Dave sat in his office and looked around as he usually did. He wondered what was going to happen next. What strange thing was about to accour. Well, normal for WNYX. Every strange thing that went on at
the station was normal to them. They grew acustom to it the day it happened. But these things come as surprises too.
"Dave?" Beth popped her head in the doorway.
"Yeah?" Dave sat up.
"Uh theres a reporter here for a magizine and she wants ta talk with ya."
"Ok, send her in."
And the woman entered the room. She had long brown hair and matching eyes. "Hi, Mr. Nelson?"
She sat on the couch and introduced herself, "I'm Mya Gallo. I work for Blush magizine. I would like to interveiw the women in the sation of WYNX."
"And a few pictures would be nice also, we just need to take them down to our Photo Shoot after the interveiw."
"thats fine with me."
"Great." She stode up and put her hand out. Dave slowly did the same and they were locked in a hand shake. "It was uh, nice talking with you Mr. Nelson."
"Call me Dave. Woukd you uh like a tour of teh station, Miss Gallo?"
"Alright, and you can call me Mya."
"Great, Mya." And dave stode up to open teh door.

"And here in the breakroom." The end of Dave's tour had ceaced without intrist.
"Ah, nice. That window look out  on the station?"
'Uh, I would like to do the interveiw now. I would like to start with Lisa Miller."
"Uh,...ok. Go right ahead." Dave opened the door for Mya. She walked out and so did Dave, Dave went to his office and Mya to Lisa's desk.
"Hi, Lisa Miller?" Mya asked.
Lisa looked up, "Yes?"
"Hi," Mya put a hand out for her to shake and she did, "I'm Mya Gallo from Blush Magizine. i'm here to intervie the women of This station, I would like ot start with you if that's ok with you."
  "Yeah thats fine, shoot." Lisa sat back.

Dave sat in his office. Nothing out of the ordinary happed yet. Starange. How queer. What the hell was going on?!? Had dave finally lost it? Had teh world changed over night? No, the strangeness just hadn't begun yet.

  "Well,.." Beth said as she chewed her gum, "I think Dave's a great guy, real nice but he needs to cut down on his addiction."
"And what addiction is that?" Mya asked.
"Coffee. He's not a very nice person when he doesnt have coffee."
"What do you think of Lisa?"
"She's great. Just awsome, but sh ehas bad taste in men."
"What do you mena by that?"
"She starts to date an evil guy, then he gets busted and goes broke and becomes a bum, then the two meet up again and get married, than he goes to jail." Beth explained.
"He's not evil anymore." Lisa said as he walked by.
"yeah well, and befor that, she dated Dave. Two times."
"oh, well. Im dating a coworker. God he's a great guy." Mya lost trak for a second.
"so,... Blush Magizine huh? When we goin over there for the photo shoot?"
"Uh, now if you like?"
"Great! Do I get to wear cool cloths and make up and junk?"
"Uh if you want."
"yay! LISA LETS GO!" Beth was overjoyed.
"Alright All right." Lisa grabbed her coat.
"Uh, Would your New Derector like to come too? I mean he seems nice. Would he want to come or would he complain?"
"Uh,..." Beth looked at his office. "I'll ask." Beth opened his door to find dave looking out the window. "Dave?"
"Yeah?" He turned to her and stood up.
"Do you wann come with us to teh Blush Magizine place thing? Come on, cute modles, guys work there! Mya is dating the photorapher. Please? Pretty dre-"
dave shut the door and droped to his knees. "Yes! Yes! Please! I have nothing to do! Everybody is set for the day. Im bord! PLEASE?!?"
"well,... I guess you can come." Beth looked down at him strange.
Dave stode up and straightend out his tie. "Thanks Beth." He said befor he opend his door and walked out with Beth.
"Great, Lets go. And We have plenty of Coffee Dave, dont worry."

                                                                               Part 2