dave: Anybody? (He looked over and saw her walk into the station) Well speak of the Devil!

Chloe: Hey!

Everybody: Hi!

Bill: Well itís about time for lunch so I thought that perhaps we would take you for a kind of a getting acquainted lunch?

Chloe: that sounds nice.

Joe: Cool!

So everybody walked out with her and they all headed to a nice restaurant (Mr. James paid for it of course. only the best for his Niece)

They all sat around a really big table. Bill was sitting on one side of her and Beth was sitting on the other side of her. Joe came up behind them.

Joe: Dude, get up.

Bill: Why?

Joe: Because I was going to sit there.

Bill: so sit somewhere else.

Joe: Get up before I pound you!

Chloe: No need, Bill, Iíll move. (So she went and sat in between Catherine and Dave)

Joe: Hey thanks a lot for making me look bad in front of Chloe.

Bill: what are you talking about, your the one who made me look bad in front of Chloe

Joe: Whatever dude.

Dave and Chloe had a little side conversation of their own.

Chloe: My uncle has told me a little about each of you

Dave: I hope they were all good things.

Chloe: oh, yeah, for the most part.

Dave: well we are all like a big Family here.

Chloe: Well thatís more than I had growing up.

Dave: What do you mean? If you donít mind my asking?

Chloe: Well My parents died when I was really young and my aunts raised my sisters and I. It Was like I didnít belong, I was like the fifth wheel, I mean Gillian and Sally always had each other, my aunts had each other. I knew they loved me but they mostly just kept to them selves.

Dave: Yeah, but you must have had some friends?

Chloe: Well not exactly. Everyone in town hated us because we were... Listen, (at this point She turned and spoke to all of them)  you all deserve to know this, since we will all be working together...(She took in a deep breath)I am a... Witch.

Beth: yeah right! like Magik spells and potions and stuff?(Beth said sarcastically)

Chloe: Exactly!

When they got back to the station nothing was what it had been expected to be. Beth, Lisa, Catherine, and Chloe were all giggling and talking about Chloe being a witch. They had all become friends with her even though at first they didnít like her; in fact they hated her. But they all had their own reasons for liking her now.

Dave: well since no one has shown you around yet I suppose I could show you around.

Chloe: Actually I know my way around. I was here last year, I visited.

Dave: oh, well then I guess youíre all set.

Chloe: guess so.

When the day had ended Fate took over. They shared the elevator, and it got stuck for an hour and a half...

Dave: Damn it! Joe!

Chloe: Donít blame him.

Dave: well Iím sorry but he is the electrician, and he was fiddling around with this elevator, this morning

Chloe: No, itís not that Iím upset. Itís just that I believe that there is a reason for everything that happens

Dave: oh sure so us being stuck together in this elevator is meant to be.

Chloe: well when you say it that way... I know it sounds ridiculous but, When youíre a witch and youíre raised by two other wacko witches that is what you believe. Havenít you ever had an experience that would have changed your life completely whether or not you would have done it?

Dave: No, not really

Chloe: Iím serious!

Dave: oh...sorry.


Chloe: God! Iím gonna be late!

Dave: For what?

Chloe: Iím gonna be late to my nightclub.

Dave: You have a nightclub?

Chloe: yeah! And I was supposed to be there a half an hour ago to start.

Dave: Start what?

Chloe: God, what is this? Twenty questions? (He gave her this look like Sorr-y!) Iím sorry I just hate it when we have to cancel a show. My band performs every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Dave: You sing?

Chloe: Yeah!

Dave: Sing something?

Chloe: No. (She said modestly)

Dave: Please?

Chloe: I guess it couldnít hurt to warm up, and besides music seams to pass the time any way. (She cleared her throat and began Chloeís band hadnít really taken the time to write their own songs because they werenít like big shots. and they liked their familiar stuff anyway, and so did their regulars.)

Her voice was so incredible to him. He had never heard anything like her before. When she finished her third song the elevator started moving. When they got to the bottom floor she invited him to her nightclub to watch her perform.

Chloe: Listen if you donít have any plans why donít you come to my nightclub and Watch our little show?

Dave; I would like that.

Chloe: Really? (She asked excited)

Dave: Yeah. Really.

Chloe: Cool! (Hello she is only twenty-five she still talks like sheís in high school...sometimes.) I just have to make a quick stop at my place to pick up the costumes. (She said as they both got into her Land Rover, which was a twenty fifth birthday present from Mr. James)

At ĎChloeísí...

