Michael strummed his guitar, which he brought to Sarah's. He began to sing the first few words to 'their' song.
"Living in a wonderless world and wondering, why we wonder what is there." He stopped and wrote in a notebook he brought over.
He went back to singing and playing his acoustic guitar. "I only hope that I can see the wonder that awaits me."
As he sang she just watched and listened, mostly watched his lips move. She could lay there for hours and just watch Michael sing.
"Stars look so bright, in the sky we look upon and wonder what's there. What really there." His voice was soothing and not only that, but he had an amazing singing voice.  "What our mind holds to see what our minds believe in. What do we really believe?" Then the song picked up,
"When I see you my heart feels like the stars. I wonder if all of this is real. Can I believe my eyes to look upon, the brightness in the sky?" He looked at Sarah and his face began to turn red, but he kept playing his guitar and continued to sing, "I sit and look at the sky every night and wonder why I wonder about your pale face as pale as the full moon in the sky." Sarah sighed and listened to his calming voice sing 'their' song.  "Calling out to the sky in hopes that you'll answer my cry. The tears I shed when I saw that you weren't there to shine upon me." The song picked up again, "When I see you my heart feels like the stars. I wonder if all this is real. Can I believe my eyes to look upon the brightness in the sky?" The song then went into about thirty seconds of him playing guitar then back to the lyrics, "And as the nights grow colder I feel somber. I don't look to the sky, cause I know your not there. I know your not there I know, I know, -" He stopped for a split second playing guitar before he sang the rest, "cause your right here." He tried not to smile, "When I see you my heart feels like the stars. I wonder if all of this is real. Can I believe my eyes to look upon, to look, to love to listen to look upon you." And just when you thought the song was over, "I use to sit and look at the sky every night and wonder why I wonder about your pale face as pale as the full moon in the sky. And now I look up at the sky and admire the stars of their work. They are so brave to stand alone in the sky at night."

Michael's song ended. Sarah clapped and hooted and yelled "Again! Yeah, yeah, again, again!" She quoted from the TV show 'The Kids in the Hall'.
Michael smiled and picked up his guitar. "Wanna go to the grocery store and sing at people?"

"Matthew!" Lisa yelled.
"I'm sorry th-the wind just,…"
"No more excuses, You don't like coffee so don't touch the pot!"
Matthew hung his head and walked to his desk.

Suddenly Lisa heard the strum of a guitar. She turned her head to see Michael with a guitar and he was walking along side of Sarah. "Matthew broke the coffee pot. He's in trouble, better clean it up." Michael sang as he strummed the guitar. Lisa laughed with a wide grin. She really liked Michael. He was nice to talk to, he was funny, and he was perfect for Sarah, if Sarah would straighten out. Little Miss Punk.

Dave came out of his office to see Michael and Sarah hovering over Matthew singing on the guitar, "Pick up all the glass, so Dave won't kick your ass. No coffee pot, no coffee, and Boy … Dave likes… coffee a lot." Michael quickly made up the lyrics. Dave shook his head.
"Hello Michael."
Michael quickly looked up and stopped strumming his guitar. "I'm sorry, sir."
"Please, call me Dave." He smiled and walked into the break room.

"We sang to people at the grocery store. There was one old lady; we started singing, like your putting your groceries in your car. Your giving us a funny look your coming over with pepper spray." Sarah laughed.
"Uh-huh." Dave typed away at his computer.
"You're not listening to me!"
"You don't care! You care about me or anything! You're addicted to work!" Sarah yelled.
"I care. I really do, but I have work to do."
"So you'd put work before me?"
"No-no-no.  I love ya honey, but now I have-"                                                                                                             
"Screw you." She ran out.
"S-s-Sarah!" Dave called after her, but she was out of there as quick as her pale legs could carry her. When she ran out she grabbed Michael's wrist while he talked to Mr. James. And they were gone. Mr. James licked his lips and turned around to Lisa. "PMS?" He asked.
"Everyday, she's a punk Mr. James. She's always like that." Lisa smiled.

