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  "Joe! Wake up, Joe!" Dave screamed at Joe's sleeping body, lying in a fetal position on the breakroom table.
    He turned over and stared intently at Dave, "Dude, don't go there."
    "What is the matter Joe?" Dave asked him, sitting in a chair beside the table.
    "Nothing," he answered in a tone resembling a toddler asked to go to bed.
    "Come on Joe, What's the matter?" Dave asked again.
    Joe stood up quickly and ran shutting the door,"Promise you won't tell any of the chicks in the office, not even the girlfriend."
    "Not even Lisa," he promised.
    "I'm lonely, very lonely," Joe mumbled, lying back on the table.
    Dave looked at him oddly, "How lonely?"
    "I don't even want to fix stuff and I missed my "Area 53" search commitee yesterday," Joe explained.
    "Seriously?" Dave questioned him, "even if I told you the copy machine was acting up."
    "Matthew told me this morning, I called in a repairman,"  he answered.
    "It's that bad?" Dave said in awe.
    "It's that bad," Joe repeated, "Can you just go now dude, I'd kinda like to just be here by myself for a little while."
    "Okay Joe, want me to hit the light on the way out?" Dave said sympathetically.
    "If you could," he mummered, rolling back over on the table.
    Dave walked out the door of the breakroom into the office where everybody stood waiting for him.
    "Is he any better?" Beth asked, trying to peak in the door before Dave shut it.
    "Nope, apparently he's still lonely," Dave answered sitting down on Matthew's desk.
    Lisa walked over, putting her arm around Dave, "It all started when Catherine left."
    "And she's just as bad in London," Beth explained, "Just goes back and forth from work, never goes out, no new friends."
    "I always knew they liked each other but I never knew they liked each other that much," Dave looked back towards the breakroom, "plus I'd really really want to eat my lunch and him lying on the table is stopping that."
    "Well what can we do?" Lisa asked, "Because my lunch is in there, too."
    "What can we do about what?" Mr. James entered the office, "and why are we gathered around the breakroom?"
    "Basically, Joe's lonely, Catherine's lonely, but they're not together," Beth said.
    Mr. James pulled out his cell phone, "Geez, why didn't anyone mention this? Hello, is this Worldview News?"
    "What is he doing?" Beth whispered to Dave.
    "Oh my god, he's buying the company," Dave answered as Jimmy made a multi-million dollar matchmaking deal.
    "Nobody can say that he doesn't care about his employees," Lisa laughed.
    "What's all of the constuction!" Lisa yelled over the commotion.
    "What!" Dave screamed back.
    "What's all of the constuction!" Lisa yelled as the builders suddenly stopped. She turned around blushing at the office, "sorry about that."
    "Mr. James has acquired Worldview News, and it's new headquarters is the botton 10 floors of this building," Dave explained.
    "And Catherine?" Lisa then asked quieter.
    "Arriving in about two minutes, a complete surprise for Joe," Dave smiled.
    "How do you plan on getting him out of the breakroom?" Lisa looked towards the darken room, "It's day two of him living in there."
    "I don't have to get him out, Catherine knows about how he's been acting," Dave laughed, "so you want to go 'discuss the promos' in my office?"
    "What's gotten into you?" Lisa giggled as he wrapped his arm around her tightly.
    "Love's in the air my dear, that covers it," he said in a mock-cassanova voice.
    "Don't you want to be here to see them reunite?" Lisa asked him.
    "Okay, we can wait then," Dave said, pulling her closer to him, "but only a little while."
    The elevator arrived on the floor and the whole office watched as Catherine strutted off the car, looking eager and excited.
    "Welcome back!" Lisa yelled as Joe suddenly sprinted out of the breakroom appearing disheveled in front of the door and Catherine.
    Catherine pulled off her sunglasses, "Hi, Joe."
    "Hi, Catherine," Joe said slightly in awe, "How have you been?"
    "Crappy, and you?" Catherine answered, none of her attitude gone from the month in England.
    Joe broke into a wide grin, "Same, I've missed you."
    "Joe, I've never been one for big moments of tension, so.." Catherine walked towards him and kissed him deeply.
    The office erupted in applause as they stood locked in embrace in the lobby. "Finally," Beth laughed loudly.
    Mr. James sprinted down the hallway and past the kissing couple, "I can finally have my cracker-time."

The End

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