Summary:  Just divorced, Lisa Miller of late of WNYX ("News Radio") spends a week in New York.  Just so happens that she lives in the same building as Casey McCall from CSC' "Sports Night" ("Sports Night").  Casey needs to date more women.  Figure it out.

Disclaimer:  I do not own any of the characters mentioned here. You know, Paul Simms, Aaron Sorkin, NBC, ABC, 343, Imagine, and all the rest, they really own the characters.  This is just my fantasy.

You Bet Your Life This Means Nothing and Would Not Work in the Long Run if it Did

It was rather funny.  Really absurd if she thought about it disconnecting herself from the events.  It is possible that was the only way to think of it. Lisa Miller could not get over how her divorce came around and was completed in such perfect silence and for such stupid reasons.  She was able to do it at lunch during a week in New York on business.  No one even had to know.  That made it all better she thought as she entered her beautiful New York apartment.  Daisy was done with her walk and then they could get back to the new normal life in New Hampshire.

Print Journalism.

She smiled as she thought of how happy that made her.
"Oh your a member of the press too," said the voice of a man behind her waiting for the elevator.  Lisa looked at the man and then down at her jacket and saw that she was still wearing the tag from the convention.
"Yes sir I am.  Were you at the convention?"
"No I'm a sports reporter. Before you tell me anything let me tell you that it is a professional and dignified form of news
journalism." "Oh.  I don't really follow sports."
Just divorced and a new handsome man was already asking about her.  He knew nothing.  Ah well he was cute.  Not exactly like her previous boyfriends or husband. Tall, blondish, mid to late thirties, which was a definite plus after the Walt thing.  The elevator arrived.  He pressed a button.  "what floor do you live on?" he asked chivalrously.
"Oh, ahh New Hampshire"
"Excuse me?"
"No, umm.  I live in New Hampshire. It is sort of a work related sabbatical, I used to work on the radio in New York and now I run a paper in New Hampshire... but anyway, I'm on the seventh floor."
"Oh.  That sounds nice.  I'm on the fourteenth, obviously" he said pointing at the lit elevator light.  "So you have homes in two states."
"Well my boss pays for my apartment here."
"That's fantastic. You must have a great boss. The boss of my direct boss at CSC hate me. Finds me too verbose and wants me to dumb down my material for the ratings."
Lisa just nodded.  Trying not to sound disappointed she asked "So you work in television.  I don't have a tv."
"Guilty.  I'm Casey McCall from Sports Night on CSC.  Dan Rydel is not along side me instead we have..." Casey looked at Lisa and gestured with his had that she should introduce herself.
"Lisa Miller."
"Your name's Lisa? Really?"
The Elevator stopped and Lisa got out.  If he was going to  make those kind of inquiries about her name, then there was something wrong about him.  "Uh ah, that's my really name.  What, do you think I should change it to Svetlanna Monsoon?"
Casey leaped into the elevator door way and declared " No, it just that was that name of my ex-wife.  Do you want to go out on a date late tonight?"
"How late?"
"Around midnight."
"You new that before asking about the time."
"Yes, but don't take it personally.  I literally am just getting divorced and don't want to be involved with any one."
"Good.  I don't really want to be with you."
"What?! That's not going to make me want to go out with you, you know."
"It might when I explain this. I'm in love with this woman who does not think I've gone out with enough women. She wont go out with me until I've dated other women for six months.  You'd be number three."
"That really is appealing.  You understand that I'm just going to leave you after the date."
"I should hope so."
"I'm in apartment F pick me up at midnight."
"I am happy to do that. I do this with happiness.  He she or it (What ever happiness is) is right besides me while I pick you up." Casey rode up to his apartment smiling.  Not only did he have another opportunity to make Dana jealous, but this Lisa, she was the perfect date for nothing to happen with.

Casey was good to his word and picked her up for a casual evening at a Chinese food place down town from their apartment.  He was early which prevented Lisa from becoming uncausual and over dressed.  After ordering Casey smiled and said , "You know the other person who I actually told about the dating plan was pretty appalled."
"I bet"
Lisa could not help giggling.  "Well on the bright side this is so casual that whom ever is making you do this must be turning green."
"She's just fine about my dating if I don't mention it or act like I'm enjoying it.  We generally try to keep the conversation to work.
That is when I'm not trying to get her to through out the plan."
"She's from work?"  Uh Oh, thought Lisa.  Office romances failed in her experience.
"Yeah.  I've known her from before, but my job is pretty demanding so the people I see most are from work."
"I bet that co-anchor..."
"Yeah, Dan, he's you best friend.  Right"
"Dan's the cool one and my very best friend.  So you win."
"What do I win."
"Oh, the bet."
"What bet?"
"The hypothetical one."
"Oh good.  Just what I always wanted."
"I would not bet on that."
Lisa was beginning to get the really ridiculous word play this guy must be playing, smiled and said "Good.  How was your day." Casey went on a lengthy discussion on the trials and tribulations of creating an writing his sports news segments.  It took them through about one fourth of the meal.  He the stopped and asked "do you like that Svetlanna."
"Oh I told you about the Svetlanna thing.  I bet you want to know where that name came from.  Don't you."
"Were you ever a professional gambler because all your bets have been correct. That name remarks been eating at me and now my life depends on me learning it."
"Well no.  After I got married I changed my private name to Miller-Johnson, but it turns out some one I worked with thought
Lisa Miller was ugly and unofficially change my name to Svetlanna Monsoon.  He could be a real jack ass.  I just don't think he knows how mean he was some times, but he was.  The news director wanted to fire him but the jack ass was such a looser he never actually got around to it because he felt sorry for him."
"That's funny."
"Yeah.  I want to make another bet."
"Go a head."
"You have some one in your office just like that."
"Nope.  Sorry."  For some reason this made Lisa frown like she was about to cry.  It was like he abandoned her on a far off strange planet.  "Well you did not actually bet anything" Casey said trying to cheer her up.  Lisa had to smile at that.
"Casey," Natalie shouted just arriving with her boy friend Jeremy.  It took a couple of minutes for Lisa to notice that Natalie and Jeremy must be dating.  Jeremy just seemed like such a geek.  Natalie was very pretty and quirky and seemed to know things about Casey in the ensuing conversation before Jeremy realized.  Casey introduced them as colleagues. She could tell that Natalie had been working at "Sports Night" for a longer time.  Those seemed like odd circumstances to date under.  Odd and familiar.
The rest of the date was pretty uneventful.  Casey introduced Lisa to Natalie and Jeremy and they spoke for a while and then finished their meal.  Once they got back to the building Lisa said "You know, I've been thinking, this relationship can not work under any circumstances.  It could not work if we tried."
"Fine.  I'm a little offended.  Why?" Casey jokingly added "Is it the hours?"
"No.  It is just that meeting Natalie and Jeremy reminded me too much of me and my ex boyfriend, when we got along.  It would be uncomfortable to be around them and they are your friends.  You know, everyone said we fought all the time but for the second year it was barely ever.  The worst fights were after breaking up."  Lisa pause realizing how much information she had just divulged.  "You did not need to know all that."
"That fine."
"It's just I can't stand the jokes they make about us... fighting."
"I think the evening is over."
"Oh it is.  I have to be in New Hampshire by noon tomorrow, well today.  I wish you the best of luck in surviving this plan.  I
know I would not.  Because of that and these speech patterns  I know we're completely incompatible.  Good night."

The End

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