"You don't look like the type who likes scotch," the bartender said sucpiciously looking at Dave, "can I see some ID?"
      "Oh for christ's sake," Dave exclaimed his voice slightly slurred, "do you think most parents would let a teenager out on a school night to go barhopping?"
      "You'd be surprised," the bartender answered as he examined the ID, "well, it looks okay, so here's you drink."
      Dave took it quickly and downed it immediately, "another please."
      The bartender just smiled before pouring him another, "You should go talk to the lady at the end of the bar, you both are drinking scotch like there's no tomorrow, and you both look nervous as hell."
      "Thanks for the suggestion," Dave said sarcastically, intently focused on his drink.
      "What's wrong?" the bartender asked, "Something happen?"
      "It was my first day at my new job, taking over for this total jackass at a radio station. The new employees hate me, they look at me like I have the bubonic plague or something. Plus my boss made me fire the total jackass I mentioned before, and I managed to make myself look like a moron, by going along with this excuse I gave him and I ended up on the idea screwing up, and then getting laughed at," Dave rambled angrily.
      "Is that it?" the bartender questioned, obviously surprised it wasn't the usual girl problems.
      "No, I wish that was it. I hate this city, I miss my old job, I hate my landlord who is overcharging me on rent, the cable guy never showed to hook up my cable, so I have to call and yell again and you want to know the worse thing that happened to me?" Dave asked drunkenly.
      "What's the worse thing?" the bartender said enthralled.
      "I met the most beautiful woman today. The type of girl that makes you weak in the knees and sick to your stomach. The one that makes commitment not look too bad. She works at the radio station, has dark auburn hair, these gorgeous eyes, she's just perfect. But she hates me. She thought all along that the job I was hired for was going to be for her, so she hates me," Dave explained, slamming his head on the bar.
      "I'm sorry, things will probably get better," the bartender put a comforting hand on his shoulder, "I'm gonna call you a cab, so you can head home."
      "That sounds good," Dave threw some money on the bar and stumbled towards the door, "I could use some sleep."
      "Hope things are better tomorrow," the bartender called out.
      "So do I," Dave mumbled leaving the little bar.
      The bartender moved down the bar towards the only other customer. "More scotch?" he asked to the young woman.
      "Sure," Lisa mumbled, holding up her glass, "What was wrong with that guy down there Sam?"
      "Lousy first day at work," Sam explained simply, "Now what's wrong with my favorite customer."
      "I'm your favorite?" she smiled.
      "Well, actually drunken larry is my favorite regular customer, you're my favorite customer I see maybe once a week," Sam grinned, "now what's wrong?"
      "Stewart moved the rest of his stuff out, and then this guy took my job a work. That promotion was going to be mine, and he took it. Worst of all I'm not angry about it," Lisa said sadly.
      "Why aren't you angry?" Sam questioned, "You've always said that promotion was definitely going to you."
      "It's really pathetic, the guy that took it from me, has something about him. He made himself look stupid just to make me look good, when somebody mentioned that I thought the promotion was mine. He said that he was the second choice, I was the first. Then he spent his whole day, trying to be nice to the guy he had to fire. He was sweet to everyone at the office and he even apologized to me for taking the job. He also has this eyes, bright blue and deep. He also has this comforting smile, he seems nieve but you can tell there's more going on," Lisa rambled, "but I was a complete bitch to him."
      "I'm sorry Lisa," Sam said sympathetically, "maybe you should head home, it's getting late."
      "That sounds like good idea," Lisa agreed, "can you put this on my tab?"
      "Of course, and Lisa, things will get better at work," Sam called out as she left the bar.
      "I hope you're right," Lisa mumbled, waving good bye.

      Sam just smiled to himself as he wiped down the bar. Things were definitely going to get better at work.

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