Beth and Catherine got to the night club and the rest of Chloeís band taught them the songs and how to sing them. The costumes they wore were really cool they werenít exactly the same design but they were matching patterns, they were all sky blue with white clouds. Beth wore A short skirt and shirt that showed off her belly button with rainbow suspenders and silver slides on her feet. Chloe, was wearing Capri's, a strapless shirt that was just sky blue without the clouds and had the word ĎAngelí on it, and a blazer with the clouds over it. She also wore white sneakers. Catherine was wearing a dress that went just above the knee that had a ribbon lace-up back and darker blue high heel with straps. They had asked Lisa to join them, but she was too shy. Chloe had amazed Dave yet again, but the feelings he had werenít strictly for her incredible voice, and it also wasnít strictly looks although that was a big factor, but he felt that they had a special connection some how. When the Band was finished for the night the girls were surprised to discover that Lisa, Bill, Matthew, Joe, and Mr. James were theyíre watching them the whole time sitting with Dave.

Joe: you guys were really awesome out there. You guys wailed.

Chloe: thank you, thank you. Lisa you should have been up there with us.

Beth: Yeah it was really fun

Catherine: I canít remember when I had so much fun, except of course when Lisa got named cutest reporter and we took those pictures, remember that, that was fun.

Beth: yeah, that was fun.

Chloe: Well you guys I just wanna say...Make sure to be here every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from now on because you are officially part of the team now.

They were all cheering and all of a sudden Chloeís Pager went off. It said 911. Even though there wasnít a number there that was Chloe, Sally's and Gillian's code for Family emergency. Her psychic senses were telling her that there was something wrong specifically with her sister Gillian. So she called home.

Chloe: Sally, What is it? Whatís wrong with Gillian?

Sally: I canít tell you now, Iíll tell you when you get here.

Chloe: I canít just pick up and leave. I just got a knew job!

Sally: Well we need you! Do you have any girl friends?

Chloe: Yeah. Why?

Sally: We need to do a banishing spell and we need Twelve women.

Chloe: Iíll see what I can do, but Iím not making any promises.

When Chloe got back to the table every one was all smiling and laughing, when they looked over at Chloe their smiles faded.

Mr. James: Whatís the matter sweet pea?(I realize that Pumpkin is Daveís momís pet name for him so ignore ďPumpkinĒ at the end of Mount WNYX -K-)

Chloe: Iím taking the first flight out of New York back to Massachusetts.

Mr. James: you can take the helicopter, okay?

Chloe: Okay. Listen I know that this may be asking a lot and you can turn me down if you want to, but Beth, Lisa, Catherine, I was wondering if maybe you would go with me because we need a full coven of twelve.

Beth: of course I would

Catherine: sure sweaty

Lisa: I donít know.

Chloe: Please Lisa, its my sister, she is in real danger. Iíll explain it to you later.

Beth: Please Lisa?

Catherine: Please?

Lisa: Okay, but only because itís an emergency.

Chloe: Oh thank you Lisa!( She said nearly squeezing the life out of her,  she didnít hug back she just left her arms at her side.)

In Massachusetts...

Lisa: so what exactly is it thatís going on?

Chloe: Well My two sisters tried to bring back my sister Gillianís Boy friend who is a major asshole, and now he has taken possession of my sisters body.

Lisa: What do you mean bring him back? Bring him back from the dead?

Chloe: Actually, Lisa, yeah.

Lisa: WHAT? I donít want any part of this!

Chloe: Please, Lisa, we need you.

Lisa: you owe me big time.

Chloe: Thank you! Thank you!

Lisa: Just donít hug me and weíll call it even.

Chloe: Sorry.

Any way when they got to Massachusetts they all did the chants and then Gillian was saved by ďMariaís BloodĒ Then Chloe invited her to come and stay with her for a little while. So Gillian came back to New York with Chloe, They all came back to New York with her.

At work Monday...

Gillian walks in with Kylie and Antonia. The Staff was all sitting around the conference table. They looked over and...

Everybody: Hi Gillian.

Gillian: Hi!

Chloe: I donít believe that you guys have met my nieces. This is Kylie-

Kylie: Hi.

Chloe: and Antonia.

Antonia: Hello!

Lisa: If you guys come with me I think we can find some snacks in the break room.(She said sweetly. They looked over at Chloe like ďIs it okay, can we go?Ē)

Chloe: Yeah, go ahead.

Gillian: Wait, Lisa. Before you go. I just want to thank you (She turned to the rest of them) and Beth and Catherine, because you guys didnít have to go to Massachusetts. You saved my life.

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