Dave looked down on Lisa lying still on the bed. He crouched beside her, brushing some stray hairs out of her face. "Are you ready?" Dave asked softly.
    "I'm not sure," She said softly.
    He looked towards the clock, a guilty feeling creeping in his heart for rushing her in this state. "We'll be late for our.. um, your appointment if we don't go soon," he mumbled, trying to ignore the tears in his eyes, "You know you don't have to go through with this."
    Lisa sat up quickly, "Yes I do, I can't deal with this right now."
    "Are you okay?" he questioned her.
    "I'm fine," she said, her face empty of the happiness it once contained.
    "Let's go then," Dave held out his hand for her, a monotone voice masking the pain inside.
    She ignored his hand and walked quickly ahead of him out of her apartment. He followed slowly behind, with each step drawing closer to the action he knew would be the end of their relationship. "It's her choice," he repeated to himself, as he rummaged in his pocket feeling the small velvet covered box, "She never would say yes anyway, her mind is made up."
    By the time he reached the car, Lisa was already curled up in the passenger side seat staring straight out the window, devoid of emotion. "Let's go, I want to get it over with," she whispered almost to herself.
    "Westchester, right?" he asked, already knowing the answer but praying she'd change. But she nodded, and he started driving the car through the streets. The early morning streets were silent adding to the solemn feeling of the car.
    "More in 5 minutes with WNYX," the weekend broadcaster announced happily over the radio. Lisa turned quickly to shut off the radio, and the car was draped silence.  He went to open his mouth in protest but quickly matched her coldness, staring straight ahead.
    "You don't have to do this!" he screamed in his head, but still looked ahead, wiping the wetness from his eyes.
    A red light ahead signaled for them to stop, and he slowed in front of the light next to a park. To their side, a couple was walking by, coddling a small infant cooing and beaming brightly.
    "She's finally asleep," the mother whispered before kissing the father lightly.
    The father ran his hand proudly over the child's head. "She's so beautiful," he smiled, taking his wife's hand.
    "I know, she's amazing," the mother agreed, kissing her husband softly.
    As the light changed, Lisa and Dave sat transfixed to the scene, staring intently at the small family make their way down the sidewalk.
    "Drive, Dave, drive until it's dark; drive until we're so far away, I can look back on this scene and make sense of it," Lisa finally spoke, stepping over onto the gas.
    "You don't have to do it," he answered her, choking out a sob.
    "Yes I do," she said back, her tears matching his, "I can't take care of a child."
    Dave reached over, taking her hand as the scenery flew by. "I would help you," he promised.
    "What about my career?" she asked, "I can't just give it up."
    "We could make it work, just have faith," he answered, pulling the car over quickly.
    Lisa crumbled into his arms, the stress and pain finally overcoming her. "I'm not fine anymore, I don't want to do this," she cried, "I'm slowly breaking down, Dave, I can't imagine I could ever live with myself if I went through it."
    "You have other choices, you have me," he tried to comfort her.
    "This would ruin us, I don't want to make you commit to me," Lisa explained, "What about my career? What about my life? I can't have a child when I know that it wouldn't be the most important thing in my life."
    "You have too much love in your heart, Lisa. Any child would be lucky to have you as its mother," he said, stroking her back.
    "But I wouldn't want to make my baby live without a father," she mumbled, "Just drive, Dave, just drive."
    "Westchester?" he asked quietly.
    She removed her hand from his, "Just drive."
    He fufilled her request, speeding off through the city. The car returned to its icy atmosphere as both passengers sat scared, staring ahead.
    "Your child would have a father," Dave reached into his pocket throwing the ring onto her lap. "We could do it together."
    He didn't even look over as she looked inside the box. "Are you sure?" she stared intently at the glimmering diamond.
    "I love you. I want you to be my wife and I want to help you raise our child. I want to sit at our daughter's or son's graduation next to you, cheering. I want to watch you age gracefully and rock our grandchildren to sleep. I want to watch you open presents on Christmas morning and I want to hold your hand as you go through labor. I want to experience every milestone with you until I die. Then I want to wait for you on the other side," he pleaded with her, "I want everything with you, but first I want you as my wife."
    Lisa reached back over, grabbing Dave's hand. "Drive, Dave, drive me home."

The End

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