"A Conference to Remember"
by Beth C.

Sadly, I don't own little Dave Foleys and Maura Tierneys to play with and make them do my bidding, instead I write these stories without their permission. ::sigh::

"Welcome East Coast Broadcasters!" the large banner exclaimed over the ballroom enterence. Lisa just softly sighed to herself and walked into the room, making her way to the table labeled "New Hampshire Directors." She sat down at her assigned seat and grabbed the itinerary Mr. James had signed her up for. It had been decided by everyone at WNHX that if one of them had a chance to get out of New Hampshire for the weekend that they should go, even if it was only to Boston.

It had been a year since the staff of WNYX had moved up to New Hampshire, and it had been a year since they'd heard from Dave. No one knew how he was except Beth, whom he still wrote. But Beth kept their correspondences secret, telling everyone that Dave wanted that. Beth's letters from Dave were sometimes the only mail they recieved since things were extremely slow in the town they'd moved to. No one wanted to admit it, but the biggest mistake most of them had ever made was moving to New Hampshire. Even Mr. James hated it, since playing with cows got awfully boring after the first month.

First seminar, managing an inexperience staff; second seminar, advertising in a rural area; third seminar..." she trailed off in shock. In big black print on her schedule it listed, "Rebuilding a Station: a guide to management and ratings" to be given by the station manager of WNYX, David Nelson.

"I'm gonna get her," Lisa mumbled to herself as she remebered Mr. James telling Beth that she should decide on seminars for Lisa. She looked over to the large hotel clock, "10 minutes until opening ceremonies begin, I have enough time." Lisa opened up her bag and retrieved her small cell phone.

"Hello, WNHX, the voice of New Hampshire," Beth announced in a monotone voice, "Lisa Miller is away for the week, may I direct you to the interim station manager?"
"Beth, you know that the conference is only three days and I'm going to kill you," Lisa growled into the phone while her tablemates looked at her weirdly.

"I'm just adding in the time that it will take for you and Dave to get back together," she answered simply.
"We're not going to get back together, in fact I'll doubt I'll even see him the whole entire weekend," Lisa said nonchantlantly, "I just got divorced, I don't need another relationship."
"You'll see him for 2 hours daily, look at who's listed as your mentor at the lunch hour," Beth laughed, "I'll be seeing you and Dave in a week before we move back to New York."

Lisa sat there in shock reading that her lunch hour would be spent with Dave. "What do you mean 'move back to New York'?" she asked.

Beth just giggled again, "You'll see. Bye, Lisa."

Lisa hung up her phone and dropped it into her briefcase as a man began speaking in the front. He droned on as Lisa saw Dave take a seat along the table in the front.

"And finally giving the seminar, I'm most excited about hearing, entitled 'Rebuilding a Station: a guide to management and ratings', the news director of the New York City success story, David Nelson," the M.C. announced as the ballroom erupted in applause, "Now, we're going to have a short break before the opening night dinner for people to meet with their mentors. Everyone who has volunteered to mentor, please raise your sign."

Dave stood and held up a large sign labeled Lisa Miller. "Go find your partner," the man instructed, and Lisa picked up her bag and started a march over to Dave.

Lisa cautiously approached a stunned Dave who did a double take at the name listed on his sign. "I'm gonna get her," Lisa mumbled to herself as she thought of various ways to kill Beth.

"Beth is dead after I figure out how she pulled this off," Dave thought, "my sheet said I would be mentoring Svetlana Monsoon, why does my sign say Lisa Miller? Svetlana sounded exotic and wild."

Lisa finally reached him and cleared her throat of the nervous quiver she felt, "Hi, Dave."
"Um... uh... um... hello, Lisa," Dave stuttered out, "you look great."
"So do you," she said in agreement,"you went blonde?"
"I needed a change," he mummered running his hands through his hair.

They stood uncomfortably staring at each other while mindless chatter carried on around them.

"Why didn't you call?" she asked suddenly.
"I wrote Beth every week," he answered, "I just assumed the rest of you would be too busy, specially you with work and Johnny."

Lisa looked away forlornly at the mention of his name.

"Johnny and I got a divorce, I said choose between evil or me, and he chose the evil."
"I'm sorry I brought it up," Dave said apologetically.

Lisa shook her head vigorously, "It's okay, it really was a huge mistake."
"So I was right?" Dave smiled devilishly.
"Don't rub it in, nobody likes a know-it-all," she said, playfully slapping his arm. Their light laughter ran out and they were left in silence again.

Lisa spoke up, "You really surprised us Dave, we thought you'd be with us in 2 weeks, instead you've succeeded beyond anybody's expectations. Number one station in New York City, and you still have Matthew. I read about the awards. You're doing so well."
"But I'm still alone Lisa, I don't have anybody to share it with," Dave said, his unhappiness obvious in his voice.
"Wrap it up people!" The M.C. yelled cheerfully, "You should go check out your hotel rooms and get to your first conference."
"We'll have fun this week." Dave said, his face brightening, "It will be great to spend some time with each other."
"I hope so," she said, unsure.

Back in New Hampshire

"So how's your evil plan going?" Joe asked sarcastically, hopping onto Beth's desk.
"At this point in mine and Mr. James' *good* plan, Lisa and Dave should be sharing some uncomfortable converstation on their way to holy matrimony," Beth answered confidently.
"Or on their way to some sweet sweet love-making," Max interrupted lecherously.
"Either way, we'll be going back to New York." Beth cheered as she high-fived Joe,"Let me just check in with Mr. James, he's in a secret observation booth overlooking the conference ballroom."
"A covert plan I wasn't involved in? That's so bogus," Joe whined loudly.
"Get over it, Joe." Jimmy said over an intercom located on Beth's desk.
"How's 'stage one: the reuniting' going?" Beth asked.
"Not bad. There was a short Johnny slip up, but they both look happy," Mr. James reported, "We'll be back in New York by the end of the week, and Dave won't know that he was right about New Hampshire."
"So, the whole purpose of your evil plan is to not to let Dave know that he's right," Joe said in disbelief.
"It's not only that," Beth corrected him, "there is also the added bonus of Dave and Lisa realizing that they belong together."

Back in Boston

Lisa exited the hotel elevator and started off towards the room that Mr. James had got for her. She turned down a hallway without any other conference visitors. "Where did he get me assigned?" she asked herself. As she walked farther, she watched as the rooms got larger and larger. "455, 457, 459, and here should be 460," Lisa said, grabbing her key out of her pocket.

"Lisa?" Dave said from behind, "You're in 460?"
"What room are you in?" she asked.

Dave just pointed to the room next door to hers.

"I think we're all alone in this hallway," she said, "I wonder why that is."
"I guess they just had two extra rooms," he shrugged his shoulders and went in. Lisa followed suit.

"Oh my god!" she screamed rather loudly, "Mr. James got me a luxury suite!"

She could hear Dave next door having the same loud reaction. Lisa just shook her head, "He's in on it, he got me the wedding suite."

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