Lisa sat alone on the porch of Fort Awesome 2, Mr. James's cabin in New Hampshire. To call it a cabin was an understatment, it was more of an mansion than anything. Everyone relocated to New Hampshire lived in the cabin, it just made more sense since Jimmy was constantly lonely. The chef had taken the weekend off, so the others had went into town for dinner. Lisa had stayed back, sitting silently in a rocking chair.
"What's the matter pumpkin?" Jimmy said, sitting in the chair next to Lisa.
"Pumpkin?" Lisa asked looking at him oddly.
"The moment called for it," he shrugged,"now tell me what's wrong."
"Well I love it in New Hampshire," Lisa explained, "it's beautiful, the town is nice, it's close to the capital, I love running the station and the newspaper but..." She trailed off, looking away.
"But you're missing that 'special someone," Jimmy finished.
"It's been five monthes, five whole monthes and we've heard nothing from him," Lisa said her face pained,"I miss him so much."
"Dave will give in," Jimmy said, trying to comfort her, "he's all alone now that Matthew gave in." Matthew had followed the staff up two weeks after everyone had left.
"I just don't know how to keep the faith, he hasn't called or written," she cried, pressing her face into Jimmy's shoulder.
"We all miss him, we just have to have hope,"Jimmy softly said, hugging her.
"I guess," Lisa said pulling away,"don't tell anyone how emotional I got, they don't need to know."
"We all know how much you miss dave, it's kind of obvious," Jimmy chuckled, "you can see him when you go to finalize your divorce."
"In hindsight, that whole marriage thing was pretty stupid," Lisa said embarassed,"at least I can see Dave."
"How about I call my helicopter, and you can fly down tonight?" Jimmy asked.
Lisa's face lit up, "I'm gonna go pack, I'll be ready in five minutes."
Lisa stood outside the office. "Just go in," she yelled in her head, but her feet refused to move.
Unfamiliar people walked around the office, sitting at their old desks, doing their old job. She spotted Dave from across the office, speaking with a random employee.
"He looks different," she thought, staring at his bleach-blonde hair and goatee and mustache. Dave wore an all black suit, with a silver tie. But he looked tired, and sad, somewhat out of place. Their eyes met, and Dave motioned to Lisa to come to his office.
"Here goes nothing," Lisa thought as she strode through the office, trying to ignore the stares.
She finally reached the office shutting the door behind her. Lisa stood in the center of the room, uncomfortable and nervous in the silence.
"You look great," Dave said breaking the silence,"you can sit down if you want, How is New Hampshire?"
"Why five monthes Dave?" she asked ignoring his question,"what the hell gives you the right to ignore us for five monthes?"
"Excuse me," Dave growled defensively,"you have no right to say anything like that to me. All of WNYX abandoned me here, I had to rebuild from scratch on my own! You knew this is what I wanted, not a hillbilly station in the middle of nowhere. Now I have a staff that works, the station is the best reviewed and rated station in the city, and I'm due for a raise. I had no time to talk to all of you. I haven't had a day off since you all left , I haven't had any outside contact with anyone except for a few old friends from Wisconsin who convinced me to do this to my hair!"
"Why the goatee?" she asked
"Well it suits the hair" Dave answered
"Why the new clothing?" Lisa asked
"Well I need to dress the part," he answered again, "I'm so god damn sorry I haven't called New Hampshire yet!"
"I knew this was a mistake," Lisa mummured, getting up to leave,"you haven't missed us at all. Go back to working, pretend this didn't happen."
"What are you talking about?" Dave said rushing up to her,"of course I've missed you all but you did abandon me, first for your convict husand, then for New Hampshire."
"Dave, you broke up with me first off, second you have always had a place with us in New Hampshire," said Lisa.
"I should just give up everything for some little station. I left Wisconsin because that is what I didn't want."
"Dave, WNHX is one of the top stations in the northeast," Lisa explained, "we're right right near Keene and Concord and the only news source for many in the adjoining states. Plus the country up there is just beautiful, the cabin is gorgeous and Mr. James's satalite gets so many channels."
"You think just because there is a TV there, I'm going to come running," he said, looking doubtful,"there are no other real reasons."
"David, look around out there, " Lisa said angrily, motioning towards the office," how many of those people out there are friends with you, how many of those people do you honestly love, any special moments with the new staff, any laughs shared, any tears shed...come back to us, we miss you."
"Well there is one person in the office I love," Dave said moving closer.
" Who?" she asked nervously.
"You," Dave said leaning in, kissing her deeply. Lisa moaned responsively, running her hands through his hair, pressing closer to him.
He broke away, smiling, "You win, lets start packing."
"First I need to call up there and tell everyone," she laughed, "they're going to be so excited."

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