"Hey, dad, I'm sorry I ran off and didn't give you a chance to finish." Sarah had called Dave at work to apologies.
"It's ok, It's just that I need to get all the work stuff over with before I can focus on chatting and talking and sharing tales of the day, at the end of the day. So after Michael goes home tonight we can talk all about it." Dave said.
"Kay, See ya later." She hung up. She turned to Michael and laughed. He had put on a Santa Clause hat, a big red nose, and wore Christmas lights like a boa. He had pulled a box marked 'Christmas' out of the closet. And then he began to prance around the living room putting his hands up to head looking like kitten ears. He looked at Sarah quickly realizing that she had been watching. He stood up straight and straightened his shirt.
"Kitty!" She yelled.
"Kitten!" He put his hands up to his head again. He then saw Sarah charge at him and he opened his arms for her to run into. She talked him and they fell on the couch flipping it over. And then came the laughs and giggles like a waterfall during a bad storm, overflowing and rushing very fast.

Dave smiled at Lisa and it was 10 o'clock. He had to be home in an hour, preferably sober. That should be fairly easy. Just one more glass of wine and then he could leave. He looked at Lisa's smiled and looked at the clock again. It wouldn't hurt if he were a little late. And he poured another glass.

Sarah lay on Michael's bare chest. Her head rested right above his heart and she listened to it beat as they talked. "When you turn eighteen, I'm gonna carry you all the way out to my car and then drive westward, and just follow the sunset until we reach the California coastline. And we're gonna get a house there and were gonna have four kids. And My band are gonna be a big hit and your gonna be a famous artists. And you, me, the four kids, the dogs, and cat are gonna live happily ever after in our house by the coast." He ran his fingers up and down her bare back gently.
She smiled and kissed his chin, "Sounds nice." She pulled the black sheet over the two young lovers. Michael kissed her head. Suddenly they heard a stuttering, socked fool say, "Y-y-y-y-you…" The two teens turned their heads to see Dave as lightning clashed out side.
"Oh, fuck! Dave!" Sarah sat up with Michael covering one another with the sheet. She only called her father Dave, when she was furiously mad at him, frustrated at him, or annoyed by him. The sheet only covered Michael the belly button down because they were sitting up and Sarah had to cover herself. He was scared, his leg began to twitch, which he couldn't control. It was a very rapid twitching that he wanted to stop but couldn't. It was a sign of fear, and he didn't want to show fear in front of Dave or he'd crumble.
"Y-y-you are in deep shit missy!" Dave yelled.
"Haven't you ever heard of the gesture called knocking? It's very polite, I though you of all people would be an expert in it." Sarah yelled sarcastically.
"Get dressed. Both of you. I-I-I, oh my god…" Dave walked out of the room.
"I'm dead Sarah, he's gonna tell my mom, and she's gonna beat the shit outa me." Michael's eyes were filled with fear after he was dressed and Sarah was dressing.
"It's ok I'll get us out of this." Sarah said calmly as she zipped up her gray jacket and walked out. Michael followed slowly.
"Let's go!" Dave screamed.

Michael ran quickly into his apartment and locked the door. He paced back and forth in front of the door a chewed his knuckle. He wondered what would happen with Sarah and Dave.

Sarah ran through the rain and cried as Dave called back feeling sorry, "Sarah, I'm sorry." He said. Sarah turned around flipping her hair.
"You told me we were never gonna see each other, and you'd see it through.  I hate you. I wish I wasn't your daughter!"
"You aren't!" Dave snapped.
"W-what?"She asked not expecting to hear that.
"You were adopted by me when you were four." He admitted.
"OK I'll find my REAL father!" Sarah said sarcastically.
"He's in jail for the murder of your biological mother." Dave said as rain ran down his face.
"And how do you expect me to believe you?"
"Ok, how do you explain not having a mother, and us looking nothing alike. Huh? Trust me, you are adopted, happy now?" He yelled.
Sarah cried and ran into Dave's arms. "I'm sorry daddy." She cried feeling the closets she had ever been to her father before. Witch was very odd at that climatic emotional state.

                                                                                    Part 6