I know this was a very poorly concieved plot, but I thought we ought to have a Christmas Story. It doesn't follow the plot very well, but hey, we're in the 21st century! It's kinda hard to convert. Plus, I
don't want to make this as long as the original.

It was cold in the office, on that late December night. Allthe workers were shivering of cold. All the office workers voted Dave to make the request, and has a good hearted soul, he did without much complain.

Dave: Mr. James, the staff wants to know if you could spare a few more dollars for the electricity budget. We're all desperate for warmth and the electricity budget you allowed us is already used up! It really would increase staff morale.

Jimmy: Ba humbug! Moral? These people will work for me whether they like it or not, because if they don't they spend christmas in a cardboard box!

Dave: Yes, sir. Um, we were all wondering if you could expand our break for Christmas?

Jimmy: What? fine. Come at 9:00 then.

Dave: Uh sir, an hour isn't enough.

Jimmy: How long do you need?

Dave: Uh, the whole day, sir.

Jimmy: What? I can't spare a whole day! Who will manage the station? We will make no profit!

Dave: Uh sir, all the other companies will be closed, and very little amount of people driving and listening to the radio. There will be no one to make profit on.

Jimmy: Fine, have your day off.

Everyone in the office: Yay!!!

Jimmy: But be back an hour earlier the next day!

Everyone: sure...(groan)

Soon everyone leaves to go home.

Dave goes home to his family. His children run up to him with joy, except Tiny Tim.

Dave: Hello, children.

Lisa: Oh, you're back! Wonderful! Let's set the table

Dave: Good news! I got Mr. James to give me the day off!

Lisa: Wonderful!

They ate, thankfully.

As Jimmy got out of the taxi, giving the driver a 9 cent tip, he walked into his cheap mansion, where he got into his pajamas and took a seat on his chair. But he was hearing strange noises and sounds...

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