The past few months in Dave's life had not gone well.  He had said good-bye to all of his friends from the old wnyx, and said hello to all of the new people in the office.  It just didn't seem right, that they had
two other people at Bill and Lisa desk, and that they had another new guy to fix things.  Of course Dave still had Matthew, but even he seemed to change. 

Sarah: Mr. Nelson, it's time for the meeting.
Dave: Sarah, you can call me Dave.
Sarah: Okay, Dave.
Dave exit's his office, and sits down at the table.
Dave: All right I know that all of you are new to Wnyx, with the exception of Matthew and Myself.  I also know that we will be on the air, in half an hour.  So people, let's get to it.  If you have any questions, ask me, not Matthew. 

Not all that far away, Lisa was waking up to the sounds of Max, and his pig walking down the street.
Max: Oh! Come on now, do we have to stop at every garbage can?
Lisa: Max, do you have any Idea what time it is?
Max: No, I don't.
Lisa: If you don't want your pig to eat the garbage just walk it on any other day, but not Monday.
Max: Do you think that would work?
Lisa: They only pick up grabage on Monday Max.
Max: ohhhh.
Max walks away with his pig looking kind of hurt, that he didn't think of this before.
Lisa thinks pushes it out of her mind, and goes to turn on the radio. 
As she does, she has a flashback of the last words Dave said to her.
Dave: "Your all making a huge mistake."

Hmmm.  Why couldn't Dave have just come to New Hampshire?  The past few months had been just as hard on Lisa as they had been on Dave.  She missed the way Dave would almost drink his coffee about a million times, before he took a sip, The way he would always know the right thing to do, and that he would do the right thing all the time.  Sure she had some fun with the Moving in to her new home, and getting ready for the Primary's, but after that New Hampshire just seemed like a dull place to be.  Lisa decided that she would have to put her thoughts of Dave aside for the time being.  As she got out of bed, and ready for work. 

All around New Hampshire, people couldn't stop looking at the new people from New York.  Sure they had seen people from other cites before, but the new people had something wrong with them.  It was like they were out of place in the small country community.  Lisa enters the office of the Daily Jimmy.

Jimmy: Hey Lisa, did you sleep well last night.
Lisa: Yes, Mr. James I did.  I just can't stop thinking of Dave though.
Jimmy: oh, come on Lisa we have a lot of work to get done.  So let's get to it.
Lisa: Okay.
Lisa leaves the news room, to her office.  As soon as she sits down,
Max runs in the door.
Lisa: Max what are you doing?
Max: Lisa, you have to help me.
Lisa: What did you do now?
Max: I didn't do anything, it's just that on my way to work today, I steeped in a mud puddle.
Lisa: So what Max, just go out and  buy a new pair.
Max: I can't just go and buy another pair of these shoes.  I bought them in New York, and they are vary expensive.
Lisa: So drive back to New York, or order them online.
Max: I don't trust those cyber thief's, and I don't know how to drive. 
Lisa: Then why don't you call Dave, and have him send you a pair.
Max: Because I don't know the Phone Number for Wnyx, or Dave's home number.
Lisa:  Max what are you trying to tell me?
Max: Lisa, will you call Dave for me?
Lisa: Okay, but only if you never do this again.
Max: hmmm.  I can tell when I'm not wanted.

Lisa calls the Radio Station.
Sarah: Hello Wnyx, how can I help you?
Lisa: Hello, Is Dave in?
Sarah: How may I ask is calling.
Lisa: This is Lisa Miller, I used to work with Dave, and I need to talk to him.
Sarah: Oh, your Lisa.  Dave talks about you all the time. 
Lisa: That's great, but I need to talk to Dave.
Sarah: Okay.
Sarah: Dave, A Lisa Miller's on line 2 for you.
Dave: Thanks a lot Sarah.
Dave: Hello Lisa
Lisa: Hi Dave.
Dave: Is everything okay?
Lisa: Yes, Dave everything's fine.
Lisa: How are you?
Dave:  I'm okay.  I've been thinking of the good old days though.
Lisa: Really?  Me too.
Dave: So what can I do for you?
Lisa: Oh it's nothing.  Just that Max ruined his favorite pair of shoes, and he can't buy them here.
Dave: Oh, I see.
Lisa: So do you think that you can help him out?
Dave: Why doesn't Max call me himself?
Lisa: Because he doesn't know the phone number.
Dave: mhmmm mhmmm mhmm
Dave: All right I got it.
Lisa: thanks a lot Dave.
Dave: Lisa, I miss you and the others so much.
Lisa: Then why don't you come here?
Dave: Why don't you come here?
Lisa: I just left NY, why would I go back right now?
Dave: Well I worked hard to leave My hometown, which is not that much unlike New Hampshire.
Lisa: I guess we both have diffrent views right now.
Dave: I guess so.
Lisa: The invitation will always be open for you to come here Dave.
Dave: And the Invitation will always be open for you to come back.
Lisa: Good bye Dave.
Dave: Good bye.

