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SUBJECT: Work-related stuff (not!)
06-29-1997 @ 3:35 pm.

I'm supposed to be e-mailing timeslot approvals to the advertisers, but that's about the last thing I feel like doing today. Instead, I am starting this journal to keep my sanity, otherwise I might go bitchcakes and quit my job. At least it makes me look "efficient" in case Miss Goody-Two-Shoes comes back to destroy our little corner of the universe again.

That's enough rambling. I have to focus and find that happy place where I'm not at work. Oh great, Dave is singing in his office again! He thinks nobody can hear him just because he has the door shut. And it's always the same song about a horse in the desert, and something about plants and birds and rocks. What is his obsession with those tired old hippie lyrics, anyway? At least he's not asking for coffee. Well, I'd better get back to 'work' - LOL!

SUBJECT: Whatever
07-01-1997 @ 2:15 pm.

Can today be any slower or boring? Everybody else is gone for the weekend, but I volunteered to come in and finish some 'extra work', which is actually another term for stuff that I didn't feel like doing last week. So instead of going shopping today like I wanted to, here I am sitting at my workstation, sending these stupid notices to the advertisers. I mean seriously, how lame is that? Sometimes I can't believe I get paid for doing this job. It's not even that hard.

At least I work at a radio station with some dignity, and not one of those F.M. zoo crew stations with ten DJs and their fake schizophrenic personalities with lame-a$$ jokes and sound effects. WNYX doesn't have to lower itself to call-in trivia shows that give away prizes that nobody cares about just for keeping a list of every song they play. And then you have to be like, the third caller to phone in, unless they're stupid, and then you might get a chance. Whatever. I just want to go home now.

P.S.- It's too quiet here without everybody else around. I miss Dave's singing. That old song is actually sort of catchy!

SUBJECT: Information, please!
07-03-1997 @ 10:45 am.

Some people have a lot of nerve. Since when is it polite for an unhappy sponsor to call up and then put *ME* on hold while they wait for their supervisor to come on the line, only to ask for *my* supervisor? Apparently the aforementioned company didn't get the prime commercial blocks they hoped for because the schedule went out a day late. I know it's probably my fault, but why take it out on Dave? He didn't have anything to do with it. Luckily I got Joe to cover for me with a fake e-mail virus story, so nobody got in trouble.

In other news, Dave said I could have the 4th off just for being so dedicated to my job. That's really nice of him, but now I feel sort of guilty about everything that happened. Maybe I need to get on the ball and not coast through my duties. I mean, it's not like I try to get out of work (a feat that Matthew seems to manage without effort), but my job is really posh. My routine consists of typing up memos for Dave, getting coffee for Dave (25 times on any given workday, 35 on Mondays), organizing daily staff meetings, and handling all business mail for the station. I'm also a fairly proficient typist, though I'm not sure what my WPM record is.

Well, I'd better get back to some real work so I can get out of here by six o'clock and start enjoying my holiday vacation. Maybe I'll treat myself to the movies and go see Men In Black. The trailer looks really good, plus I kind of have a thing for guys in uniform, so it's a win-win situation! YAY!

07-07-1997 @ 7:35 am.

Joe has informed me that the purpose of our WNYX web journals is to entertain and enlighten visitors to our site. I guess that revealing my bad work habits to the world at large wasn't such a good idea. I just hope Dave never checks my entries, otherwise I might be in more trouble than a hot cup of coffee can make up for. As for entertaining, I have no idea how to do that, but I can be informative, so I'll give a quick rundown of what we do at WNYX.

We are an all-news station whose goal is to provide accurate and timely updates on local and world events, including traffic and weather on the quarter hour. Our original programming consists of talk shows by our on-air personalities, such as The Real Deal with Bill McNeal, The Brock Report, and a new segment in the works, tentatively titled Lisa's Loyal Listeners Club. We'll see how that one works out.

Lisa is really pushing us to reach out to the listening audience and get people more involved with the station, which brings me back to this web journal thingy. I think it's a great idea. I only wish somebody had told me that it was going to be public before I totally snitched on myself. Hopefully everyone can forgive me for being Beth. In the meantime, I'm going to work on my web persona, aptly named Little Red Writing Head. Hm, that's pretty catchy! I think I'll keep it.

SUBJECT: Dead standing horses
07-11-1997 @ 3:04 pm.

Dave almost had three employees on the verge of quitting today. It all started when Joe, Matthew, and I were discussing our summer plans. Last week I put in a request for my annual week of paid vacation time. Lisa agreed to hire a temp to cover for me. Anyway, they found the next schedule on Dave's desk in his office, and he changed everything without consulting anyone. Their hours were changed, and my vacation was gone! I swear that we were all about to quit until I confronted Dave, who told me that we were looking at the original unrevised copy of the schedule before he'd implemented my vacation. Wow, that was close!

Anyway, my best friend Tracy said that I need more adventure in my life, and that I should get out of the city to clear my head. So we planned a week-long trip to several New York state parks. First, we're going swimming at Southwick Beach, hiking along the Genesee River in Letchworth State Park, then rock climbing at Minnewaska, and finally horseback riding in the foothills of the Adirondacks, which brings me to the title of this journal entry. Tracy said that horses usually sleep standing up. Well, what if a horse dies in its sleep, and nobody finds it until the next morning, after rigor mortis sets in? Seriously, how do they get the horse down to bury it?

I guess I'll never know.

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