Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me, but when my muse speaks to me I have to write what I’m told. These are also fictional gods. If you have any questions, concerns, complaints E-Mail me -k-!

Bear with me, this is the first story I have ever submitted on the web. It is more like a Transcript than a narrative. This idea had come to me from an assignment from My ninth grade English teacher, the assignment was to right a creation myth. (A myth that explains how some thing came to be.)

Mount WNYX

The story starts out with every body sitting around the conference table, Dave is talking to the staffers about the usual, but no one is listening to him as usual. Mr. James comes in all excited. So all of the attention, that didn’t belong to Dave in the first place, was turned towards Jimmy.

Mr. James: Guess what!

Matthew: You’re gonna get me another cat for my birthday!

Mr. James: No.

Dave: In the interest of saving time allow me to ask...What. (He said hardly excited)

Mr. James: I am going to write a book (Every body looked at him as if he had lobsters crawling out of his ears)

Dave: Well if no one else has anything to add... this morning meeting is over

Everybody left and the smile on Jimmy’s face faded back to normal. He followed Dave into his office, then Dave sat behind his desk and Mr. James sat down on the green sofa.

Mr. James: Dave I am going to give you the honor being the first person to here what my book is about! (He snapped his fingers and a little woman came running in with a typewriter and waited for Jimmy to start the story)

Dave: Who is that?

Mr. James: oh her? She’s going to type everything I say

Dave: oh. So you won’t-

Mr. James: that’s right, so that I don’t have to write it all myself. Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah, Dave I am going to give you the honor of being the first person to hear what my book is about.

Dave: Oh goody! (He said sarcastically)

Mr. James: ‘The Myth of how the first radio station came to be.’(He said dramatically) Its called ‘Mount WNYX’. Mount WNYX is right smack dab in the middle of Manhatten Island.Would it help if I said that EACH OF YOU ARE IN MY STORY (He shouted so that Beth, Lisa, Bill, Joe, Catherine, And Matthew would hear and come in and listn to him. And they did.

As he tells the story the scene transitions into a wonderful place it looks almost the same as the fifteenth floor of the Criterian building, only everything were clouds in the shape of things like the desks, computers, The conference table, the chairs, the news booth and everything in the break room and Dave’s office, except for the food of course. Everyone enters. They all put their stuff down and sat at the conference table. Dave began to talk about what the day’s events would be.

At this time what they are wearing are tunics that somewhat look like what each of them normally wears.

Bill: Yeah, yeah, but what are we going to use that room for

Dave: what room?

Bill: That big glass room.

Dave: King Jimmy James, King of all gods has named that room Boooth (He sounded out the new word that would be spoken a Billion times in the future)

Matthew: Yeah but what is it for.

Mr. James: Guess what!

Matthew: My accident worked.

King Jimmy: Yes the ridiculous creature with which their neck you stretched out lives on. I have named it ‘Giraffe’. But any way, I have come up with something for that big glass room, that I call booth We will connect what I call a ‘wire’ from the Booth to radios all around the heavens. And we will tell all of the current events. There will be Three radio personalities, Two reporters, One electrician, and one News Director

Matthew: What is News?

Mr.James: It is my new word for the telling of the current events. Bill, God of all that is obnoxiouse, and Catherine, Goddess of all that is these or this, you will be my Radio personalities, Lisa godess of all that is over elaborated, and Matthew, god of all that is idiotic you will be my reporters. Joe, god of all that is electronic, the job of electrition was specially created for you. Dave, God of all Pale friendless virgins, you will be my News Director.

Beth: What about I, am I the third radio personality

King Jimmy: No Beth. You, Beth Godess of all that is short and/or hyper active, You will be Dave’s ‘Secratary’

Beth: Um what does a secratary do?

King Jimmy: Whatever Dave tells you to

Beth: Don’t even think about it Dave.

Dave: Yeah, uhu (he said like sure that is exactly what I’m think, not) Well, then who is going to be the third radio personality?