Lisa Exit's her office, to find Max right outside.
Max: What did he say?
Lisa: He said that you will get your shoes in about a week.
Max: Ahhh, one week without shoes.
Lisa: Don't you have another pair?
Max: Why would I buy another pair, when I have the best shoes in the World
Lisa: Max, your Crazy.
Max: Beth doesn't think so.
Lisa: Whatever.
Lisa returns to her office.

Beth: Lisa, Matthew is on line one.
Lisa: Okay
Lisa: Hello Matthew.
Matthew: Lisa, you have to help.
Lisa: What is it?
Matthew: Dave, and I went out to lunch.  On our way out, some thug jumped us.  Dave Tried to fight back, but he took a good beating.
Lisa: Oh my god!  Is he okay?
Matthew: I don't know.  I just called 911.
Matthew: There's blood every wear, and oh my god oh my god.
Lisa: Calm down Matthew, I'm going to leave for Wnyx Right away.
Matthew Okay.

Lisa runs out of her office.
Beth: What did Matthew want?
Lisa: Dave just got the crap beat out of him, when he tried to stop a thug from robbing him.
Beth: Oh my god, is he okay.
Lisa: Matthew didn't know, so i'm going back to Wnyx.
Beth: Okay.
Lisa runs out to her car, and drives away.  On her way out of town, she almost hit's Bill.
Bill yells hey Watch it, as the car drives by. 
Bill enters the office of the Daily Jimmy with dust all over his suit.

Bill: Hello All what's the good word?
Beth: Bill, oh my god. Dave was just robbed.
Bill: Is he injured.
Beth: Yes, but we don't know how badly.
Bill: Has anyone told Lisa?
Beth: Yea, Matthew did.  She just left to go back to Wnyx.

Joe walks from the back room.
All right dudes the heater is working again.
Beth: Joe, your going to hear this sometime, but it might as well be now.
Joe: What?
Beth: Dave was just robbed,  he tried to fight off the robber, but he couldn't.
Joe: Is he okay?
Beth: We don't know yet.
Joe: I knew I shouldn't have left him.  If only I was there.

Mr. Nelson, do you know where you are?
Dave: In my office?
Paramedic: No, were on our way to the hospital.
Dave: Hospital why.  Am I injured?
Paramedic: Rest easy Mr. Nelson, your going to be fine.

Enter Lisa thinking to herself about Dave.Oh my god, I can't believe that someone would do a thing like that to Dave.  If only I could be with him now.  What if I'm too late, and he's gone.  Dave can't be gone, can he?

Nurse: Hello, can I help you?
Lisa: I'm looking for a man, Named Dave Nelson.
Nurse:  Ok, Mr. Nelson's in room 213
Lisa: Great.
Lisa runs to the waiting room.
Lisa: I'm hear to see Dave Nelson.
Nurse: How are you related to the patient.
Lisa: I'm a close friend of him.
Nurse: okay, I'll see you to his room right away.

Lisa: Dave, can you hear me.
Dave: ahhh, am I dead?  I should have know that the first thing that I would see, would be the thing that I love most.
Lisa: Dave, your not dead.
Dave: Ohh.
Lisa: I love you too Dave.
Lisa: How did this happen?
Dave: Matthew, and I went out to buy Max.'s shoes, and get a bite to eat.  After we had gotten Max.'s shoes, we were on our way to the Mexican place to eat.  When this some thug hit me from be hind, and tried to take the shoes.  I tried to fight him off, but he was too strong.  Matthew was of some help, he ran to a pay phone, and called somebody.
Lisa: Dave, i'm here now, and I'm going to stay as long as it takes.
Dave: Why don't you stay in with me, in NYC.  We could both work at Wnyx again.  It would be great.
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