"Random Thoughts"
by C.L.

Rated G

Disclaimer: The characters belong to Paul Simms. No harm (or profit) is intended.
Summary: One of the characters thinks (wow!). Sorry, can't say anymore, cause it would give it away.
Author's Note: I've never written any NewsRadio fanfic before, so please don't be too harsh. Thanks.

I never thought I'd feel that way about him. I mean, Dave? Come on. But, well, it was sorta like what happened with Bill and that whole limo thing, but I don't want to go into that. There was no 'moment' this time, just one of those light bulb-over-your-head kind of things. But Dave. Daaave. The man is a coffee addict, for one thing. And then there's that whole Green Acres thing. And he's Canadian. I still don't know if I've forgiven him for that one. And he was with Lisa. Everyone saw how that worked out. And besides that, Dave doesn't think I can keep secrets. But I can.

I mean, I've managed to keep my liking of him secret for all this time. I mean, it all started when I made him take me to that smoker, and then made him kiss me. He played along, and he didn't have to. He and I always did have a special relationship. I was the first to find out about him and Lisa, and I even had to hear waaaay too much info about what turns him on. Not that that information helps me now, as I'm trying to decide what I should do. He and Lisa have broken up, and he's as single as they come. But, would he really want his secretary trying to seduce him? I supremely doubt it. He's so... conservative.

I guess opposites really do attract. That doesn't mean he has expressed any interest, but maybe I could win him over. I don't know how, but it could happen. Maybe. No, I'm better off just being his secretary, getting paid next to nothing, and listening in on his phone conversations to make sure he's not involved. I-

"Yes, Dave?"
"I said that I would take it in my office."
"Uh, right Dave."
"Thank you."

Just press the button, and both he and I hear the call. Hmm, Dave is getting a new laptop, how exciting.

"Sorry, Dave, picked up the wrong line." Click.

I wonder if Dave suspects anything. Oh well. Now, where did I put that nail file...

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