Beth lightly knocked on the Dave's door. "Dear god, give me strength," she said to herself as she held her tears inside.
    "Come in," he said from inside and Beth slowly entered.
    "Hey Beth, since when do you knock?" he asked jokingly.
    Beth cleared her throat, "This is hard for me to say but-"
    "But what Beth? I'm not wearing two different colored socks again, am I Beth?" Dave smiled brightly.
    "Stop smiling, stop smiling, stop smiling," she thought trying to keep a straight face, "This is killing me already."
    Dave looked at her oddly, "Come on Beth, spit it out."
    "You know how I've been dating Richard for a few monthes now," Beth started to explain.
    "Oh, you mean your first normal boyfriend ever," he said with a slight jealous tone.
    Now it was Beth's turn to look at Dave oddly, "Whatever. Well, he offered me a postion."
    "Beth," Dave whined, "I told you to talk to Lisa about your sex life."
    Her mouth dropped open in shock, "Ewwww Dave!"
    "What are you talking about Beth?" he questioned, "I have a lot of work to do."
    "Richard offered me a job as a apprentice at one of his design firms, I'd get to design clothing and hopeful one day launch my own line," she explained brightly.
    Dave's face dropped sharply as he forced out an insincere, "That's great Beth."
    "It's in Seattle," she explained further while in her head she cried out,
"Tell me to stay, tell me you love me!"
    "Oh, when will you be leaving?" he questioned sadly.
    "Tonight actually, I start on Thursday," Beth said, walking towards him.
    "Okay then, we'll miss you," Dave stood and embraced her tightly.
    Beth blinked the fast coming tears from her eyes, "I have to leave immediately to finish packing up my apartment, my flight leaves in 2 hours at 7. I hate long goodbyes so please tell the staff I love them and
that I'll keep in touch."
    "You better keep in touch, you mean the world to me," he hugged her tightly.
    Beth went to walk out the door, before turning back, "Oh and Dave, tell Mr. James I'm sorry I left without saying good bye, but I'd probably miss my flight crying with him."
    "I will, good bye Beth," he said softly.
    "Good bye Dave," she mumbled while walking fast out of the door, and then out the office.
    "Follow her," his head screamed at him, "grab her and never let her go!" But instead Dave stayed seated and sighed. "I can't stop her from following her dream and it's obvious that she cares for Richard, me telling her how I feel would just complicate things."
    Mr. James burst into the office a few minutes later interrupting Dave's thoughts. "Why was my Bethy crying?" he questioned concerned.
    "Beth quit Mr. James, Richard offered her a job as a Designer's apprentice with a possible future clothing line," Dave explained flatly, "she says she's sorry she left without telling you."
    Mr. James flopped onto the couch, "If I had known that's what she wanted, I would've gave it to her."
    "It's too late now, she's leaving at seven tonight with Richard," Dave said forlornly.
    "Richard has nothing to do with this," Mr. James corrected him quickly, "she's always loved you."
    "What?" Dave nearly yelled.
    Jimmy stared right at him, "I guess since my Bethy has left me I can tell you, she's loved you since you started working here. After you and Lisa started sleeping together she wanted me to fire Lisa. I almost did to, but she stopped me last minute. She's watched you through all of your relationships, she's been your closest confidant, and she's never stopped loving you."
    Dave's face light up, "Beth loves me!" But then his face dropped again,
"But I just let her leave for Seattle. I guess it's just too late."
    "Go get her then, you don't know how much joy in would bring me to see my two favorite employees together," Mr. James started to sniffle, "okay, I'm gonna cry Dave."
    "Thanks for the warning sir," Dave said, sprinting out the door. Before running outhe turned back quickly. "I'll see you tomorrow Bet-," Dave stopped himself while staring at the empty desk, "habit I guess."
Gate 20, JFK airport
    "Ready for Seattle sweetie," Richard asked, wrapping his arm around Beth's shoulder.
    Beth shrunk away from him, "Yeah."
    "Are you sure you want to go, I thought this was your dream?" Richard questioned, "This is what you want, you told me so."
    "I'll be right back," she said, wiping stray tears from underneath her large Jackie O. sunglasses.  Beth walked into the small restroom and stared into the mirror. "I don't know what I want anymore," she stared deeply, "the one thing I've definitely always wanted let me walk out of the office without a second thought. Maybe I should just go."
    "Boarding Flight 527 to Seattle," the voice boomed through the terminal.
    Beth gave herself one final glance in the mirror. "I should go, Richard treats me good, it's a nice job, and a beautiful city. It's what I should do." She attempted to gain compsure and walked out of the bathroom.
    "Hi honey," Richard said, as Beth neared him, "ready to go?"
    "I guess," she mumbled and they started towards the gate.
    Richard handed the flight attendant both of the tickets. "Have a nice trip," she chirped and motioned for them to board.
    "Stop Beth!" Dave called out, as he sprinted through past the crowd.
    Beth flipped around abruptly. "Dave?" she called back and sprinted towards him.
    "Beth! We have to go now," Richard yelled at her.
    She didn't even turn back as she ran through the airport towards him.
    "Dave!" "Beth!" they yelled back and forth at each other before meeting and embracing.
    "Don't leave," Dave begged.
    "But I need to have a future, and Richard offers me that," she answered forlornly.
    "Mr. James can offer you a job and I can offer you my love, isn't that all that matters?" he said pulling her close and kissing her deeply. He ran his hands through her firey hair as their tears mingled. They could hear the whole mess of people applauding and shouting, but the couple just kept kissing. But Dave broke away first and wrapped his arm around Beth's waist. "Let's go home Beth," he said.
    Beth grabbed her purse from where she had dropped it on the floor and leaned her head on his shoulder.  "Okay Dave," she smiled, "but I don't need the job, I love where I'm at now and I don't need people infringing on my look, I'm fierce Dave!"
    He chuckled softly, "Whatever you want, Beth, I'll give you what ever you need."

The End

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