Title: Everything's Relative
Author: Cass
Summary: Dave's brother takes his place in New Hampshire.
Setting: New Hampshire, after Season 5


"Lisa?" Beth asked. "Lisa!"
"What?" Lisa demanded, annoyed that reality had crashed into her daydreams once again.
"Dreaming about Dave again?" Beth teased.
"No" Lisa lied, annoyed at how well Beth saw through her.
"Whatever. Mr. James wants you to help him interview the new News Director prospects." Beth told her. Dave still hadn't come to New Hampshire, and Beth was beginning to worry that he wouldn't.
"Fine." Lisa mumbled, heading for the News Director's office. Inside, she found Jimmy looking over a file, undoubtedly the next applicant's resume.
"Ready to interview?" Jimmy asked excitedly.
"So, this means you're giving up on Dave?" Lisa asked, showing her disappointment at the obvious answer.
"Look, it's been four months. I hate to say this, but it doesn't look like Dave is coming." Jimmy stated. "I'm disappointed too. But I can't just hold the position for a man that will never come. It's bad for business."
"Fine. Bring on the News Directors." Lisa said, yielding to Jimmy's logic.

Hours went by, and many possible candidates came and went. But not one met Lisa's standards.  Finally, the last Applicant was being sent in.
"Well, this has been a complete waste of my time. One mindless idiot after anoth-" Lisa was saying, but stopped short, on account of Jimmy's signal. The last interview was about to begin. Lisa turned to face the last applicant. She was shocked to be starring into a familiar face.
"Dave!" Lisa shouted, and without thinking, she threw her arms around him.
"Uhm, I'm not Dave." The man said. Lisa instantly felt her face turn red.
"I am so sorry!" Lisa squeaked. Now that she looked at him, there were slight differences between him and Dave.
"It's okay, My mom calls me Dave sometimes too. My name is Drew, Drew Nelson. I'm Dave Nelson's brother." Drew stretched out his hand and Lisa shook it. She was so embarrassed.
"Again, I'm so sorry." She repeated.
"Well, if it makes you feel any better. That lady out there, ah…Beth, she did the same thing." Drew said, making her feel better already.

The Interview went on perfectly. Dave had told Drew about the staff, and how they were in search of a News Director. Dave believed that Drew would be perfect for the job. It didn't take long before Jimmy and Lisa agreed.
The staff liked Drew right away.  He was casual, and had a way about him. He seemed to be able to talk to anyone about anything. After giving Beth his opinion on her finger nail polish and a lengthy chat about hockey with Joe, he discussed gourmet cooking with Max. He was instantly accepted. Although hardly any work was done, nobody seemed to notice.

His first week went by faster than expected. Drew was very popular, which is why Lisa was surprised to find Drew alone at the bar that night. He was dressed in a pair of slacks, and a T-shirt covered by a blue vest. His work clothes.
"Hey" She said. "This seat taken?"
"Please" He said, gesturing to the empty barstool beside him.    
Reluctantly, she sat down.
"Did you enjoy your first week?" She asked shyly.
"Oh, it was great. Everybody's so nice. A little weird, but it's great to have some variety. The last place I worked at, everybody was so boring, and impersonal. Most of the time I never even knew anybody's first name. Come to think of it, I've had relationships like that." Drew replied.
"Doesn't everybody?" Lisa asked, laughing. 
As quickly as it had begun, their conversation shifted from work, to more personal topics. And the drinks kept on coming.
"So then he says 'I think we should take a break', sowecouldfocusonwork." Lisa said, drunk.
"My brother always was an idiot when it came to women." Drew stated, just as drunk as she was.
"Yeah, and then get this, he got really jealous when I dated other guys." Lisa added.
"So you're saying, he had this beautiful intelligent women, who like-liked him, and he dumped her. He wouldn't know a good thing, if…if it kissed him on the mouth." Drew laughed.
"You think I'm Beautiful?" Lisa asked,
"And Intelligent. Beautiful and Intelligent." Drew replied, as he began playing with the ice in his empty glass with a straw.
She kissed him then. It was not unlike her first time she kissed Dave, except that she was drunk off her ass this time around. Drew was a good Kisser, almost as good as Dave.  But she was quickly forgetting what Dave's kisses were like.

The staff was not to thrilled at the prospect of Lisa dating the Boss, again. But as Joe observed, at least they didn't keep it a secret, like Lisa and Dave had. But Beth was more than a little worried; Lisa was dating Dave's brother. Dave: the man who was in love with Lisa. Dave: the man who was like a brother to Beth. Dave was her friend. And she was angry that someone would do this to her friend.
"Who the hell do you think you are?!" Beth demanded. Drew was baffled at this sudden outburst.
"Beth, all I did was ask for a cup of coffee." Drew said defensively.
"Oh you know what I mean! Who do you think you are, going behind your brother's back?" Beth yelled.
"Going Behind my brother's back?! I don't remember him saying he and Lisa were together!"
"Oh yeah, then why did you assume I was talking about Lisa?" Beth asked.
" I could have been talking about the job. But you automatically assumed I was talking about Lisa." Beth replied. "You're feeling guilty about something, and I intend to rectify the situation." Beth informed him before going out the door.

To Be Continued...
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