King Jimmy: I have hired on my Niece, Chloe, Godess of beauty and Magik
in and or of nature.

He snaped his fingers and a puff of smoke came up and when the smoke cleared the most beatiful site ever seen by man or god was there. She had dark red hair and Ivory skin. Her eyes were green with golden flecks and there was something catching about them.

Chloe: You snaped?

King Jimmy: Yes. You will be the third Radio personality.

Chloe: Well duh. You told me that yesterday

Dave: well then, I suppose I will not have to explaine to you what you have to do.

Chloe: No, Uncle Jimmy already told me about every thing that needs to be done.

Dave: Really?

Chloe: yeah!

Dave: Then maybe you could explain to all of us what we’re supposed to do

Mr. James: Ah hell didn’t you listen to what I was saying

Bill: But you see when a beautiful godess speaks everyone listens

Mr.James: Well if you can’t listen to your king, than who can you listen to?(He got this anoyed look on his face and Walked out.


Lisa: okay what is it I’m supposed to do again?

Chloe: you go down to earth disguised as a human and write down interesting things that you see happen. Then Bill, Catherine, or I will report it on the air

Matthew: okay I’m confused?

Chloe: Tell me something I don’t now( Matthew began to speak)That was a retorical question!

Mathew: Oh now I get it

Chloe: O-k-a-y.

King Jimmy: Chloe since you are doing so well at explaining thingswhy don’t you keep it up and when we get the station on it’s feet you can be a radio personality with Bill and Catherine.

Matthew: What Feet?

Chloe walked to Dave’s office to check on him.

Chloe: Every thing okay in here?

Dave: Of course. We arent all idiots around here.

Chloe: What is that you are drinking

Dave: oh something that I created I call it C-o-f-f-e-e.

Chloe: cool. I get the feeling that you’re atracted to me along with all of the other gods

Dave: I am not (He said trying to cover up the fact that it was obviouse to everyone)

Chloe: Don’t forget who you are talking to. (She transfered her thought in to his head with Magik)

Dave: does it show?

Chloe: little bit.

Dave: would you like to go to dinner with me down on earth?

Chloe: Alright. How ‘bout we just head on down after work?

Dave: great.

Bill: And the land mass located near the mid setion of the earth was completely scorched, WNYX news time (He looked at his whatch that was really just a mini sundial on his rist) Noon

Bill walked out of the booth

Chloe: that was great!

Bill: Really?

Me: Yeah! I’m glad somebody is getting something around here

Bill: how would you like to have dinner tonight.

Me: Well I like it just fine, I’m going with Dave.

Bill: oh.

Me: I’m sorry Bill.

Closing time...

Chloe: everyone may I please have your attension? Today was very productive, I hope that tommarow will stay the same. Now is the time that we call ‘closing time’, It is the time that we all leave the station and go home. Tomorrow when the sun rises you will come back here and we will do the exact same things that we did today.

Beth: cool! okay, I can remember that

Matthew: okay wait a minute when do we come back?(She looked at him frustrated) Just kidding!

Everyone leves except Dave and Chloe.

Dave: Ready?

Chloe: of course(She snapped her fingers and there was a puff of smoke and when it cleared they were gone.)
After the date...
Chloe: I had a wonderful time tonight. I had no idea how much fun humans have.

Dave: would you like to do it again some time?

Chloe: sure. How about tomorrow.

Dave: Okay

Chloe: good night.

Dave: See ya bright and early tomorrow.

The sene fades back to Jimmy telling the story.

Dave: Wait a minute none of that made any sense at all

Beth: What do you mean? of course it did.

Everybody: yeah!

Joe: Duh Dave!

Lisa: plus it is free advertisement for the station.

Mr.James: The hell it is this book will cost them something!

There was a knock on the half opened door.The woman looked exactly like the godess in the story

Chloe: excuse me. Sorry to interupt.

Mr. James: Hey pumpkin! Hey everybody this is my niece chloe

Chloe: Hi! I just want to say that I am so happy to be joining the WNYX crew.

The End

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